Do you believe in ghosts? You haven't? Well, if you had seen what I just seen, you would have believed in ghosts too.

It was just pass midnight. I sat by my computer and tried to get done with an essay for school. At first I didn't notice it, but when I did I frowned.

It was quiet, too quiet. Usually I could hear the highway from my house, but now I couldn't at all. Even the streets were quiet, that was even weirder because my house was beside a little club where it always was fighting or music playing. Carefully I walked towards the window, trying to not wake my dog, Rupert, that slept on the floor.

When looked out of the window I gasped. On the street it was a crowd. They followed a figure, it was a woman. She wore a big, grey cloak. The hood made it difficult to see how she looked like, but I knew she was a woman because of her dark purple dress and long, black curls. Her long dress almost made it looked like she was drifting. In her hand she had a torch. It glowed fuzzy in the dark.

I wondered what it was. Was it a weird festival or something? But then I started to study the crowd more. They also wore grey cloaks, but I could see their faces. Their faces were grey too and they looked half invisible, you could almost see straight through them.

When the crowd passed my house Rupert suddenly started to bark, loud and angry. He was jumping up and down and barked towards the window. I tried to calm him down, but he kept barking. I sighed and looked out the window again. I jumped when I saw that the leader looked at me. She had piercing, green eyes. Her face was beautiful; pale and with high cheekbones. She met my eyes and smiled a cold smile. I tried to look away, but I couldn't, then she looked away again.

My heart was beating hard and I looked back at the crowd. One figure in the crowd was smaller than the others. It looked like a woman. She had long, grey hair and had smile lines. I almost fainted, it was my grandmother, but she died when I was nine. How could she be a part of this crowd?

The room suddenly turned cold. When the crowd was out of sight the sounds came back, the music from the club and the sounds from the highway. I to bed shaking. I never got done with the essay.