AU, Future fic

Blaine is 22, Kurt is 21

they have never met before

Explanations about Kurt and how he got his daughter will be given in the following chapters

OOC, I guess, allthough if this had happened, I think it's how they would have turned out to be, but just to be sure

DISCLAIMER: no I don't own glee, Kurt, Blaine or any of the original glee characters. I do however own little Luna :D at least, in my mind I do!


February 18th, 2015

"What can I get you sir?" Kurt smiled down at the beautiful man sitting at the table in front of him. Sure, he was used to serving good-looking customers. It was his job after all, and there was more than one good looking man present in Lima, Ohio.

There was something different about this one, though.

"Just a coffee please," the man answered politely, while looking up at Kurt.

Kurt tried to refrain from gasping. Those were the most beautiful hazel eyes he'd ever seen.

"Are you sure?" he questioned. "We have a breakfast special for only $4.99 that hasn't killed anyone yet this week."

The man smiled up at him, his eyes sparkling playfully. "Oh, and what's that?"

"Just your regular coffee with fresh scrambled eggs and some bread," Kurt replied, staring straight into the man's eyes.

"Sounds great."

Kurt nodded and wrote it down on his notepad before walking back towards the counter, passing the order to Santana, who whistled quietly.

"Hot stuff." She quirked an eyebrow and grinned at Kurt, who ducked his head and blushed slightly, trying to ignore the girl in front of him.

"You think he's gay?" she asked.

Kurt glanced back over his shoulder, looking at the man. He was wearing tight dark skinny jeans and a t-shirt, with a checkered shirt thrown over it. His hair was a styled mess. He had curls, but they were tamed, so Kurt was sure the man knew his hair products. Around his wrist were some bands. Not any real jewelry - more like something that looked like a friendship bracelet that young girls often made for each other and one of those rubber wristbands with text on it that had been quite popular a couple of years ago.

Kurt nodded shortly when Santana pushed the coffee and plate of eggs into his hands. 'Yes,' he mused to himself, 'this guy was probably gay.' Although you could never be sure of things like this. But his gaydar had improved massively since high school.

"There you go." He sat the plate down in front of the man and smiled. "Bon appétit."

The man looked up in surprise and Kurt could see a sparkle in his eyes. "Merci."

His heart fluttered. "Just call me when you need anything else. I'm Kurt."

The man nodded and repeated after him. "Kurt. I like that name."

Kurt blushed as he turned around to go back to the counter. It was a quiet Wednesday morning (rush always started around midday), and he sat on a barstool, smiling.

"You should put your number on his receipt." The Latina behind the counter grinned.

"Santana," he hissed and glanced at the man in question, hoping he hadn't heard.

"What?" She looked at Kurt appraisingly. "How long has it been since you've had some action?" She quirked her eyebrow at his lack of response. "My point exactly."

Kurt sighed and shook his head.

"Come on. He's cute, and between our two gaydars, there's a ninety-nine percent chance he's actually gay."

"You know I can't just go up and ask someone out. It's complicated." Kurt sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"You tired?" Santana asked gently.

Kurt merely shrugged. "Didn't sleep much. Luna had a bad dream and woke me up in the middle of the night, screaming her little lungs out."

Santana nodded in understanding.

"Dad never should have gotten her 'Monsters, Inc' for her last birthday." Kurt sighed again and glanced at his customer, who was now sipping at his coffee. He was handsome, and if it weren't for Luna, Kurt surely would've taken a shot.

"Okay, that's it," Santana mumbled and got out from behind her counter, strolling to the only occupied table. She stared down at the man with her hands on her hips and her head slightly tilted.

"Yes?" The men in question looked confused and glanced at Kurt, who was panicking, before looking back at the scary Latina in front of him.

"Here's the deal, Curly," she started. "My friend there," she nodded at Kurt, "doesn't have the guts to ask it himself. But he'd really like to go on a date with you."

"God, Santana, shut up!" Kurt came up behind her and pulled her away by her upper arm. "I'm really sorry. She doesn't have any boundaries."

The man in question chuckled and looked at Kurt. "Is she right, though?"

"What?" Kurt released his grip on Santana and stared at the man, mouth agape.

