Can you guess what I don't own? Anyway, the was just in my head so I thought I would write it. I don't know if I should continue or not.

His hands had gone numb from the cold, despite his lower body temperature, and his fingers were stiff from working steadily for so long. The rain was still falling heavily on him and the devastation; it had been nine hours since the quake and seven hours since it had started to rain. He sighed, knowing he couldn't go on any longer without a break, and Donna, wherever she was, would defiantly need one too. He was thankful that they had daylight for twelve hours here or night would be adding to the list of problems. He found the strength to raise his hand to slick back his hair and he winced when his fingers ran over a spot on his hairline. He pulled his hand back down and noticed that the rain was tinted pink on his palm and fingers.

9 hours earlier

"So what is it called again?" Donna asked as he finished landing the TARDIS.

"Ashayfala," he told her again with a smile. "It is really pretty this time of year. I thought that we could just take a walk. No running, no danger." The last few days had been rough and long, and after she had slept off the worst, he wanted to take her somewhere that she could just relax.

"Are you just clearing your throat and pretending it's a planet name?"

He chuckled. "No, and if we see any locals I wouldn't mention that."

"So who are the locals?" She asked him as he was pulling his coat on.

"Human and the Ash are the largest population. And the most likely to be seen in the field outside of the city." He walked to the door with her just behind him.

Sticking his head out he paused causing Donna to bump into him. He sniffed deeply and then frowned, and let out a low curse in a language she wouldn't understand. He didn't know why he was so horrible at time if he was supposed to be the Lord of it, unless the TARDIS had brought them here on purpose. That was very possible.

"Doctor, what's wrong?" She had taken a step back and when he pulled back in and closed the doors quickly she gave him a worried look.

He was at her side in two strides and with one swift movement he had her pinned in-between him and the coral, his hands wrapped around it. "Hold still." He told her, counting down the seconds, the electricity pulsing around him.

"I don't know what you are playing at…" she began but then the TARDIS shook around her and she fell silent.

The Doctor knew that the damage outside would be horrible, but the TARDIS handled it quite well, taking care of her passengers. When the ground stood still he released Donna and took a step back, but she clung to him, and he wrapped his arms around her form. "'sokay. Easy. I'm here, your safe."

"What was that?"

"The second largest quake that has every happened on Ashayfala. Made worse only by the fact that the large city of Raina was the center." He didn't push her back, letting her hold on to him as long as she wanted. It wasn't often that she let on that she was scared and he enjoyed the chance to be her protector.

"We have to go and help," she said after a long pause.

He nodded against her head, knowing that the words were coming. He realized that the TARDIS had brought them here because she knew that Donna couldn't walk away without helping. "Okay," he agreed and opened her arms as she stepped back. "Only today though, and then we have to go. We can't make too much of a dent on this event."

She nodded and he held up a finger and she nodded. He ran to the med-bay and gathered a pen light, bandages, and antiseptic wipes. He checked that he had his stethoscope and then stopped in the kitchen pulling nutrition bars out of the cabinet and then tablets to purify any water. He wanted to be prepared for anything.

When he had returned she was waiting by the doors for him, the tension from before replaced by a worry he knew was for the people outside the safety of the TARDIS. "Ready?"

She nodded and they stepped outside, the field in front of them hid the destruction that awaited them when they made it Raina. He held her hand, willing this day to go as well as it possibly could under the circumstances. Begging silently that she would be okay, and that they could make it out of here in one piece. They didn't have the best track record when it came to not getting hurt. He had been lost in thought when he heard Donna gasp, and he looked up.

The city was in rubble, and without the tall buildings, he could see for a long distance, which only showed more destruction. Donna urged him forward, and they carefully navigated a path to a group of people that seemed to be working on a rescue plan. The man, an Ash, only recognizable from the humans by the orange eyes, looked up at them. "Here to help?"

The Doctor and Donna nodded. He began to break them into groups and looked to the Doctor and Donna. "Is it okay if we separate you and your wife?"

He waited for Donna to tell him that they weren't a couple, a moment he was starting to hate, but when she didn't bother to correct him he didn't say anything otherwise. "If that's what needs to be done." He turned to Donna; if she was pretending to be his wife he was going to pretend to be her husband. "Be safe, love. Okay? I'll come find you later."

She nodded, and he leaned in placing a small kiss on her lips and pulled back, giving her the smallest of smiles. She returned it. "You be safe." She instructed and was led off in the opposite direction.


His fingers prodded the area, and he realized he had a deep gash but his thoughts were clear so he didn't take the time to care. All he wanted was to see Donna, to hold her to him and see that she was okay. The aftershocks had been mild, a fact that he was thankful for every time it happened. He had pulled bodies from the rubble, most were gone, but some were alive. That was what had kept him moving. The last survivor had been buried deeply and when he found her, she was a four year old girl, in the arms of her mother. When he pulled her out of the rubble, he reached to the mother's neck to confirm what he already knew. Finding no pulse, he sighed, and knew that the little girl was probably only alive because her mother had protected her.

He told the other rescue worker to take her away, and he dug the hole bigger, reaching in and as gently as he could pulling the limp body out. He held her to him for a moment, and cried without tears. When another group that was gathering the dead appeared he let them take her, and noticed that they held her to them as if she was alive. There was still so much good in the universe, even in the middle of destruction.

He ignored every ache and protest his body made, determined to find Donna. He was worried about her, and wouldn't pause until he knew she was safe.