KissMeDeadlyT-T: Yay! The long awaited sequel is finally here! :) I'm separating it into two parts, though, because that's how I do mostly all of my stuff... So this is the sort of intro to the sequel, and the smut (which I'm gonna make as delicious as possible) will be in the next chapter, which I will write as quickly as I can. This took me like two weeks or more so don't be surprised if the next chapter takes that long... :O

Thanks to all the people who PMd me with ideas. This is what I came up with, I hope you all enjoy it!


The sun peeked shyly over the trees surrounding the Phantomhive manor, making the freshly fallen, crisp, untouched snow sparkle red and orange as it slowly ascended into the cloudy gray morning sky. It was a quiet, calm February morning. Ciel was lying in his bed, squinting against the harsh winter sunlight that peeked through the sliver in his dark blue curtains, just relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet that he knew would be ruined by his rambunctious servants at some point in the day. He shut his mismatched eyes and inhaled deeply as a bird chirped happily outside his window. Despite how much his body ached (he'd like to blame it on the cold he'd attained, but he knew that wasn't actually the case) and the fact that he was overly exhausted from lack of sleep the night before, he felt the most calm he had in a while.

Perhaps that was because he had finally come to terms with the fact that he was really, truly in love with his demon butler, or maybe it was just because this morning was so soothing. He was sure it was the former, though; all along he'd known there was something more than just a little crush, something strong and terrifying, but only last night when he'd been losing his mind in Sebastian's strong arms for the umpteenth time did he find it in himself to admit that it was love. He didn't think he'd be able to live if Sebastian wasn't there— but luckily, he would never have to go through that.

He heard the even, familiar sound of footsteps approaching on his carpeted hallway and quickly turned over, burying his face into his blankets and pretending to be asleep. He heard the door open and close with a small click, and the sound of a tray being set on his bedside table. The curtains slid open and he shut his eyes tighter against the light that flooded his room.

"Young master, it's time to wake up." A gentle hand shook him and Ciel pretended to groan, like he'd actually been sleeping. There was a throaty, velvety chuckle. "I do hope you know that despite what you may think, I'm not stupid. I know you're already awake."

Ciel opened his eyes and glared at Sebastian haughtily. "Oh? And how did you know?" He made a face at how stuffed up his voice sounded and sniffled slightly, his head pounding.

Sebastian gave him a droll stare. "I have my ways." He smirked a little bit as Ciel struggled painfully to sit up, his spine and bottom clearly aching. "My lord, are you feeling alright?" he asked, his voice innocent.

Ciel's glare intensified, but he didn't say anything. He propped himself up on his fluffy pillow and changed the subject, ignoring Sebastian's catty smirk and the satisfied look in his dark red eyes. He glanced at the tea and scones on the table next to him, frowning when he noticed something odd.


"Yes?" Sebastian hummed as he delicately took the teapot and poured the hot liquid into the rose patterned cup and handed it to Ciel, who took a tiny sip before looking back at Sebastian and the scones on the matching plate.

"Why on earth are the scones in heart shapes?" he finally asked.

Sebastian smiled. "Do you know what today is, young master?"


"Well, yes..."

"What, Sebastian? I'm not in the mood to guess."

Sebastian sighed. "Today is February the fourteenth. It's Valentine's day." He smiled again and handed Ciel a scone. "Hence the heart shapes."

"You honestly decided to do this on your own? How very... cute." Ciel grimaced at the word. "I have this awful feeling that Elizab—"

"Is he awake yet? Is he?"

Ciel glared at Sebastian as the familiar, feminine voice screeched from beyond his doorway. "What did I say about letting her in before eleven o'clock?" he hissed, low enough so that no human would be able to hear.

The door flew open before Sebastian could say anything, and in came a whirlwind of dark red, white lace, frilly pink bows and magenta ribbons. "Oh Ciel!" The bundle, which Ciel recognized with a great amount of barely repressed annoyance was his fiancée Lizzie, tackled him onto the bed and hugged him tight. He winced as pain shot through his lower half and tried not to swallow any curly blonde hair.

"I'm so glad you're awake! We have to celebrate! Today is the day of looooooove~!"

Ciel grabbed his eyepatch and put it on before throwing one last glare to Sebastian and then looking to the blond girl bouncing on his bed. "Good morning, Elizabeth," he said warily, his stuffed up head pounding at her loudness.