"Let me try this again." the man stood up and extended his hand towards Kurt, who accepted it numbly. "My name is Blaine, and if your friend here's right, I'd like to pick you up tonight at seven." He grinned at Kurt.

"Seven." Kurt repeated, Blaine's hand still grasped tightly in his own.

"Yes," Blaine smiled. "Just write your address down on the receipt and I'll pick you up." Blaine winked, and released Kurt's hand so he could sit down again, taking another sip of his coffee.

Kurt nodded, stunned. He took a deep breath and pushed Santana towards the counter.

She grinned smugly at him.

"I hate you," he mumbled.

"You won't hate me as much after you get laid," she replied and Kurt merely rolled his eyes in response.

"Carole!" Kurt hugged his stepmom when she walked through the door. "Thank you so much for doing this."

"It's no problem, Sweetheart." She returned the hug.

"Grandma!" A young girl emerged from her bedroom and threw herself around Carole's legs. She bent down to pick her up and placed a kiss on her cheek. "Hello there, Sweetie."

"You be nice to your grandmother, okay?" Kurt smiled at her.

"Yes, Daddy."

He looked at Carole and started to ramble, "I'm sorry I called you in at the last minute. I won't be out late though. You have my number, so call me if there's anything. The number of her pediatrician is on my fridge and I wrote down my own number put that one next to it, just in case. She already had dinner, but there are some cookies in the cabinet above the dishwasher she can have tonight and-"

"Kurt," Carole interrupted the torrent of words.

"Yes?" He looked at her concerned.

"I've watched my granddaughter before. Just go and have some fun tonight. You deserve it."

"Okay," Kurt took a deep breath and checked his watch. Ten minutes before seven. He should go downstairs in case Blaine was early.

He looked around the room. "Luna?"

"Yes?" The girl emerged from her room with a shoebox clutched against her chest. "Grandma, will you let me paint your nails? Daddy never lets me do his because he says his hands have to stay nice and clean for work." She frowned. "But I think they're nicer when they have a color on them."

Kurt looked fondly at his daughter. "Come here, Sweetie."

He smiled when Luna dropped the box she was holding and practically jumped into his arms.

"Kiss?" He giggled when she pressed one on his nose. "Remember; be nice to your grandma." She nodded. "And I love you."

"Love you more," she replied instantly.

"Love you most," he answered, putting her back on the ground. She immediately picked up her shoebox and started to unload the contents on the kitchen table. "I think I like pink or purple the best," she announced, "with glitter on top of it of course."

Kurt groaned and mouthed 'I'm sorry' at Carole. "There's nail polish remover in the bathroom."

She merely smiled and pushed Kurt out the door.

Kurt Looked surprised when Blaine pulled into the parking lot of McKinley High, his old school.

"I hope you don't mind," Blaine said. "I have to scout out all the local high school shows for some talent. And they play West Side Story here tonight."

Kurt couldn't help but smile. "I went to school here, actually."

"You did?" Blaine looked at him, surprised, and Kurt nodded.

"I played 'Officer Krupke' in our senior musical. It was the first year we did one." Kurt smiled fondly at the memory. He had wanted to play 'Tony', obviously, but having a six-month-old baby at home and playing the lead in the musical weren't exactly a killer combination.

"I saw you then," Blaine replied thoughtfully. "I came to see it. Wasn't Rachel Berry 'Maria'?"

Kurt nodded.

"She's great," Blaine commented. Kurt couldn't help but agree.

"I saw her a of couple weeks ago in Wicked on Broadway. Amazing voice. Perfect Elphaba."

"I haven't had the chance to go see her yet," Kurt answered. Again, a four-year-old and a trip to New York weren't the best combination. "But I've heard a lot about it."

"You two still friends?" Blaine questioned, while they both got out of the car.

Kurt nodded. "We talk occasionally. She's living the dream though, so she doesn't have much time for actually hanging out."

"I remember you as well," Blaine pondered for a moment. "Your voice was phenomenal."

"Thank you." Kurt smiled when Blaine held the door open for him before they entered the building. It felt weird, being here again after three years. With another man. On a date.

"Why didn't you get the lead?"

Kurt shrugged. "Too busy."

"Oh." An awkward silence fell between them as they entered the auditorium.

"Kurt!" someone suddenly called.

"Mr. Schuester!" Kurt smiled and hugged his former teacher.

