If It's Love

Chapter Twenty: The Decision

Today is the big day. They will be meeting the angel later tonight to decide their fate. Of course it's a pretty set deal that they will get their wish, but that doesn't stop them both from being fidgety. The morning is filled with a tense silence, Antonio's normally adventurous hands not leaving his side once and Lovino not yelling at anyone, even at work when people mess up.

"Jeez, you guys are so strange…" Daniel says, sighing. "It's difficult to keep up."

"Today is a big day for them." Arthur comments, receiving strange looks from the others, including Antonio.

"How would you know?" Antonio asks and Arthur looks to Lovino nervously, who quickly busies himself with cooking.

"W-well…today is the day before Romulus returns, right?" Arthur asks, making Antonio and Lovino pale.

"WHAT?" They yell in unison.

"Well, yeah. Romulus is coming back tomorrow…Feliciano told me so." Arthur lies before Lovino grabs his arm and drags him into a janitor's closet.

"Are you lying about my dad? Please tell me you are lying." Lovino pleads.

"No, he is on his way, Lovino. Has he not told you?" Arthur asks, sighing at the panicked look on Lovino's face. "I guess not. Well, not to make today more taxing, but yeah, he's on his way."

"Why…? Why does god hate me?" Lovino groans.

"God loves you, Lovino. You will be fine." Arthur says, receiving an curious look from Lovino. "I-I mean..."

"You being considerate weirds me out. You're an ass of an angel and an ass of a human; don't change that out of the blue." Lovino grumbles.

"Whatever you say, ungrateful brat." Arthur sighs and looks at his watch. "There will be another obstacle today. One neither of you will suspect." He smirks at the Italian. "Good luck with it."

"Wha…? Stop messing with us you dick!" Lovino hisses as Arthur laughs.

"Don't worry about it; I'm sure you can handle it. Antonio on the other hand…" Arthur leaves the room, and a very pissed Lovino.

Lovino doesn't have a long wait to find out, since as soon as they leave work this 'obstacle' rears it's pissed head.

"Antonio!" A little girl gasps, running over to them and hugging Antonio's leg tightly. "I've missed you so much!"

Lovino stares at the little brunette girl, annoyed. "Antonio, why the hell is a little girl all over you?"

"I'm Antonio's wife!" The little girl says, glaring at Lovino, who returns the angry look. "I am Chiara Carriedo!"

"No you're not, you're five!"

"We got married on the playground last year! Two months before he disappeared!" Chiara says and Antonio gasps.

"Chiara! Of course!" Antonio laughs a little and pats her on the head. "I'm very sorry, I'm too old for you now."

Lovino stares at the little girl. "How do you even know it's the same Antonio? The one you met was your height."

Chiara frowns. "I just know. We have been friends from birth and I know him better than anyone else."

Lovino looks from Chiara to Antonio and something clicks. "Are you Italian?" He asks and she nods. "…Do you have any connection to Spain?"

"We're moving there in a few months." Chiara says sadly and Lovino cringes. So this is the girl. The one Antonio was supposed to marry. A lump rises to Lovino's throat as his heart falls to the pit of his stomach.

"Lovi? Are you okay?" Antonio asks, placing a hand on Lovino's shoulder.

"Stop touching him! You're married to me!" Chiara huffs and Antonio sighs.

"Chiara…" He kneels down and takes the little girl's hands. "I am sorry…but I must ask for a divorce."

Chiara's brown eyes fill up with tears. "No! You're mine! I love you more than he does!"

Lovino looks down at her. "She could be right…she recognized you immediately. I didn't when you first came. She's known you longer and you two…"

Antonio sighs. "God, you are both so stubborn…"

"Sh-she's supposed to be your wife." Lovino mumbles and Antonio looks at him surprised.

"…What…?" He asks and Lovino nods.

"She's the one you marry and have children with. Still think you can just ignore your original future?" Lovino mumbles.

"Chiara's the girl…?" Antonio looks to the five year old, feeling an actual conflict inside. He loves Lovino, there is no doubt, but Chiara was his first love and friend and confidant. Both mean the world to him, and now that he knows it's not just some random girl he marries in the future can he really just turn Chiara away? She's like the female version of Lovino, or is Lovino the male version of her to him?

Lovino notices the conflict on Antonio's face and sighs. "Don't worry, Antonio. I understand." He says quietly, patting Antonio on the head before leaving.

"Great! Now we can stay married!" Chiara says, smiling at Antonio. "I've missed you!"

Antonio looks at her confused. "Wait…what?"

"He forfeited! I win!" Chiara cheers. "Now we can find out how to make you my age again so we can stay married!"

"He…just gave up?" Antonio asks and Chiara nods. "That…little…BASTARD!" He hisses, standing up angrily. "I have to go Chiara!"

"B-but I won!"

"No, Chiara, you didn't. I'm very sorry." Antonio mumbles. "I just…he makes me really happy."

Chiara sighs, looking away with a pout. "I guess…if that's the case…I have no choice but to let you go…"

Antonio smiles. "You two are really a lot alike."

"No we're not!" She huffs.

"Right, right, of course not." Antonio pats her on the head. "Go back to your mom now. I have to go."

Chiara nods, looking up at him sadly. "I won't ever marry another man." She mumbles and Antonio nods.

"And I will never marry another woman." He leans down and kisses her on the forehead. "Goodbye, Chiara." Antonio mumbles before standing up and running off to find Lovino. Searching all the normal areas Antonio finds nothing, he then decides to look at the McDonald's playground and still nothing. By the time Antonio finishes searching all the places he can think of, it's almost midnight. The angel is on his way. He racks his brain, desperately trying to find Lovino before the idiot off and turns him five again. Seriously, this boy is way too difficult.

