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Usui groaned as Misaki kneeled beside him.

"Takumi." She whispered, horrified at the sight. She held back her tears as she dug for her phone. As her right hand found her phone, her left was grabbed by a weak and trembling hand.

She didn't look down at Usui, afraid she would start crying, but she squeezed his hand and dialed for an ambulance. After she had shut her phone she finally looked down at Usui. Her breathing hitched for a moment.

To say that he looked awful would be the understatement of the decade. His blonde hair was stained crimson; he was scratched up from the road, his clothes torn, and his body dirty and bloody. And yet he was smiling. It was a smile to reassure Misaki, to calm her, to make her feel better. And that's when she lost it.

"Stop trying to make me feel better you stupid alien!" She screamed as tears streamed down her face. "Why do you have to always try to protect me?" She was sobbing now, something she didn't normal do. But she was terrified, another thing she tried to avoid.

The last time she was this scared was when he jumped off the school roof, when he was trying to protect HER reputation. She was also worried when her hurt himself protecting HER at the footman audition. Or how about when he hurt himself at the beach, again to protect HER! She was sensing a pattern.

"Shhh, come-on Prez. It's ju-st a scr-atch." He gasped. Misaki looked down at him.

He painfully brought his other hand to her face and laid it against her cheek. She leaned into his warm hand, wanting this all to be a dream.

"I'll catch when you fall, remember?" He chucked lightly, but his laughter become coughs.

"Stop talking you idiot!" She yelled as she put a hand over his mouth. "Damn it where is that ambulance." She added, removing her hand.

"Misa d-"

"Stop talking!" Misaki said giving him a death glare, her demon aura spilling out of her. Usui couldn't help but smile, even though he was in a great deal of pain.

"You are allowed to let me fall. If it saves you then-" Misaki said but was cut off when Usui's hand tensed on her face and she could actually here him growly softly.

"Never." He said sternly.

He watched as another tear dropped from her face.

"Hmmm, you're so cute, even when you're crying." Usui said with a small smile as he wiped away her tears with his hand. Misaki couldn't help but blush.

She heard sirens in the distance and sighed with relief.

"There almost here Takumi." She said softly as she rubbed his face tenderly. Usui smiled slyly.

"I should get hit more often if it gets you to touch me more." He said is a seducing tone, managing not to gasp or wheeze. She blushed and scowled.

"Idiotic Usui." She mumbled, reverting back to his last name. But she was relieved. If he could make perverted jokes, then he would be alright. That didn't make her feel any less guilty though.

She was still staring at Usui as the actions that happened only minutes before kept playing through her brain.

"There was a boom." Misaki said suddenly look down the street. Usui watched Misaki's tense face, her gold eyes still shined with the tears she had cried for him. It made his heart burst to see her cry for him. Or that could be the blood loss.

Misaki concentrated on her memories. There was definitely a boom. Like a tire popping. Then it hit Misaki.

"There is no way he hit you and didn't get hurt." She said, her voice becoming darker.

"Misa." He said in a warning tone. He was trying his hardest to keep his eyes open, because if he shut them he was afraid. Afraid she wouldn't be there, because he knew what was going through Misaki's brain.

"Usui, that boom was a tire popping, he couldn't ride the bike. And if he is hurt, he probably couldn't have gone far." She said as she laid her gaze back on her boyfriend.

She started to rise, hoping the ambulance would get there soon.

"I'm going to make that bastard pay!" She hissed. Usui reached for her arm, and to her surprise, pulled her back down with such force that she squeaked in surprise. The action made Usui groan in pain, but he didn't care.

"Usui, you're hurt, what are you-"

"You're not leaving me." He said with the same stern voice as before. The sirens were louder now. Misaki combed her fingers through his hair. She gasped slightly when they came into contact with blood.

"I'm not leaving you." She assured him, but he knew better.

"You are not going to find him!" He said, practically yelling, which was rare for him. He never raised his voice to Misaki. Usui was coughing fiercely when the ambulance pulled up.

"Shhh. It's going to be okay Takumi, they're here now. You're going to be fine." She said, assuring herself more than him. He didn't look too good now. He was even paler; more blood loss, and was coughing and sputtering worse than before. Misaki wasn't afraid, she was terrified!

The ambulance screeched and two men started to get out. Misaki started to get out of their way, but Usui in a desperate attempt to keep her beside him, pulled her down so that she was practically laying on him and wrapped both of his arms around her. A startled Misaki used on off her arms to hold her up, so she wasn't crushing him, but the other slipped behind his back.


But Usui cut her off, using his remaining strength to speak quickly. The pain was becoming too much and he didn't know how much longer her could stay awake for.

"This was no random accident Misaki. This was a hit, don't go chasing trouble." Usui's voice was dark and laced with concern. She heard Usui be concerned before, but this was different.

"Miss, we need to get him to the hospital." One of the EMT's (A/N- Don't know if that's what they call them in Japan. Sry.) said to Misaki.