She noticed the scone in his hand and her bright green eyes lit up. "Do you like the scones? Paula made them! I brought them this morning and told Sebastian to give them to you! Aren't they lovely?" She didn't even give him a chance to open his mouth before blabbering on, "I'm so excited! Oh, we'll throw a ball and dance together! After all, I love you and you love me, and today is Valentine's Day and we have to profess our love for each other during it! Then Sebastian and Baldo can make chocolate and we can all sit together in the parlour and—"

"Lizzie— "

"I'll decorate the manor, it'll be so cute, and you can wear the outfit I selected for you, and everything will be just adorable—"


"And then maybe mister Grell can sing for us, oh he has such a lovely voice—"

"Elizabeth!" Ciel said loudly enough to make her shut up. "Can you get off of me, please?" He was aching and her weight didn't feel very good on his bruised hips. "I'm too sore to dance today, anyway," he muttered as she stood up, bouncing in spot happily.

"Too sore? Don't be silly, why would you be sore?"

Ciel flushed darkly and opened his mouth, not sure what to say. "Well—"

"The young master was out on the ice yesterday, and I regret to say I did not get to him in time to catch him when he slipped and fell," Sebastian intervened coolly, making Ciel blush even more. Lizzie's eyes filled with tears.

"Oh Ciel, are you alright? You even have a bruise on your collar, oh no!" She pointed to where Ciel's night gown had drooped and there was a small, dark purple mark on his right collar bone. Absolutely mortified, Ciel sputtered, and Sebastian was looking much too amused in the background. Lizzie's ignorance and innocence was rather entertaining.

"Ah, yes, Finny was throwing snowballs you see..." Ciel explained lamely, tugging on his shirt to cover it and any other bruises he might have acquired the night before.

"How awful! Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine..."

She pulled at his nightgown. "Oh, you have so many! Why was Finny attacking you?"

Ciel's face must have been the same shade as a tomato as he heard Sebastian snickering behind his gloved hand, trying to pass it off as a coughing fit. He glared at the butler. "...It was him and Baldroy against Sebastian and I, you see..."

"Oh! How awful! Are you alright?" she shrilled again.

"I'm fine..."

"And you sound ill! Do you have a cold?"

"Maybe... I suppose, I don't know, Elizabeth..."

Sebastian cut in, noticing his master's distress and irritation. He smiled. "My lady, would you be so kind as to wait in the parlour?"

"Yes, I need to get dressed," Ciel finished for him, internally thanking the butler's ability to read his mood. Lizzie nodded quickly, flushing, and ran out of the room.

"You better look cute and dress for the occasion!" she called, and then her footsteps faded away.

Ciel sighed. "This seems like déjà-vu," he muttered, pressing a hand to his forehead. "I already have a headache..." He picked up his tea cup from the table beside him and took a sip, sighing heavily once again. "Do I have to get out of bed?" he murmured, half-heartedly looking up at Sebastian with something like an irritated pout on his face. "I don't feel well..."

"Perhaps we should stop with the late nights, then, young master."

Ciel flushed darkly and snapped, "No. Don't be—Anyways, that's not why I don't feel well. I think I caught a chill yesterday." As if on cue, a sudden urge to cough tickled his throat, and he doubled over hacking dryly. Sebastian hastily sat down on the edge of the bed and straightened Ciel's small body up, taking his glove off and placing a hand on his forehead as Ciel slumped weakly into him.

"Oh my," Sebastian murmured after a moment.


"You have a touch of fever. Normally I would advise you stay in bed and rest, however Lady Elizabeth is hell-bent on having a visit..."

Ciel was almost amused at the choice of words. "Can't we just have one another day?" Then he remembered Lizzie's excitement and let out an exhausted breath. "Never mind. I'll never hear the end of it if I ask for her to leave. I'll visit for a little bit, but I want her gone by three o'clock." He stopped to clear his phlegm-filled throat, making a face of disgust. "This is awful, I feel like hell frozen over..."

"That would never happen," Sebastian said mildly, standing up. "I'll make up an excuse to get her out of the house, though. Would you like me to help you get dressed, or would you prefer to do it yourself? You don't seem to have trouble taking off clothes."

Ciel flushed again but pretended not to notice the implication behind Sebastian's words. It kind of ticked him off how much Sebastian teased him, but he supposed it was just the demon's weird ways of affection. "Help me," he ordered, his throat rasping. He kicked off the covers and wiggled over to the edge of his bed, letting his feet dangle over the side.

