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A month and a half had passed since Marti was released from the hospital, only a few bruises and healing cuts left as a reminder of the accident. Savannah had visit her every day, both at the hospital and at her house, bringing her assignments from school and giving her updates on all the daily things - like fashion, boys, cheerleading, even Julian had come up a few times.

Savannah had told Marti about his divorce becoming final and that he had been a free man for a little over two weeks. Marti was surprised, and a little bit hurt when he hadn't come to see her, or given her a call. She doubted he would want to continue their relationship after her ice cold response at the hospital, but she remembered that she specifically told him she needed a break from him until he was 100 percent divorced. So why hasn't he tried to reach out?

A sigh escaped her lips as she laid restless and still on her bed. Tomorrow would be her first day back in school after the accident and she wasn't sure whether to be excited or not. She had got the clear about coming back to practice and was glad she would be able to cheer again. Somehow, cheerleading had been Marti's escape point from all the drama in her life.

No matter how good it would feel to back, she also dreaded the moment she would walk into Julian's classroom and have to sit at the front of the room and watch him. Look into his sparkling eyes, see how his mouth move so lightly and the way he use his hands to explain something, how the sun reflected in his hair, how he would wrinkle his nose when someone answered a question wrong. Another sigh escaped her lips, maybe she should call him?

Without any thought, Marti had dialed Julian's number and brought the phone up to her ear. Her heart sped up and a little part of her wished he wouldn't pick up the phone. What would she say? That she was sorry? That she was ready to get back with him now when he was no longer a married man? That she was hurt that he didn't call her when it was finale? That she missed him?

Her breath got stuck in her throat when he answered the phone, politely presented himself to the caller. All the things she had thought about saying was gone. Her mind was empty.

"Hello?" Julian's voice echoed in her ear.

Say something, her mind yelled at her. She heard Julian's sharp inhale on the other side.

"Marti?" Her mind was spinning now.

"Ye-yes. Hi."

"How are you?" She closed her eyes at the sound of his voice. She had missed hearing it, badly.

"I'm great." She rolled her eyes at herself, "well, as great as I can be."

"Good. That's good."

"I heard your divorce got final." Marti said.

Julian sighed on the other side, but stayed quiet. A few seconds passed before Marti spoke again, "So I'm pretty excited about coming back to school tomorrow. And to your class."

"I'm not holding it anymore."

"What? Why?"

"Look Marti, I can't really talk right now. I'm busy."

"But.." Click.

Marti stared at the phone in disbelief. Did Julian just hang up on her? She tried calling him a few times more but only got to voice mail. What had gone so completely wrong in the past 6 weeks?

~ The next morning ~

"Are you ready for your first day back?" Savannah asked me as we stood outside the building. Truth was, I wasn't. I hadn't slept anything last night. All I could do was think of Julian and try to figure out what had gone wrong. Why wasn't he holding his class anymore? Was it because of me?

"We've some really cool new rutines we're going to show you at practice today. Which starts at 4pm, btw, so don't be late!" She practically yelled at me when the bell rang and she started running towards her end of the house.

I walked towards the classroom where Julian's old class would be held and took a seat at the back of the classroom. I was no longer going to sit at the front, when Julian no longer would be at the front as well.

As students walked in, they all greeted me, saying they were glad I was okay and that I was back.

"I apologize for being late." A dark male voice suddenly called out as he walked in. He put his bag down on the table, just like Julian would have and turned his back towards us to write his name on the board. "My name is David McSly. I will be your teacher for the rest of the year."

I wrinkled my nose, not only at the fact that he would be the new teacher, but also at the fact that he had food stains on his shirt. Disgusting.

As soon as he started talking, my thoughts drifted elsewhere. To Julian. Why hadn't he told me he wasn't holding this class anymore? Was he just going to let me have walked into this room this morning, thinking he would too, only to find that he wouldn't? Only to see that Mr. Stain-On-His-Shirt would be in his place? I couldn't believe it. I made a mental note to go by his apartment on my way home to find out what's going on.

"Ms Perkins?" Sigh. "Ms Perkins, what is the answer?"

Confused, I looked at Mr. McSly. "I.. Uh, I don't know."

"You don't know?" he asked, "You don't know? Have you not been listening? What have..." My mind drifted elsewhere again as Mr McSly told me off in front of everybody. I sighed, this was going to be a long semester. Especially without Julian.

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