"How are you?" the man questioned.

"Good, great actually." Kurt grinned.

"And how's Luna?"

Kurt's eyes widened in panic for a moment, before realizing Blaine probably had no clue what Mr. Schue was talking about.

"Great," he replied shortly. "Mr. Schue, this is Blaine." He changed the subject smoothly and gestured to the man standing next to him.

"Hey, nice to meet you." Mr. Shue shook Blaine's hand and frowned. "Blaine Anderson?"

"The one and only," Blaine responded.

Kurt frowned at Blaine. How did Mr. Schue knew his name?

"I work for Warbler Records, from Westerville," Blaine explained to him quickly. "My friends and I own this small record company."

Kurt nodded in understanding.

"Are you guys looking for new talent?" Mr. Schue asked.

Blaine nodded politely, "I remember seeing your first musical and I was blown away by it, so I thought: why not give them a shot."

"Well, we had some amazing talent that year." Mr. Schue patted Kurt on the shoulder. "I probably shouldn't tell my students you're here, though. It'll probably make them even more nervous."

"Probably," Blaine agreed.

"Well, enjoy the show," Mr. Schue said. "It was good to see you Kurt."

"Same here, Mr. Schue." Kurt hugged his former teacher goodbye.

"We should go sit down." Blaine grabbed Kurt's hand and led him to their seats in the front, not letting go of his hand even when they sat down.

"So," Kurt started, "Warbler Records. That's not from the Dalton Academy Warblers by any chance?"

"Yes," Blaine nodded, "my best friends, Wes and David started it when they graduated. I joined them last year."

"Were you a part of the Warblers, then?" Kurt asked and frowned when Blaine snorted. "What?"

"Um, I was their lead soloist." Blaine smiled and bit his lip.

"Oh." Kurt's eyes widened. "I think I remember you. Didn't we compete against you guys at Regionals when I was in my junior year? In 2010?"

"Yes," Blaine nodded. "If you were a part of the New Directions. Which I'm now assuming you were?"

Kurt hummed in agreement.

"You guys were great; you deserved to win."

A grin made its way to Kurt's face.

"Such a pity we never met back then." Blaine frowned. "How was Nationals that year in New York?"

"I didn't go," Kurt answered. He had been in the hospital for the birth of his daughter. "They placed twelfth."

"That's not bad," Blaine replied honestly. "It's a shame you didn't go though. They probably would have scored higher if you had."

Kurt blushed and ducked his head, looking at their intertwined hands.

"Oh, it's starting." Blaine beamed and focused his attention on the stage.

"So, I had a good time." Blaine smiled at him when they stopped in front of Kurt's apartment building and chuckled when Kurt quirked his eyebrows at him. "Okay, so the performance lacked talent, but the company was rather satisfactory."

Kurt ducked his head and bit his lip. He had to admit, he had fun. Blaine was easy to be around and he seemed to adore musicals as much as Kurt.

"The company was great," Kurt replied softly. He should not fall for him. It would be complicated. Too complicated. No twenty-two-year-old wanted to date a twenty-one-year-old with a four-year-old at home. "I would ask you in, but I have an early shift tomorrow." An early shift of waking his daughter, preparing her lunch and bringing her to school. His shift at the diner wouldn't start until nine.

"Oh." Blaine frowned but tried not to show his disappointment. "I get it."

'You really don't' Kurt thought, but smiled at him anyway. "So I'll see you around?" he opened the door.

Blaine nodded and shot him a dapper smile. "I enjoyed that breakfast special. Might come again for it sometime."

Kurt nodded and closed the car door. He put his key in the lock and opened his door. Before he entered his building he glanced back over his shoulder to see Blaine frowning in his seat. He was probably wondering why Kurt had shot him down after the wonderful evening they'd had. Kurt sighed. He hadn't wanted to, but it was for the best. Luna didn't need anything complicating her life any further.

His face softened at the thought of his daughter as he climbed the stairs and opened the door to his apartment, to be greeted by the sight of Carole sitting on his couch, reading his latest copy of Vogue.

"Hi," he whispered, not to wake his daughter.

"Hey, Hun." Carole looked up. "Had fun?"

Kurt nodded with a smile. "How was your evening?"

Carole extended her hand to show Kurt her bright pink nails covered with glitter and beamed. "Wonderful."

