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The Doctor was enjoying the feel of Donna in his arms; it wasn't like this was the first time, though it was the first time with this amount of clothing on. She sighed against him and he ran his hand down her arm absently and he could feel a long gash that he hadn't before she took her shirt off, and she sucked in a breath in pain. He moved his arm back around and reached for his penlight and he moved back in front of her and shinned the light right at the spot. There was a six inch deep gash on her left arm and when he checked the right he found a smaller one that was just as deep.

"You don't remember doing that?" He asked her as he resumed his spot by her side. They were something that could easily be taken care of in the TARDIS and as they weren't bleeding any longer he didn't feel overly worried.

"Must have been when I was pulling the kids out," she told him. "I imagine there was something sharp in there, but I didn't feel anything at the time."

"Yeah," the Doctor agreed holding her carefully, and knowing that it could have been a lot worse that some minor wounds. "I can imagine with adrenaline and the cold it was probably numb."

Donna didn't respond, just leaned in a little closer, and he wasn't sure if she was seeking comfort or warmth but he would gladly provide both for her. He breathed into her hair, which still smelled light and fruity, despite all that the day had brought to them.

"That tickles," she told him, softly.

He moved his head so the breath wasn't on her, "Better."

"I didn't say it bothered me, I said it tickled," she told him and he thought her voice almost sounded shy.

"Oh," he moved his head back, "Better."

She shifted back with a laugh. "How long now?"

He listened again and the sounds were much closer, and he could estimate it now. "Half an hour. Give or take a couple of minutes. Why? Are you hungry? I've got some bars in my pocket. They should still be okay." He knew he was rambling but that was what he did best when he was nervous.

"No, not hungry," she told him with a shake of her head and he saw something flash in her eyes that could have been mistaken for desire. "I just wondered if I had time to do this."

And without missing a beat she pulled him to her and their lips met but it wasn't slow or restrained as the one before had been. It didn't last long, though the Doctor wished it would have, and she pulled away from him.

"That…" the Doctor tried to find the words, but couldn't get past the shock of the kiss.

"I just wanted to see," Donna told him as if that explained everything.

"See what?"

She looked at him for a moment. "If there was fire."

"Looking for fire," the Doctor asked her softly.

"Can't resist a flame," she told him, and he gulped.

"So was there fire?"

"An inferno," she replied lightly and he fell and soared. "For you?"

"Oh yes," he agreed easily.

"Good," she told him and then began to put her shirt back on.

"Get dressed, I won't have them thinking that I was getting friendly down here," she told him lightly.

He did as she said which was something he found himself doing quite easily now. "They think we are married."

"Everyone thinks we are married," she told him as she buttoned her shirt. "I think you give off vibes."


"Well it couldn't be me," she told him as if the idea was impossible.

"It has to be both of us," he reasoned, "If it was just me, then they would just think I was desperate for you. So it has to be you too."

"So we both give off something that makes us seems like we are married."

"Yes," he agreed, finding the conversation amusing. He got to talk about how she felt in a light tone, without it seeming like the answers mattered.

"I suppose I might give off the impression that I like you," she sighed as if it was an awful thing. "Maybe just a little tiny bit."

"So why do you give off that impression," he asked as if he didn't know.

He saw her shake her head. "Maybe I do, but it's not just me."

"Well," he grinned. "Maybe I do too."

"I'm not getting married to you if that is where this conversation is going," she told him plainly.

He wrinkled his forehead. That wasn't where this was going, he was just trying to get her to admit that maybe there was something there. "Oh, and here I was getting ready to propose in the middle of a hole at the bottom of a rubble pile."

"You're not funny," she told him but she smiled.

"Just admit that I'm irresistible and I'll let it go," he encouraged.

"Irresistible?" She looked up like she was thinking. "That's a bit much, I think. Attractive, in a skinny alien sort of way, sure."

"I'm waiting," he told her.

She gave out a long, loud sigh. "Fine, irresistible."

"Thank you, and just so you know, you are too."

She shook her head. "Whatever you say."

"Well that's a first," he laughed.

"And a last," she muttered.

"Good," the Doctor told her as they both found their place against the wall again. "What fun is easy?"

"Are you saying I'm easy?"

"No," he told her quickly and then he could hear her laugh.

"I'm just kidding," she reassured.

"Oh," he was certain that he blushed and he hoped that she didn't see it.

"I'm really glad that you are okay," she told him.

"I'm really glad you are too, I couldn't bear it if something happened to you Donna."

"I know the feeling," she agreed with him.

"Would you like to try a date," he blurted out.

She laughed and he was worried for a second. "Sorry. I'm just so glad that you don't consider this one. Yes, I would like to try a date. This is worth a try."

The Doctor smiled, mostly to himself, and began to think of all the places he could take her. He was so thankful that he didn't just have to settle for just one planet or even one galaxy for that matter.

When he heard the last little bit of rubble moved, and could see the fading light peeking through he looked at Donna. She glowed in the beam that broke the darkness and he thought that seemed fitting. If she was the beam and he was the darkness. Yes this was worth a try.