Previously on Hellcats: Marti and Julian spend the night together. The Hellcats goes to nationals and bumps into a numerous of problems, causing them to forfit. Savannah step down from her place as a captain and give it to Alice. Meanwhile, Marti answer Deidre's phone and realize it's Rex, their father. Putting two and two togehter, she understand Deidre have been keeping contact with Rex, causing Marti to run away.

Small recap. This is my alternative version of how season two would have begun.

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Friends, lovers or nothing
There can only be one
Friends, lovers or nothing
There'll never be an in-between, so give it up

As Marti rode her bike across town, she thought of how everything had gotten so screwed up. Her relationship with Dan, almost losing Savannah, cheating on Lewis, get to know she had a sister, learning about her dad, and last but not least, learning Deidre had been keeping contact with Rex, which meant she had lied, again.

Why did everyone have to lie about Rex?

Marti didn't realise she had gone to Julian's until she stood on his doorstep. But she doesn't have anywhere to go right now. Wanda's wasn't an option, there was no way she was bringing this Rex-issue up with her. She's been through enough as it is. Julian was all she got right now and she needed him.

Marti knocked on the door twice, waiting for him to open. When she saw him in the doorway, the tears she fought so hard from falling, fell. It was all punching her in the chest at the same time, making it more than she could handle. Her breath became ragged and shallow, and her knees wouldn't hold her anymore. She felt Julian's strong arms catch her when she fell forward, lifting her up against his chest. Without a word, he carried her inside and sat down with her on the couch.

Weird as it was, Marti felt calm in his arms. And when he asked her what was wrong, she told him everything that had happened earlier than night. Beginning to end, from Deidre to Rex. Julian stroke her hair and whispered sweet comforting words in her ear. A deep sigh escaped Marti's lips as she settled her head down on his chest.

It was then she noticed the table was set for dinner. But not only for Julian, it was set for two. Wine glasses, candles, a bottle of wine. What was going on here? Was he expecting someone?

"Are you expecting someone?" Marti asked, rubbing the salty leftover from her tears from her eyes.

"Um.." Julian was looking rather uncomfortable and Marti noticed the small pearls of sweet on his forehead before they really appeared.

"Oh my God. You're expecting her, aren't you?" Marti tangled herself out of Julian's arms, a feeling of betrayal and disbelief hit her. How could she have missed it? The darkened room, the table, the setting, it was all there.

"It's not what you think."

"Really? I think it's pretty clear. I thought you were getting a divorce."

"I am, it has just been a few complications along the way. We were suppose to figure them out tonight, over dinner."

"Correction: a romantic dinner."

"That is not what this is."

"Whatever." Marti was tired of being lied to. Her mom, her sister, now Julian. No wonder she had trust issues.

Marti collected her jacket and went for the door.

"Marti, wait. Don't leave like this. Let's talk about it."

"There is really nothing to talk about." She opened the door and took one last look at Julian before backing outside. He was right after her, following her down the street. Tears spilled over again. She hadn't cried this much for years, not since Wanda told her about her Rex. She stopped suddenly and turned around, looking him right in the eyes.

"You know, you're the one who is suppose to always tell me the truth, and I never expected any less from you. I was stupid to think what we had was real, that you actually cared about me."


"No, Julian, you know what? Why don't you go back to that little family of yours, and I go back to me. And I will see you in class, monday morning. Okay, professor? Okay." She gestured with her hands, making a point before she turned on her heels and ran down the street, not really paying any attention to the traffic. All she wanted was to get as far away from this place as could. Her head was spinning and she felt as if she was being suffocated.

As she ran out into the street, Julian's voice rang in her ears. "Marti, look out!" Marti stopped in her tracks, watching the car coming towards her approach in slow motion. It felt like she was in a movie, everything around her were moving slowly, until the last few seconds, when everything sped up to its normal pace. Marti closed her eyes and waited. This it it, she thought. She was going to die.

As the car hit her, pictures of her life flashed through her mind - of Dan, Wanda, Savannah, the squad, Julian. Mostly of Julian. Their first kiss, them playing guitar together in Cheertown, their first dance, their night together. It was all rushing back to her and as she hit the ground, everything went silent. She could hear the distant sound of breaks shrieking to an halt and people screaming. She could feel Julian's hands stroking her over her cheek and his voice in her ear. But everything was becoming more and more distant, and before she had the chance to understand what had really happened, she was embraced by the emptiness of nothing.

A cold, silent place of nothing.

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Song used: John Mayer - Friends, Lovers or Nothing