Kurt chuckled. "I told you I had nail polish remover in the bathroom."

Carole shrugged. "It made her so happy."

Kurt rolled his eyes fondly. "She always wants to paint my nails as well. And then she gets really upset when I tell her she can't do it because of my job."

"Well, what do you expect?" Carole grinned. "She is your daughter after all. I remember your dad telling me stories about how you used to steal your mothers nail polish to paint your toenails a bright red."

Kurt flushed in embarrassment and engulfed her in a hug. "Thanks again, Carole."

"If you need my babysitting services again, just give me a ring." She winked knowingly at him.

"Thanks, but it probably won't be too soon," Kurt answered.

"Oh, Honey, I'm sorry." Carole frowned at him.

Kurt merely shook his head, indicating he didn't want to talk about it. "Say 'Hi' to Dad for me."

"I will," Carole replied. "I'll see you guys Friday night for dinner?"

"We'll be there."

Yes, turning Blaine down had probably been for the best.

Kurt frowned when his doorbell sounded. Carole knew Luna was sleeping and she shouldn't ring. He buzzed her in and opened the door, turning to the closet to hang up his jacket.

He heard someone enter. "Did you forget something, Carole?" Kurt turned around and frowned. "Blaine?"

In front of him stood the men he had just spent the entire evening with.

"Kurt," Blaine breathed in deeply. "I came back because…" He bit his lip. "…because I would regret this, otherwise."

With that Blaine leaned in and pressed his lips against Kurt's.

All coherent thoughts flew out of Kurt's mind.

Don't fall for this guy, it'll get too complicated soon. Don't give in to temptation. Think of her!

None of that mattered when Blaine lips pressed against his own and Kurt's arms wrapped around Blaine's neck.

He gasped and his heart fluttered when he could feel Blaine softly sucking at his bottom lip, bodies pressed close together, Blaine's arms around his waist and hips pressed against his own. Kurt could feel himself reacting to the touch. It had been long, too long since he'd been close with someone and it was affecting him more than it should.

"Blaine," Kurt gasped and pulled back slightly, only to be attacked by Blaine's mouth again. Open-mouthed kisses were pressed to his jaw, his neck, his exposed collarbone.

His fingers curled in Blaine's hair and tangled themselves there., pulling at the curls slightly. He stretched his neck to give Blaine better access, and a moan escaped from his mouth when Blaine started sucking on the spot between his clavicle and his neck.

He felt Blaine pressing his hips into his own and groaned when he realized that Blaine was just as aroused by this as he was. He could feel Blaine's erection against his body and rolled his hips slightly, shuddering at the delightful at the feeling.

Blaine's lips reattached themselves to his own, and Kurt opened his mouth immediately, sucking Blaine's tongue into his mouth.


Kurt turned around abruptly and looked at the girl standing in the doorway between the living room and her own room, one hand clutching a ragdoll and the other one rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Luna." Kurt took a deep breath to calm himself down and held out his arms.

His daughter immediately ran into them and laid her head in the crook of his neck.

"Shouldn't you be asleep?" he whispered against her blond locks, one hand combing through them.

"You didn't read my bedtime story yet," she whined.

"Didn't Grandma read one for you?" Kurt questioned, his eyes flickering momentarily to Blaine, biting his bottom lip when he saw a look of confusion crossing the other man's face.

Luna merely shrugged. "It's not you."

"Okay, Sweetie, I'll read you one story," Kurt gave in. "But then you have to go to sleep, okay? You have school in the morning."

Luna's head shot up and she nodded enthusiastically, practically bouncing in Kurt's arms.

"Okay." She looked at her daddy with bright eyes and then frowned when she saw the stranger standing a few feet behind him. "Hello."

"Hi," Blaine waved at her and shot her a half smile.

Kurt turned around and looked at Blaine, disappointment coursing through his body. This was it. Blaine knew now, and probably would make up the best excuse he could to defend his behavior from earlier and leave.

But Blaine wasn't talking, he was just looking around the apartment awkwardly, not sure what to do.

Kurt sighed and nodded at the couch. "Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back."

And with that he walked into his daughter's room with Luna still in his arms, wishing that Blaine would just quietly disappear while he put his daughter to bed and spare him the awkward conversation that was surely to follow.

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