His mind races, thinking of all the places they have been, and then it fall on one spot. A place that is actually pretty important to Antonio; the field where Lovino admitted he liked him. Now growing desperate, Antonio dashes to the places and looks around frantically before seeing Lovino. "FOUND YOU!" He yells, running to the surprised boy.

"Wh-what the hell, Antonio?" Lovino asks annoyed.

"You left! I didn't want her but you just left! I thought you had more balls than that!" Antonio says, making Lovino twitch.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me! Grow a pair and fight for your man, don't just walk away!" Antonio huffs. "I'm yours, so make sure any competition knows it!" He orders and Lovino stares at him for a second before laughing.

"Right, right…I suppose I should make sure everyone knows you're mine…" Lovino says, standing up and walking over to Antonio. "That's actually what I have been thinking about…I wasn't just giving you up, idiot. Anyways…I found a solution." He adds and Antonio smirks.

"Are you going to be placing a sign on me?" Antonio teases, making Lovino roll his eyes.

"Please, I'm not as uncouth as you." Lovino grumbles. "Close your eyes." He orders and Antonio nods, doing as he's told. To his surprise Lovino grabs his left hand and slides what feels like a flower onto his ring-finger. "There."

Antonio stares down at the blue flower in shock. "Lovi…" He mumbles, stopping when he notices something else on his finger. Beneath the beautiful flower is something hard and cold, so Antonio slides the flower further up his finger to see a gold band.

"Th-that's not what you think!" Lovino stutters out. "It's like…y-you know…a promise ring or something! W-we've only known each other for a year so it's definitely not an engagement ring! I-I just figured it was a more subtle way of showing people that you're mine!" He explains awkwardly, too flustered to notice the widening grin on Antonio's face. "Argh, this whole thing is stupid! I take it back! Give me the ring!" Lovino orders, chickening out when Antonio says absolutely nothing.

"What? Hell no!" Antonio huffs. "It'll be a cold day in hell when I give this back!"

"Well I'm starting to feel a chill, so give it over!" Lovino commands, reaching out for it.

"NO!" Antonio says firmly, raising his hand over his head so Lovino can't reach.

"Damnit Antonio!"

Antonio smiles a little at the flustered Italian standing in front of him. "I love you, Lovino."

Lovino freezes, his arms dropping to his sides as he face heats up. "I-I love you too…" He mumbles.

"And I'll happily marry you." Antonio adds, making Lovino tense up.

"Sh-shut up! I know you will, idiot! That's the whole reason this mess even started!" Lovino grumbles.

"Hahah~! That's true! It's surprising you're the one to get a real ring first." He teases.

"W-well I...just…shut up! It's only because you were taking too long and are way too popular!" Lovino exclaims.

"Oh my…an engagement ring, huh?" A strange voice calls and the two of them look over to see Arthur with a mask on his face.

"Pfft." Lovino covers his mouth, looking at the blonde amused as he continues to talk in a strange voice to hide his identity from Antonio.

"Insolent child, do not laugh at an angel!" Arthur huffs and Antonio speaks up.

"Please don't be mad, ! He's just a kid!" Antonio says, earning a glare from Lovino.

"I don't want to hear that coming from you."

Arthur sighs. "Anyways…if you two don't mind I have a da…other angel things to attend to." He says awkwardly. "I see there is a ring from Lovino, yes? So you have figured out your feelings and settled on being in love with Antonio."


"And you don't care about your original future that a certain Italian bra…boy…let slip?" Arthur asks Antonio, who nods.

"Not even a little! I just want to be with Lovino!" Antonio insists and Arthur nods, looking over the two.

"I see…well, I am honestly happy for you both." Arthur says, smiling at them. "I will allow Antonio to stay an adult, childhood is apparently overrated anyways. If things do not work out I cannot revert you to a child again, Antonio, there is no third chance." Arthur reminds him and Antonio nods.

"I don't need a third chance."

"Very well." Arthur pulls out a little wand and waves it over Antonio, speaking something in a strange language before putting it away. "I wish you luck." He says before disappearing.

"That was fast…" Antonio mumbles and Lovino bursts out laughing.

"A mask! A mask! And that voice! Oh god he's so stupid!" Lovino exclaims before he notices Antonio looking at him confused. "I-I mean, yeah, that's strange. I guess angels have other stuff to do…like dates."

"Like what?" Antonio asks and Lovino coughs awkwardly.

"Like nothing. So…um…let's go home?" He offers his hand, which Antonio happily takes and leads him home.

"Just so you know…you're telling your father you proposed." Antonio says and Lovino scoffs.

"Fine. He'll still be mad at you though." Lovino teases.

"Well fine! I'll just have to kidnap you and move into our own place!" Antonio huffs, making Lovino blush a little.

"Our own place…?"

"Well, I mean…your dad will be home to care for your brothers…"

Lovino smiles a little. "When I graduate we can move in together. Until then, I advise you get your own place."

Antonio groans. "The man isn't even back yet and he's already ruining my life."

"Father-in-laws do that." Lovino blurts out without thinking, immediately going bright red when he realizes what he just said.

"Oh yes." Antonio smirks, kissing the flustered Lovino. "Father-in-laws do. Especially when they are the bride's."

"FUCK YOU! I'm no bride!"

A/N: Hah! She was a childhood friend! IT STILL COUNTS! XD ...Man I suck at endings. But hooray for finally finishing it! (I was supposed to Monday but I have been juggling sickness and school so...yeah.) Thank you all so much for reading this strange story! Especially since it took a few turns I didn't plan...lD I truly appreciate it!