"Love you, Scaramouche," Galileo whispered into the darkness, his arm reaching out and finding her waist, tugging her into the warm contours of his body. He felt more than heard the red head in his arms sigh contentedly.

"Love you too, Gaz," Scaramouche whispered in reply. Her eyes fluttered closed as her fingers lay against her lover's chest, feeling the steady heart beat coming from within. A smile flitted across her features as she reflected on the day.

Gaz had attempted to do something romantic for her in the hopes that she would forgive him for their latest argument. He had disappeared for several hours on end leaving Scaramouche absolutely fuming until he had returned, gently tugging on her hands and begging her to come with him. Reluctantly, she had followed all the while ranting on how he had just left her after their argument without even bothering to try and fix it. He had shushed her and just as she was about to yank her hand from his and stalk back to the Heartbreak in a huff, they had rounded a corner and reached their destination, stealing every word from her mouth.

It was beautiful. Galileo had found the van where they had confessed their feelings for one another and pushed it into a clearing in the woods. A large willow tree hung over the open side of the van, tiny paper lanterns intertwined around some of the branches. Gaz had thrown a blanket over the bonnet of the van and a bottle containing some red liquid sat in the middle. It was beautifully romantic, and whilst a side of Scaramouche wanted to rebel over how girlythis all was, her softer side appealed to the romance of it all. Galileo had slid her hand into his, giving it a quick squeeze before his usual vivacious energy burst forth and he was suddenly explaining the paper lanterns and the bottle and the blanket and all Scaramouche could do was cross the distance between them and kiss him softly, stopping the influx of words.

A while later, they lay together on the bonnet of the van, their bodies intertwined so closely it was hard to tell where Scaramouche started and Galileo ended. The bottle of red liquid had been consumed fairly quickly and the red head began to feel herself drifting into the land of sleep as her lover whispered the secret lyrics to her. The next thing she remembered was a strong pair of arms lift her easily and carry her to the inside of the van, carefully placing her down before the other side of the mattress dipped as Gaz slid in beside her.

Scaramouche couldn't help but laugh quietly as she desperately tried to remember what they had been arguing about that had led to this beautiful apology. She tilted her neck up, the tips of her hair brushing against Galileo's jaw as he looked down and into her big brown eyes as if sensing she had something to say.

"Thank you," she managed to tell him, her eyes watering slightly and she inwardly cursed herself at this outward display of affection. The brunette smiled at her, reaching down to wipe her eyes for her.

"No, thank you," he paused, his fingers tracing her jaw, "I know I drive you crazy sometimes, but you never let me get away with it and you always put me straight. I need you, more than I've ever needed anyone in my life," he paused again, letting his eyes betray his emotions "Never leave me," he whispered.

Scaramouche was at a loss for what to say. His words had affected her more than she would ever let on, because the truth was, she knew exactly what he meant. She needed him for the exact reasons he had just laid out as to why he needed her. It was a two way system which was probably why they worked so well together. She lived for him, she breathed for him and now she knew that he did exactly the same. So it was with great emotional understanding, that Scaramouche looked into her lovers eyes and told him:

"As if I evercould."