"Lady Elizabeth requested to me this morning that you wear this, young master. Is it acceptable?" Sebastian was holding up a dark red suit, complete with shorts, black knee-high socks, heeled boots and a satin bow tie. Ciel nodded, deciding he wasn't in the mood to complain about how cute it was and have Lizzie scream at him like a banshee about how he didn't love her, and let Sebastian dress him.

A few moments later, they walked into the parlour, and once again Ciel felt a crazy sense of déjà-vu; however, this time, rather than orange and black and purple, pumpkin spice, and supposedly scary decorations, his manor's parlour was decorated with pink frills, red hearts, white lace, and the heavy scent of cinnamon filled the air. He made a face, barely able to smell it through his stuffed up nose, and decided it was better not to comment. He hobbled over to his chair, still in pain, and sat down, knowing Lizzie would show up squealing and screaming about cuteness sooner or later.

Sebastian came to stand by his side, and Ciel was about to start talking to him when he noticed that the door on the opposite side of the one they'd entered through was slowly opening, four heads poking out extremely cautiously.

"Is she gone?" one of them whispered, light from the parlour glinting off round glasses.

"Young master," the tallest one hissed, his cigarette a glowing orange dot, "tell Lady Elizabeth we're not here!"

"She'll dress us up like dollies again, she will," the shortest one whimpered.

"Oh, this is horrible. I think I'll die now..." the last one sobbed.

Just then, Lizzie danced into the room. "Oh, you look so cute! Where are your servants, Ciel? I could only find Tanaka, and look—" she gestured to the old man who'd followed her into the room, a blond, curly wig and a pink frilly dress on, "he looks so cute! I want everyone to look as cute as he does! Where are they?"

Ciel's eyes drifted to the heads peeking around the door. "I don't know."

They 'eep'ed as Lizzie followed Ciel's glance. Her eyes lit up, and the look of terror on the servants' faces was priceless.

"Please!" Bard cried. "Don't make me wear nothin' sexy this time! I can't handle it again!"

"I'm going to kill myself!" Grell sobbed.

"Please, no, Lady Elizabeth!" Finny and Mey-rin cried at the same time.

They all continued to wail behind him and Ciel wanted nothing more than to whack them all upside the head with his walking stick. His head pounded and he set his jaw, a vein bulging irritably in his temple. Sebastian took notice and, making sure no one was paying attention (which they weren't, too busy screaming and running around as Lizzie chased them with cute things), bent to Ciel's height and planted a soft kiss on his lips. Ciel's cheeks burst into flames, but he felt a lot better, his headache leaving as it was replaced with the hazy heat of embarrassed affection. Sebastian pulled away just as Lizzie turned to him and screamed, "Tell them to stop, Ciel!"

Ciel warily said, "Stop it, you four. Let Elizabeth dress you, it's only for a few hours."

Their expressions nothing short of horror, they stood still and allowed Lizzie to do what she wanted. The aura of doom and misery was nearly a visible dark purple cloud around them, but Lizzie just hummed cheerfully and donned them all with pink and red bows and lace and frills. Grell muttered something about suicide again. Finally Lizzie finished, and everyone in the room had some sort of red or pink or frills or bows on except for Sebastian, who was just in his normal black tailcoat. Lizzie approached him, reached way up and grabbed his cheeks very seriously, and Ciel nearly choked on his spit at the expression of pure incredulousness on Sebastian's usually cold face. He coughed to cover up his bark of laughter as Lizzie asked, "Sebastian, will you wear this please?" and held up the most ridiculous, bright pink tailcoat Ciel had ever seen in his entire life.

Sebastian's eyebrow twitched, but he kept his smile plastered on his face. "Of course, my lady," he replied between his teeth. Ciel snickered behind his hand as Sebastian removed his black tailcoat and put the pink one on instead. There was a collection of giggles from the servants, but one death glare from the demon while Lizzie wasn't paying attention made them shut up instantly.

Sebastian put his hand on his heart and bowed. "Thank you, my lady," he said, that fake smile still on his face. Ciel could barely keep from laughing his butt off at the pure ridiculousness of seeing Sebastian Michaelis wearing a hot pink tailcoat.

"You look so cute!" Lizzie squealed. "Pink is lovely on you! Can you make your eyes pink too like you did for Halloween?"