Misaki pushed herself up just far enough so she could see his face. His eyes were half shut, his skin pale, but his face as a whole looked worried. Once again he was trying to protect her. She was going to be the death of him, and she knew it.

She gave the smallest of smiles and tears welled in her eyes. "I'm not going anywhere stupid alien." She whispered an attempt to calm him, even though it wasn't working on her. She leaned and gave him a small kiss on his lips.

He could taste the fear and anguish in her kiss, but it ended quickly as she broke his embrace, (which wasn't hard at this point) and let the EMT's do their job.

"You're a sly one Prez." Usui said as she got out of the way. She let out a tearful chuckle.

My fault. It's all my fault. The words have been repeating themselves over and over in her head ever sense she saw his body. And what have she done for him? Nothing. She never did anything for him but hit, yell, scream, call him names. She felt not only like the worse girlfriend in history, but the worse human.

He said this was a hit? Like in the movies? She thought as she she watched the EMT's bring out equipment. Who would want to kill either of them? Sure she and Usui would piss people off, but never to the point of wanting either of them killed. Right?

They were lifting him on to a gurney now. Usui, groaned in pain when the lifted him on to it, and Misaki flinched. It was too much watching the pain he was in. The guilt was killing her.

She watched his eyes trying to close, it scared her. All of the emotions; anger, grief, guilt, scared, they were all killing her. Tears were gliding down her face.

She had teared up from time to time, but hardly ever cried. Not like this anyway. The last time she cried this bad was when her father had left her, Suzana, and their mother. Now it was like the tears had a mind of their own, they wouldn't stop.

Usui was about to be lifted into the ambulance when he grabbed one of the EMT's shirt. The guy leaned down as Usui whispered something into his ear. The guy smiled and nodded, and then they lifted Usui in.

The guy Usui had talked to ran over to Misaki, while the other one ran into the driver's side of the ambulance.

"You have to come with me." The EMT said to Misaki as he grabbed her hand and pulled her over. Misaki stumbled, shocked by the actions. "He said 'I can't go anywhere without my maid.'" The EMT said, actually chuckling as he helped Misaki up.

Misaki gave an angry snort at what Usui had called her as they both got into the back of the ambulance.

"You idiot! I said never to call me that! I'd smack if you weren't-" But she stopped herself realizing that she already caused his enough pain. But Usui smirked at her anyway.

She heard a door shut, and felt them go into full motion. She also felt something cold grab her hand.

"Your hand is freezing." She muttered, taking both of her hands and rubbed his repeatedly, trying to warm him up. She looked up to see Usui had closed his eyes. She gave a frightened gasp, afraid of the worst. But a weak but cocky tone calmed her down.

"That's nice Misa." He said. Misaki blushed and huffed but didn't yell at him. She was glad he was speaking. "My chest is kind of cold too." He added.

Even with his eyes shut he knew she was blushing, she could feel the heat rise from her cheeks. He listened to her heavy breathing, her sputtering. He knew what was coming next, and gave a small smile.

"You perverted idiot! Watch what you say you alien!" She said, trying not to yell to loud. The EMT chuckled quietly.

"Oh Juliet, how could you be so cruel to your Romeo?" He said with a wheeze. She gave his hand a tight squeeze (the same as hitting him) and he laughed slightly. She couldn't understand how a guy so in pain could still be so calm and cool.

Usui still hadn't open his eyes and his breathings were becoming short and hitched. The pain was horrible; Misaki could tell .Misaki removed on of her hands from his and began brushing her fingers across his face, lingering on his eyelids. She brushed the side of face and then laid her hand against his cheek.

She then leaned close so she could whisper in his ear. "I am so sorry." She knew it was the lamest thing to say, but it was all she could do. She was either sorry or thanking him. She leaned her forehead against the edge of the gurney and let her tears hit the floor.

"I'm not." He muttered, making her lift her head so she could look at him. He had opened his eyes and his emerald eyes gazed into her amber ones. She saw no resentment, no anger, if anything she saw happiness. He was happy it wasn't her.

Misaki took a breath of air, trying to stop her tears. He smiled at her and then closed his eyes again.

Must be too much to even keep his eyes open. She thought gloomily, guilt again washing over her. She leaned close to him again.

"Keep your eye's closed all you want, but if you don't open them back up, I swear Takumi, I will make your afterlife so miserable, you'll think you're in hell." She muttered darkly. Her worst fear at this point was whenever he closed his eyes, they weren't going to open. So what did she do best? Being a demon president of course, and scaring every boy to do her bidding.

Usui chuckled, coughed, and chuckled again.

"Don't worry Prez, aliens don't die that easily." He said with his eyes closed. She actually laughed. It wasn't a loud one, or a hearty one, but it was a laugh. It was music to Usui's ears.

"Besides" he said squeezing her bottom hand with his own. "We're going to the zoo next Sunday, don't want to miss that!" He added. Misaki gave a snort as she brought her hand back to lay on top of his, and began rubbing it affectionately.

The ambulance came to a screeching halt.

