The sequel is up!

It's called 'More Than Three' and you can find it on my profile.

For anyone that is interested; I had a blast in NY. I fell in love with Broadway. If anyone of you ever goes to NY, PM me and I'll give you loads of good places to go. Definitely go to Broadway. I saw Wicked, and I cried the whole time.

Some review replies I couldn't answer privately for various reasons.

LP: Thank you! I still can't believe this story is the favorite of so many! Ugh, I love you! Thanks. And I had a blast in New York!

Linkindenka: thanks! I actually had 'It's Not Just Us' in mind :) great minds think alike ;) I did end up with a different title though…

Han Han123: I would have replied, but you have PM disabled. Anyway, thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it! And yeey, sequel!

Frances: you have no idea how much I love reading my reviewers. It makes me feel appreciated.
I didn't have much rest between the stories, since I went to NY :) I can't promise weekly updates. I try, and until now I succeeded, but yeah, you never know. Thank you so much for your weekly reviews and I hope to see you at the sequel! X

Valia: thank you, that's so sweet!

gOthliZard78: You have PM disabled, so I couldn't privately reply to you. I wouldn't have minded if you reviewed every chapter, but a long review is also nice :D I'm glad you liked Luna. I tried to make her as believable as possible. Little kids are cute, but they can also be annoying sometimes. I hope you'll enjoy the sequel!

Thanks for all you sweet reviews! I hope to see you all at the sequel.