One by One


Chapter Two: Acting with Love.


(Hotaru's POV - 7:41 AM)


I walked down the street, wiping my eyes from the tiredness. I yawned quietly to myself, but froze when I heard a girls voice singing lightly.

"Natsuhiboshi, Why are you so red?" Her voice got quiet as she walked away.

"Because I had a sad dream last night..." I mumbled.

I paused, and quickly followed her, listening to her hum gently.

"Ara?" She paused and quickly turned around.

"Hmm.." She arched a brow, but shrugged, and continued walking on her way.

'That uniform belongs to Namimori Chuu.' I thought, and quickly tackled her, putting my hand over her mouth so she wouldn't scream.

I dragger her into an alleyway.

"Sorry, you seem like a nice girl, and I really don't want to do this, but I have no other choice." I mumbled in her ear.

"H-Hmm!" She struggled lightly, but them soon gave up.

"I sort or need your clothes." I coughed awkwardly.

"Hn?" She stared at me with wide eyes.

"Er, c- could we at least t- trade clothes?" I stuttered, taking off my jacket.

She stared at me like I'd grown an extra head or something, but then soon looked at my shirt, which had some random cute Asian Boy Band or whatever.

The girl sparkled, and nodded, intently staring at the shirt.

After changing clothes, I accidentally knocked her out by accidentally bashing her head against the hard brick wall.

"Tch, stupid girl." I smirked to myself, and continued on my way to the school.


"H- Hi, I- I'm the new st- student, H- Hotaru Akira." I stuttered, staring intently at the ground.

"Oh? New Student? I didn't hear anything about a new student..." The teacher mumbled, but shrugged.

"Well, no matter, welcome to Nami-Chuu, Akira-san." The older woman smiled.

"Ah- th- thank you.." I smiled back.

'Tch, why do teachers gotta be so nice. Er- well, most of them, anyways.' I thought, shaking my head inwardly.

"You may sit beside, Sawada-san." She said, pointing to the boy.

I blinked, 'Well, that was quick.' I thought, smiling and nodded, slowly walking to the empty seat beside the Mafia-Boss-to-be.

I sat down beside him, and watched him innocently write, with slight confusion.

"E- excuse me.." I stuttered.

"Hie?" The boy looked at me with his brown eyes.

"Umm, d- do you know what the answer to number 8 is?" I asked, looking at the ground dejectedly.

"E- eh!" He looked at me shocked.

"I- It's okay if you d- don't..." I mumbled, staring at my paper.

"I- I think it's.. umm.. 59?" He stuttered with swirly eyes.

'Wrong, it's 27...' I thought, twitching inwardly.

"O- Oh, thanks.." I smiled.

He blushed slightly, and quickly turned away, intently staring at his pencil.

I blinked, and slowly smirked, 'Well, I could certainly use this to my advantage.' I thought, and continued to write down the answers on the paper that I already knew.

I was so absorbed in my work that I didn't notice the pair of eyes staring at my back.


(Gokudera's POV)


I stared intently at the girl sitting beside Juudaime.

'She looks familiar...' I thought, and glared lightly. 'But where is she from?' I sighed and looked at my work which was complete.

I glanced at Juudaime, who looked like he was still struggling, but was okay.

'I wonder how Reborn-san teaches him...' I thought, sparkling lightly at the thought.

'... Wait, but then Juudaime says that Reborn-san's a Spartan Tutor? That probably means that he's really good at teaching Juudaime!' I thought, nodding to myself, smiling lightly.

I switched my staring back to the girl- Hotaru?... I stared at her face, which reminded me of someone a long time ago. Maybe when I was younger... and still in Italy...

'Maybe I met her before...' I thought, but quickly shook me head.

'Tch!' I went back to doing the work.


The bell signaling that class was over. I got up and walked over to Juudaime, staring at Hotaru out of the corner of my eye, but then adverted my sight to Juudaime.

"Juudaime! It's time for Science!" I said, grinning a little bit.

"Y- yeah." He smiled, grabbing his things and putting them in his bag.

"Ahaha, hello!" I turned and glared at the Yakyuu-baka who started to talk to the girl.

"E- eh?" She stuttered, staring as Yamamoto easily took her paper out of her hands.

"Hey! You have almost all the classes with us!" He grinned, giving the paper back to her.

'WHAT!' I exploded inwardly, 'But I get an eerie feeling around this stupid girl...' My thoughts trailed off once I saw Juudaime talking to her along with Yamamoto.



After Science class, it was lunch.

I walked with Juudaime and the Yakyuu-Baka up to the roof. Our usual eating spot. I turned and saw the girl following, but a little behind.

'Tch.' I sighed, and opened the door, and held it open for Juudaime, then walked to our spot.

"Ahaha, thanks Tsuna!" Yakyuu-Baka said, and in turn held it open for Hotaru.

'Speaking of Hotaru...' I thought, and searched my memory for a Hotaru.

"T- thank you." She said lightly, smiling at the Yakyuu-Baka.

"No problem! So where are you from?" He asked casually, as he sat down and pulled his lunch out.

"Eh? Oh- uh, from Italy." she said.

"I knew it!" I said loudly.

"Hiee!" Juudaime jumped from my random outburst.

"Knew what, G- Gokudera-kun?" He asked, staring at me with curiosity.

"Huh?.. Oh, that... the answer to... uhh, Pi is 3.1415926535897... and so on." I said, staring blankly.

"O- oh. I see?" He stared, but shrugged it off.

"Gokudera's from Italy too!" The baseball-brain said, grinning.

"Oh. Interesting?" She laughed softly, sweat dropping.

'So she is from Italy... Maybe I should search her up...' I thought, reaching for my cell in my pocket.

'Kah!' I glared, 'Shit, must'a left my phone at home.' I cursed inwardly.

"Juudaime! I'm terribly sorry, but I gotta go home for the rest of the day!" I said, standing and running out the door and down the flight of stairs.

I don't know why, but this seems very important to do...


(Hotaru's POV)


I watched as the Storm Guardian run down the stairs, and the door slamming behind him.

"Ah, it seems that I had forgotten my lunch..." I mumbled, staring at my bag.

"Hie?" The boss of the Vongola looked at me.

"I'll just go to the cafeteria, I'll be back!" I said, getting up and walking quickly out the door and down the stairs.

I saw silver disappear around the corner. And I followed it. I saw 'Gokudera-kun' running across the street, and so I ran across the street, following him from a safe distance.


(Tsuna's POV)


'Hiee...' I felt my face go red a little.

Hotaru Akira.

'That's a pretty name...' I thought, smiling ever so lightly.


"Hie?" I jumped from hearing Yamamoto call my name so suddenly. "Y- yes, Yamamoto?" I asked, staring.

"Do you like Hotaru-chan?" He asked, smiling.

"Hiiie!" I blushed, covering my cheeks. "N- no!" I stuttered, turning away.

"Ahaha, she has pretty eyes, don't you think? Nice shades of Dark blues and light blues!" he grinned, putting his hands behind his head.

I nodded slowly, "A- and her hair!... It's long." I finished awkwardly.

"Ahahaha! Yup!" Yamamoto smiled brightly. "The blue tips are really cool!" He said, admiring her hair inwardly.

"I wish my old man would let me dye my hair!" Yamamoto said, sparkling.

"Hie?" I blinked, and pictured Yamamoto with bright pink hair. "Waah!" I cried, shaking my head to rid myself of the image.


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