The Rush

[Warning: this is a recording someone found and we are replaying for evidence; from England]


"I have no idea why im recording but Natalie over here wants to be evidence if we ever die. but somethings you should know:

1. we are cousins

2. i am half watcher, and half bleeder

3. she is a pusher, and part bleeder (its in our blood)

4. we might have to stop: we are being hunted at this very moment.

5. I have black, straight hair, normally i wear black combat boots, a T-shirt and dark colored pants.

6. natalie has blonde, long hair, wears bright colors, and the same black boots

"uh... oh...- okay they are coming! hurry put it in your pocket! hurry! hide, keep it on though."

Leaves rustled in the bushes as they got in. Natalie jumped when she heard the creature coming through the big pine could smell its breathe. its blood, body smelling mouth opened as it roared a sound so high pitched it would've broken your ear drums if they weren't half bleeder. It was getting closer and we had no defense. we held our breath and waited. It looked through multiple bushes. we didnt have time to run.

chapter Glossary

Pusher: pushes thoughts, memories, or experiences into others' minds (push-er)

Bleeder: makes high pitched noise that makes ears bleed

Watcher: sees the future