Ciel always felt extremely uncomfortable when Sebastian showed his demonic eyes and quickly interrupted. "Elizabeth, er, why don't you go braid Grell's hair? Look, it looks so tacky in that ponytail."

"Oh, you're right!" she exclaimed, running over to Grell, whose face was one of utter doom. Sebastian kept a smile on as he went to stand beside Ciel, but it faded to a look of murderous intent when he looked down at himself.

"The things I have to do for you..." he muttered under his breath. Ciel smirked but didn't say anything, watching his servants and Lizzie run around with a faint sense of amusement. Eventually, they sat down on the couches—Bard, Grell and Finny on one, Lizzie, Mey-Rin and Tanaka on the other—and Lizzie was excitedly chattering with everyone, keeping the random conversations alive when they started to fail. A good two hours of idle talking— and the occasional screeching on Lizzie's part when Ciel would cough or sneeze—passed by the time she stood up and clasped her hands together, her green eyes lighting up.

"Baldroy, do you know how to make chocolate?"

Bard scratched at the back of his neck, his ever-present cigarette hanging off his lip as he gruffly said, "I s'pose so. I 'unno. If I read directions I can probably figure it out." He seemed to realize she'd asked him this time, rather than Sebastian, and sat up a little straighter, jutting his fuzzy chin out proudly. "Why? You want some, m'lady?"

Lizzie smiled. "Oh, yes, I love homemade chocolate. Paula didn't make any this year, and I would really love some..."

He grinned. "Ah, well prepare yourself for th'best chocolate you've ever tasted, m'lady!" He grabbed Finny's arm. "Finnian, you can help me, okay?"

"Uh, alright," Finny said, although he didn't really have a choice as he was dragged out of the parlour towards the kitchen by a practically sparkling with glee Bard. The remaining people watched them go with an air of worry, but Lizzie seemed to not understand.

"What's wrong?" she asked innocently.

"I really don't want my kitchen blown up again," Ciel said after a moment of silence in which Bard's happiness could be clearly heard through the manor. "Honestly. I hope he's not too stupid to use his flame-thrower today."

Mey-rin frowned. "Maybe we should go help too. Come on, Grell." She took the slender man's wrist and towed him towards the kitchen, leaving Sebastian, Ciel, Lizzie and Tanaka alone in the parlour.

"Hoh hoh hoh," Tanaka did his little old man laugh and sipped at his herbal tea.

Ciel's eyebrow twitched.

"This is not going to end well," he grumbled, putting his chin in his hand irritably.

"Don't be so mean," Lizzie chided. "Why do you always think they're going to mess up? You should have more faith in your servants!"

Beside her, Tanaka chuckled again. "Hoh hoh hoh."

Ciel and Sebastian shared a dubious look. Ciel shrugged. "Well, I suppose it wouldn't—"

Just then, a loud boom shook the manor and Mey-Rin and Finny's high pitched screams rang through the halls. Ciel facepalmed and Sebastian sighed, but Lizzie just looked confused. The putrid smell of smoke filtered down the hallways and reached the parlour as yet another boom sounded, not as loud but followed by a series of crashes and curses and the banging of pots and pans. Ciel ground his teeth together, trying not to snap and start screeching like a banshee at the stupidity of his servants. Due to his cold his patience was already worn down to something thinner and more delicate than lace, and he was holding onto it from sheer will.


"Yes, sir." The demon sighed again, heading off in the general direction of the kitchen, that wary, exhausted look that he got whenever the servants messed up (so, pretty much most of the day) darkening his handsome face. Ciel watched him go, thoroughly amused at the swishing of the pink tails clashing with the pure black and white of the rest of him, and then turned to look at Lizzie with a raised eyebrow. She frowned, clutching her hands at her chest.

"Oh... I'm sure they didn't mean to blow up your kitchen, Ciel..." she said in the most condoling, sweet voice ever. Ciel thought that perhaps a vein popped in his forehead out of sheer frustration.

"I know they didn't mean to," he rolled his eyes, "but they should have learnt by now that using the flame-thrower in the kitchen is a bad idea!" He said the last part loudly, and the servants walked into the room at that instant, all smoking and covered in soot. They all started wailing apologies and bowing frantically and blubbering a bunch of "We're so sorry young master" and "Please forgive us young master" until Ciel snapped.

"Alright!" he shouted. "Go clean yourselves up!"