Usui gave a squeeze as the door opened. He finally opened his eyes and gazed at Misaki so intently, it felt like he was staring into her soul. It made Misaki shiver.

"I'm begging you Misaki don't leave me." Usui said with a slight tremble. She had no idea his hidden meaning. Of course she had no idea half of what he knew.

"I'll be next to you when you wake up, I promise." She told him as she squeezed his hands. "I won't go looking for trouble; I'll even make someone go home with me." She added as she let go and jumped out of the ambulance so that the EMT's could get him out.

A team of nurses and doctors had run out to meet them. When Usui was out of the ambulance, the EMT who had grabbed her waved her back over.

"Don't go far." Usui said. She knew he had to get into the hospital NOW! But she also knew he wouldn't if he didn't know she was safe. Stalkers could be so possessive.

"I'm just going home to change." She said, holding back tears. She couldn't explain it, but with his blood all over her, it made the situation more real.

She than laid a kissed on a cut on one of the scratches on his forehead. "But I promise I will come back." She said giving him a reassured smiled.

He would have argued with her but now the pain was too great. He was having a hard time feeling his legs. But he was also terrified that she wouldn't be there when she wake up.

"You better be Misa." He said. She got out of the way and let the doctors to their job.

She had never seen Takumi that worried. He was inches from death and here was scared about her. Something didn't add up. If she wasn't so grief stricken she would have tried to piece the puzzle together.

She felt numb. She stood by the entrance to the hospital, just frozen. She was too scared to go in, and yet she didn't want to go home. Even though she was covered in blood, she didn't want to leave Takumi. She felt awful, pathetic, useless.

She thought about calling someone, but how would she explain how Usui was in the hospital. How could she tell all the people the cared about him that it was her fault?

So she just stood there.

"Misaki?" A familiar voice called to her. She looked up to see her mother coming towards her.

"Mom? What are you doing here?" She asked her mother in a hoarse voice, as she came closer.

"I got called in for a shift earlier and just got done. Honey are you okay? Are you hurt?" She asked, fear in her voice for seeing her daughter covered in blood.

Misaki shook her head, trying so hard to hold in tears. She had no clue her body could hold this many tears. Her mother most of being changing or something otherwise she would have seen them bring Takumi in.

"Not mine." She said in a shattered breath. "Ta-kumi." She said as her voice broke. Her mother understood and wrapped her arms around her daughter, and let Misaki sob into her shirt.



Minako had brought a crying Misaki back to the house to change. She hadn't seen her daughter this upset since the day that her husband had broken all of their hearts.

As soon as Suzana had seen the state her big sister was in, she ran upstairs to draw a hot bath, then came back down stairs to start some tea.

When the bath was ready Misaki walked like a zombie person to the bathroom, undressed and soaked herself. She was completely cried out, so now all she did was think.

Takumi had said a hit. It made no sense to her. He was hiding something from her. But she wasn't so much worried about that. She would make him spill later. If there was a later.

Don't think like that! He is a fighter! She knew this, but it didn't make it any easier for her. She sunk deep into the rub, let the hot water consume her. She knew she should be at the hospital, she felt awful for leave him. He wouldn't leave her for anything.

She was horrible, pitiful, hopeless, vicious, evil, and the list went on and on. And yet the thought of going there and waiting in the cold stone hospital was even worse. Hospitals were full of fear and grief.

She finally got out of the tub, dried herself off, and went and changed. She came down stairs a few minutes later wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and a hoody over top. Underneath her hoody she was wearing the necklace that Takumi had given her when they entered the contest. She knew it was stupid, but she felt like a piece of him was with her.

She decided she had enough time with wallowing. She was going to see Takumi.

Her mom and sister were sipping tea in the kitchen when she came in to say goodbye.

"Honey are you sure you don't want to sleep first? I called the hospital, he is still in surgery. He won't be up for hours." She said to her daughter. Misaki look exhausted, but shook her head.

"No, I already wasted enough time here; I never should have left him to begin with." She said, as she walked to the door. "I have my cell phone, love you!" She called as she ran out the doors.

It was pitch black outside, since it was close to midnight. The only lights came from the few street lamps. She hadn't bothered with any of her school work and for the first time ever, she didn't give a damn!

She walked out of the gate and gaze to her right, the direction to the hospital. It was only feet in that direction where earlier she and her boyfriend were walking hand in hand. Then it was minutes after that when her boyfriend was hurt while she was unharmed.

Then she gazed to her left. That was the direction the jackass went. It was in that direction where he went with a popped tire. He must have been injured. She didn't think the driver would still be there, but maybe he or she left a jack or dropped a clue of some sort.

'Don't go looking for trouble.' A voice flitted through her head.

"Takumi." She whispered to herself. Even when he wasn't there he was still trying to protect her.

She balled her hands into fists as anger surged through her.

He had no problem risking his wellbeing for her, why should she the good little girl? Why is it that he could throw her out of harm's way, but she couldn't beat up the son of a bitch? She couldn't protect what was hers?

"Sorry Usui." She murmured to herself and went left.



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