One by One


Chapter One: Researching with Love.


"Your job is to get close to him." A woman spoke softly in the darkly lit room.

"I know." a quiet voice spoke up.

"Oh, you know?" scarcasm and annoyance was in the woman's voice.

"Yes." the quiet voice said slightly.

"Whatever, just get the job done. And, get out of my site."

"Right away... Mother." Foot steps faded away from the darkly lit room...


(Hotaru's POV)


I walked down the hall, hand trailing lightly on the right side of the wall. I turned around a corner, and walked to my room.

Once I arrived to my destination, I quietly sat on my bed and pulled out a notebook. I grabbed a pencil from my dresser and began writing in it.

After a while, I got up and walked to my desk, and turned my laptop on.

I lightly drummed my fingers against the cool surface of the wood, waiting for the laptop to fully function.

I smirked lightly, and logged in and went on the internet.

"Vongola..." I mumbled to myself, typing quickly, ignoring the sound of the key's clanking.

I used the hacking skills my father had taught me, and easily hacked into their files.


Sawada Tsunayoshi

Boss of the Vongola Family (Decimo).

15. Brown hair and brown eyes.

Mom: Alive.

Father: Alive.

Siblings: None.

Flame and weapon: Sky, Earth, and Oath (Sky and Earth combined).

Uses X-Glove's, Mantello di Vongola Primo, and Mitena di Vongola Primo .


Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition.

Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised.





Big Bang Axel.

Burning Axel.

Gravity Manipulation.

Box Weapon: Baby Lion called Natsu.


Gokudera Hayato

Storm Guardian and Right Hand Man of Tsunayoshi Sawada's Family: Vongola.

15. Silver hair and Green eyes.

Mom: Deceased.

Father: Alive.

Siblings: Older Sister, Bianchi.

Flame and Weapon: Storm. ((System C.A.I.) Rain, Lightning, Cloud, and Sun).

Uses Dynamite's, Flame Arrow, and G's Archery.


Tornado Flame Arrow.

Galting Arrow.

Flame Thunder.

Rocket Bomb, Version X.

Air Bomb.

Uri Bomb.

Flame Missel.

Box Weapon: Baby Leopard called Uri.


Yamamoto Takeshi

Rain Guardian of the Vongola Family.

15. Black hair and Brown eyes.

Mom: Deceased:

Father: Alive.

Siblings: None.

Flame and Weapon: Rain.

Uses: Shigure Kintoki. Asari Ugetsu's Four Irregular Swords.


Shigure Soen Ryuu.

(Shajiku Ame. Sakamaku Ame. Yarazu no Ame. Gofuu Juuu. Samidare. Shibuki Ame. Shinotsuku Ame. Utsushi Ame. Scontro di Rondine. Beccata di Rondine.)

Aggregate Art: Jiunoka.

Attacco di Squalo.

Rain Flame Radar.

Box Weapon: Young puppy called Jirou and a younger bird called Kojirou.


Hibari Kyouya

Cloud Guardian of the Vongola Family.

16. Black hair and Bluish-Grey eyes.

Mom: Unknown:

Father: Unknown.

Siblings: None.

Flame and Weapon: Cloud and Mist.

Uses Cloud Tonfa's and Alaude's Handcuff's.


Cloud Flame Radar.

Box Weapon: Baby Hedgehog called Roll.


Sasagawa Ryohei

Sun Guardian of the Vongola Family.

16. Silver hair and Silver eyes.

Mom. Alive.

Father: Alive.

Siblings: Younger Sister, Kyoko Sasagawa.

Flame and Weapon: Sun.

Uses Knuckles Maxium Break.


Maximum Cannon.

Maximum Ingram.

Maximum Combination.

Sunshine Counter.

Sunshine Uppercut.

Box Weapon: Young Kangaroo called Kangaryuu.


Lambo Bovino

Lightning Guardian of the Vongola Family.

5. (15, 25). Black hair and Green eyes.

Mom: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.

Siblings: None, but thinks of Tsuna as a Big Brother.

Flame and Weapon: Lightning.

Uses Hand Grenades. Ten Year Bazooka. Lampo's Shield. Horns. Helm of the Lightning Version X.


Elettrico Cuoio.

Thunder Set.

Elettrico Cornata.

Elettrico Reverse.

Corna Fulmine.

Wide Horn.

Corna Molla Elettro Shock.

Ironhorn Electorico.

Ferro Corno Electro Shock.

Box Weapon: A Bull called Gyuudon.


Mukuro Rokudo

Mist Guardian of the Vongola Family.

15. Blue hair and left blue eye and a red right eye.

Mom: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.

Siblings: None.

Flame and Weapon: Mist.

Uses Trident. Hell Rings. Daemon Spade's Devil Lens.


Six Path's of Reincarnation. (I, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.)

Box Weapon: Owl called Mukurou.


Chrome Dokuro (Nagi)

Mist Guardian of the Vongola Family.

14. Purple hair and a Purple eye. (Eye patch over right eye).

Mom: Alive.

Father: Alive.

Siblings: None.

Flame and Weapon: Mist.

Uses Trident. Daemon Spade's Devil Lens.


Six Path's of Reincarnation. (Only in Illusion's and Summoning Animal's.)

Cortina Nebbia.

Box Weapon: Owl called Mukurou.



I typed all the information onto my computer, and then printed it all out, along with all they're photographs.

I looked over the pictures of them, Chrome Dokuro, or originally Nagi, looked sort of cute, even with that weird pineapple styled hair. The same as Mukuro Rokudo's hair, only his is blue, and her's is purple.

I searched other things, too. That's how I found out about Chrome Dokuro's eye. Why she wears that eye patch. It turns out that when she was younger, she saved a kitty from a car, but gotten badly injured in the process. Her organs were ruined and her eye was damaged. But, that's how she met Mukuro Rokudo. He gave her illusionary organs, so she could become half of the Mist Guardian.

Also, Yamamoto Takeshi's favorite thing is Baseball, he loves his dad and his friends, and he's willing to die for his friend, who's the Boss, Tsunayoshi Sawada. And so on.

Gokudera Hayato's hair is sort of styled like an octopus, so he gets teased by the Lightning Guardian and the Sun Guardian. He also has a short temper and only opens up to Tsunayoshi Sawada. And he likes to pick fights with Yamamoto Takeshi most of the time, because Yamamoto Takeshi is carefree and slightly aloof most of the time, and only thinks of the Mafia as a huge Roll-Play.

Hibari Kyouya will Bite anyone and everyone to Death if they damage his property, or if they disturb Namimori, same thing.


(Next Day - 5: 40 AM)


Hotaru walked down the long hall way of th Air port. Hotaru sighed, and continued to walk, ignoring the other people around her.

She turned around the corner, and carried her luggage.

"Welcome to Namimori." She read the sign outloud that were by the doors quietly to herself.

"Heeh.." Hotaru smirked, as she left the airport.

"I've finally come here." She mumbled, staring at the bright sunlight while shielding her eyes from the brightness.

"Here I come, Vongola."


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