They all scurried away into the next room, which was where the servants generally hung out when they had nothing to do, still sputtering apologies, and Ciel slumped down onto his chair. Great. Now his headache was doubled, and on top of that, he could barely breathe from his nose, his body was still aching, and he was starting to feel the beginnings of the prickly cold sweat of a fever. Tanaka went off the join the rest of the servants and Lizzie looked at Ciel in a worried way.

Ciel shut his eyes, feeling like his sinuses were about to implode, his head pounding, and was thankful for the moment of silence.

"You know, you didn't have to be so mean," Lizzie said quietly, a pout on her pink lips.

Ciel opened his eyes warily and looked at her with his one visible eye. "I've got the worst headache I've had in my life, and I couldn't deal with them anymore."


So as not to snap at her as well, Ciel bit his tongue and looked down at the floor. After a moment of Lizzie staring at him with teary green eyes, he reluctantly said, "Fine. I'll apologize later."

And just like that she was smiling again. "Well, Ciel..."

"Yes?" He tried to keep a calm tone, but he was still ticked off, and he didn't mean to sound so moody...

"We're alone for the first time," she remarked, skipping over form her spot on the couch to plop unceremoniously down onto Ciel's lap. The earl flinched slightly but forced himself not to push her away, despite how much he hated it when his personal space was breached by anyone other than himself and Sebastian— and sometimes he didn't even like Sebastian being near him. He tried not to seem too agitated as she bubbled, "I like Sebastian and all, really, I do. He's such a gentleman. But he's always with you! Always! I never get a spare moment alone with you. It's like he wants you all to himself!" She pouted, poking his cheeks. "I love you too much for him to have all of you."

Ciel flushed. Sebastian did have all of him; his body, heart, mind, and soul. He tried to pass odd his suddenly red cheeks as another symptom of the cold he'd come down with and attempted a tiny smile, which felt a lot more like a grimace of pain.

"Don't be ridiculous," he said. "Sebastian is my butler and he only does what is expected of him as a servant of the Phantomhive family." He tilted his head away from her. "He's supposed to be with me all the time."

"Well, he's not right now," she retorted, smiling cutely. "We're all alone! Isn't it wonderful? Now you can profess your undying love for me all you want without being shy!"

Is she serious? Ciel stared at her uncertainly, a sort of dread starting to form in his stomach. "Err..." She was certainly very forward, he'd give her that... "Lizzie," he tried to speak, but she shushed him by putting a finger on his lips, her eyes sparkling excitedly with a childish glee.

"Now, Ciel, don't be shy!"

"I-I'm not, I just—"

Lizzie hushed him again. "It's Valentine's Day!" she exclaimed, pursing her lips and leaning in closer. Ciel nearly died and tried to nonchalantly move away, but she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Just... one... little... kiss?" She closed her eyes. "Please, Ciel?"

Ciel had no idea what to do, his eyes widening in alarm as he backed far into the couch to avoid her pursed, fish-like lips that were getting closer and closer to his. In a moment of absolute panic, his throat constricted and he made a strange squeaking sound on accident, which triggered a huge, hacking coughing fit. His eyes squeezed shut from the pure force of it and he coughed wet, gross coughs, feeling like his lungs were tearing open. Lizzie gasped and grabbed his heaving shoulders, her shrill voice crying his name.

"Ciel! Ciel! Are you alright?"

"I'm fine!" he wheezed, attempting to clear his throat, but it seemed to be coated with thick, icky phlegm. Utterly disgusting. "I'm sorry, I-I have a cold, I don't think—" he paused to cough again, "I don't think that a kiss is a good idea." He hated this cold, but right now he was thanking the heavens for it so that he had an excuse not to kiss Lizzie other than his strong reluctance to do so, which he knew she would not take well.

"Sorry," he added for good measure, his voice croaky and stuffy. He hadn't felt this bad in a while, and his asthma was acting up again; he found himself out of breath and it took him a few minutes to catch it.

"Oh," Lizzie said softly, and for a moment Ciel thought she was going to kick up a fuss. She pulled away from him and smiled. "It's okay. I wouldn't want to get sick!"

Ciel forced a laugh, which really just sounded like the whining of a wounded dog. "Exactly."

"Well I expect one when you're better!" she exclaimed, tackling him into a hug. He awkwardly wrapped his arms around her, unable to help but smile faintly at her forwardness.

