This is a part of a project I had to do in my English class. I liked it so well, I thought I'd post it for you all to enjoy.

To whom it may concern,

My name is Porky, Porky Pig. Yes, yes, I know; my mother was never very original with names. Before you put down this letter, thinking it's from one of those 'evil pigs' as the Birds have started calling us, let me explain the truth to you, not the vile propaganda the Birds have put out. Yes I'm a soldier in the Pig Army, and yes we did steal many of the Birds' eggs, I won't deny that. But again, I ask you to hear me out, not everything is as it seems.

Me and my fellow soldiers have stolen the eggs for a very good reason; we had no choice. I'm sure you're thinking 'yah sure, they had no choice'. I'm telling you we didn't, our children were starving. The Birds control the best food resources; the best trees for apples, the richest soil for corn, while we Pigs are left with very little. What land we do have is barren and lifeless, nothing can grow. The little food we are able to grow goes to our children, just so they can grow up in at least some comfort.

I remember back when I was a piglet, my mother often didn't eat for days just so me and my many brothers and sisters could get enough food. As we got older, we were given less and less food so that the younger piglets could eat. Many times it isn't enough and we have to bury a handful of our children at a time.

We recognize the plight of other animals so we don't attack them, but the Birds have so much, many times their food just goes to waste. Even if we try to steal so much as a rotten apple core, the Birds attack our scouts, leading to heavy injuries or even death.

And so, in order to reduce the suffering, our king, a wondrous leader in his own right, came up with a plan to feed our children while also getting revenge on the Birds. Our children have never been so well fed, but we never imagined the horrible counterattack the Birds devised.

Our structures were built to prevent the Birds from flying over and attacking, but their new plan has been killing off more of our soldiers than our starving ever did. They fling themselves at our fortresses, bringing them down, squashing our forces. What is worse is that they have started spreading their propaganda amongst the humans, bringing them into this war. Every day, dozens of humans join the fight against us and more and more of our castles fall. We can no longer raid the Bird's land for food as we have too little troops.

Now, we just build the fortresses as strong as we can with what little supplies we have available and hope for the best. Even now I can hear the Birds attack this fortress as I write this letter to you. I do not know if we will survive or not. My commander says think positively, but we have lost so many already it is hard to imagine us winning this siege. I write this letter to you, in the hopes that it will be discovered and read and the truth about the Birds will be known before it is too late, before the Birds attack our homes. To my lovely wife Patty and my kids, I'm sorry that I failed to protect you, but I pray that the Birds will fall and none of you will suffer my fate.


Private Porky Pig