"Er... alright, I suppose."


Just then, Mey-Rin poked her head into the parlour, her skin blazing red at some parts and her hair sticking up messily. Her dress and face had soot all over them, and what looked like burnt chocolate that had even gotten in her dark red hair. She looked around, her eyes widening behind her glasses upon spotting Elizabeth seated on Ciel's lap. The dark blush on her face nearly matched the look of mortification on Ciel's.

"Oh I'm so sorry for interrupting!"

Ciel's face exploded into a new level of heat and he pushed Lizzie away, scrambling up. "It's not what it looks like," he said quickly. He cleared his throat since Mey-Rin was just staring, and asked, "What is it?"

Mey-Rin gave him a blank look and Ciel noticed that her glasses were crooked and cracked again. He sighed.

"What, young master?"

"I assume you came in here to ask something?" He raised his eyebrows impatiently.

"Oh right!" She nodded quickly, not noticing the eye roll on Ciel's part. She looked Lizzie's way. "My lady, do you know of any good ways to treat a burn? I know Paula knows things about that and I thought perhaps she'd taught you some. Baldroy, Finny and Grell and burnt up bad, they are. One day, Baldo is going to burn all his hair off, he is, I don't doubt it one bit."

Lizzie smiled gracefully. "You don't mind, right, Ciel?" she asked, giving him big green eyes. "I'll be right back."

He shook his head, maybe a little too enthusiastically. "No, no, go ahead. I'll just go and see what... what Sebastian is up to." Last time he'd decided to do that was Halloween, and look what had happened then... Ciel didn't care, though. He was stressed and he felt like crap and Sebastian was the only person he actually could stand being around. He just wanted to get away before Lizzie attempted to hug him anymore. "Do you have a certain form you'd like your chocolate in, Lizzie? I'll tell Sebastian."

Her eyes may have well have been emeralds from the sparkly, teary eyed look of love she gave him. "A heart with our initials on it!"

Ciel sighed, his eyebrows furrowing warily. "Alright," he said, turning around. Lizzie squealed something to Mey-Rin about his cuteness, but he paid no mind as he all but ran out of the room.

He had to pause to catch his breath again and rub at his throbbing temples. He wondered vaguely what time it was and how much longer he'd have to deal with the loudness around here before he could just go to his room and lay there pathetically. As he made his way to the kitchen, his head started to spin and his stomach churned with nausea so he used the wall as support, half-considering calling Sebastian for help.

The smell of chocolate reached his mostly plugged nose, however, and he decided he didn't want to distract the butler from what he was sure would be the most delectable Valentine's Day chocolates ever. Plus, he was almost there. He wobbled over to the doors and walked in, looking for Sebastian. It was oddly clean, despite the explosion mere minutes earlier, but Ciel had learnt by now not to question Sebastian's ways.

Once again he felt that déjà-vu sense and remarked to himself that this was exactly like Halloween, and every other event Lizzie came over celebrate; he always ended up escaping to wherever Sebastian was to get away from her headache inducing loudness and happiness. Shaking himself out of his thoughts, he called Sebastian's name.

"Please hold on one moment, young master," Sebastian's voice called back from the direction of the room attached to the kitchen, which was used as a pantry. Sighing, Ciel heaved himself up on the edge of the marble island in the middle of the kitchen, letting his high-heeled boots dangle off the side. He kicked boredly at the air, glancing around. On the counter opposite him was a bowl of roasted cocoa beans, some milk and sugar, along with a few other ingredients Ciel didn't know. The fireplace in the corner was on, with a silver bowl hanging above it with something thick bubbling in it. Next to him were four bowls of what he presumed was the chocolate mix, sitting to cool. The entire kitchen smelt of the sticky sweet goodness Sebastian was creating and just looking at the mix next to him was making his mouth water.

Glancing both ways to make sure Sebastian was still in the pantry, he dipped his left middle finger into the cooling chocolate. He cursed quietly; it was still hot. The gooey substance dripped onto the countertop as he quickly brought his finger to his mouth to suck off the chocolate. He looked both ways furtively to make sure Sebastian wasn't going to walk in and scold him before dipping a different finger into the batter, nearly moaning at the sweet taste of it. Damn, did Sebastian know how to make sweets. Using his next finger he did it again, and again, holding the bowl with his other hand because he was getting so lost in the taste. He could live off of chocolate. If someone handed him a million dollars and a chocolate bar and told him to choose, he would pick the chocolate. After all, he didn't need any more money, and chocolate was so delicious that—

An amused chuckle came from behind him, tearing him from his thoughts. He jumped in surprise, the hand holding the bowl jerking upwards and making a loud clanging noise as the bowl flew off the counter.

It seemed to happen in slow motion. The bowl flew through the air, the thick chocolate inside making an arch as it fell from the bowl to spatter over the walls, counter, floor, everywhere. Gasping as he was covered head to toe in still warm chocolate, Ciel blinked the eyes that had instinctively squeezed shut open and flickered them upwards to look at Sebastian with the look of a guilty child caught doing something wrong.

"Sebastian, I—"

Something hot curled in his stomach and his voice cracked when he saw that he wasn't the only one the chocolate had made a mess of. He froze and his visible eye widened hugely, his mouth gaping as his cheeks took on a pink tinge. Try as he would, he couldn't tear his eyes away from the sight of Sebastian's white shirt drenched in melted chocolate, dark red eyes smirking at him through the spattered chocolate on his face. Chocolate dripped from his hair and fell onto his face, sliding in little rivulets down his neck to disappear into his now-filthy shirt. His lips curved up into his devilish smirk and Ciel forgot how to breathe.

Oh... my... God.

"I-I'm sorry," he said weakly after a long moment of silence, his knees feeling wobbly. He finally managed to avert his eyes from the chocolaty sexy mess that was Sebastian. He tried his hardest to fight the flush rising up his neck and the uncomfortable hardness swelling against his will in his pants.

"You couldn't wait until I was done, could you, young master?" Sebastian sighed. He placed a jar of some spice onto the counter and for some reason Ciel noticed that he wasn't wearing his gloves. His breath started to come quicker upon seeing that the long, black nailed fingers were also dotted with chocolate. The demon sighed again, going over to the fire in the corner and pulling the bowl off of it, placing it gingerly on the counter. He lifted his fingers to his lips. "What a mess," he murmured, licking the chocolate off of them with long, deliberate laps of his tongue.

Ciel couldn't help the tiny whimper that bubbled up his throat. Chocolate on its own was delicious, and just Sebastian's looks alone could reduce him to a mass of quivering lust; but both of them together had him damn near lost for words. His lips trembled. His cold was completely forgotten. He wanted Sebastian so bad.

"Is something the matter, young master?" Sebastian inquired, looking down at him with an amused cocked eyebrow.

Ciel swallowed hard. "Ah... n-no..." Shit. He was getting so hard it was painful to stand. He leaned against the counter, trying to make it look casual. He scolded himself for acting so ridiculous, but he couldn't help it. He just had some weird kink for Sebastian wet, and Sebastian wet with chocolate... He bit down a moan. In an attempt to diffuse the awkwardness and leave, he backed up, but his foot slipped on a puddle of chocolate on the floor. He let out a cry and his hands flew out blindly as he tried to catch himself.

Of course, the impact he was expecting never came. Instead, he found himself being scooped up into Sebastian's strong arms, the demon smirking in that wry way he did whenever Ciel did something particularly interesting and human to him.

"A tad bit clumsy today, are we?"

Ciel was about to tell him to shove off and shut his mouth when he realized how close he was to Sebastian, and how they were both smothered in chocolate, which was getting stickier as it settled. His insides did a jump and his hardening member twitched. He tried to demand to be put down, but all that came out was a strangled moan.

Before he knew what he was doing, his arms had wrapped themselves around Sebastian's neck and he was pulling himself closer to lick the smeared chocolate on Sebastian's cheekbone, moaning at the taste. It was so wonderfully Sebastian with the overpowering sweetness of chocolate, which always made him feel a little weak in the knees. His eyes heavily hooded, lust got the best of him and he lapped at the chocolate on the side of Sebastian's mouth.

"Young master?"

Sebastian's voice was slightly surprised, and just barely had a hint of huskiness to it. Ciel snapped back into reality. He turned redder than a cherry and his tongue quickly withdrew into his mouth. "Uh... I..."

Sebastian's face took on a dark look that Ciel was positive no human would ever be able to make. The red eyes glowed a faint pink and his lips curled up in an impossibly sexy and devilish way. "Ahh," he said lowly, his voice taking on a deep, velvety tone. "I'd forgotten how much you enjoy chocolate..."


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