Ok, I began writing this story before the Revan novel came out, so there will be some obvious differences. I'm working on trying to encorporate some elements of that book into the sequel to this story. I can only try my best.


Star Forge System A.K.A. Rakata Prime

Three Days After The Destruction Of The Star Forge

The first thing she noticed was the complete silence around her. Opening her eyes, Bastila Shan wasn't surprised to find herself back on the Ebon Hawk. Had it all been a dream? Malak torturing her, Her pledging herself to him…trying to kill Revan? There were so many questions, and yet, there were so little answers popping out at her.

There was still pain in her right arm, proof that her duel with Revan had not been a figment of her imagination. Casting a glance upon it, she noticed that it been bandaged and cared for. To her, there was only one logical guess at who had cared for her wounds. And he was nowhere in sight. And above all, that frightened her.

Revan? she said, reaching out through the bond that the two of them shared. At first, she was met with silence, which did nothing to reassure her. And then, out of the silence, an answer was born.

Bastila? was his response, the words echoing through her mind at a feverous pace. Noticing the IV stuck into her arm, she realized why her head was throbbing. Her body had always reacted poorly to any kind of drug, even when she was a little girl. And, it appeared that she hadn't outgrown it.

Revan, where…where am I? The question automatically was received with an answer from the opposite end.

We're still in the Star Forge System. Don't get up, I'll be there in a minute. He was true to his word, and soon she felt his presence in the room. There was no longer the Dark Side aura that had tainted their bond in their last meeting, a presence that she had been the cause of. No, a presence that Malak had been the cause of.

From what she could see through her blurred vision, Revan hadn't been sleeping well recently. Dark circles surrounded his eyes, but the blue color in them shined through like the two suns of Tatooine. His words to her on the Star Forge returned to her mind, and echoed repeatedly, those words that had brought her back from the edge of darkness.

I love you

Chapter 1

Five Days After Destruction of the Star Forge

Whatever treatment Bastila had received during the period that she had been unconscious had obviously worked to a great extent. Her arm was almost completely healed now, or at least to the point where there would most likely be no scaring. For that she was thankful, although the scars in her mind would always still be there. The scars from her torture at the hands of Malak.

Walking down the boarding ramp of the Ebon Hawk, she was greeted by another reminder of the battle. The beach around the ship was littered with wounded soldiers from the battle, wounded that Bastila knew she had caused. Her 'gift' of Battle Meditation was quickly starting to turn into a curse.

"Bastila, you weren't yourself. None of this is your fault." Revan said, stopping and laying a hand on her shoulder. She avoided looking him in the eyes, choosing instead to focus on her boots.

"Bastila, look at me." Raising her head, she met her silver eyes with Revan's. He truly meant what he had said, she could tell by the softness in his eyes. "None of this is your fault."

"But without my battle meditation…"

"We would have lost. And Malak would still be alive. It's not your fault." Bastila continued staring into Revan's eyes, the guilt inside her threatening to put her on the brink of an emotional breakdown.

"Revan, I…" She started before Revan took her into his arms. The two of them stood there, silently enveloped into each other's touch. Around them, the chaos of the battle's aftermath continued. As she placed her head against his shoulder, she felt all the anxiety rush out of her. Closing her eyes, she sighed. And let serenity wash over her.

"Oh, will you two just get a room?" Mission exclaimed, crossing her arms in front of her as she looked at Revan & Bastila clumsily disengaged themselves from one another. Feeling warmth in her cheeks, Bastila was sure that they were turning red. Of all the times for Mission to show up…

"We could always use yours Mission." Revan replied, his voice full of seriousness. Mission, her eyes aglow with fear, backed away slowly.

"Nevermind. Continue what you were doing!" she said, turning away and breaking into a full run back to the Ebon Hawk. Turning back to Bastila, Revan smiled.

"Now, where were we?" he asked, holding his arms open in front of him. Returning to his arms, Bastila closed her eyes once again, and again she let the sensation of peace wash over her.

Revan insisted that she continue to sleep, but yet she continually found sleep to be elusive. Although she had refused to tell Revan, the Dark Side still haunted her mind. It was all she would see at night. He was all she would see at night.

"Rise my apprentice." He said, his voice sounding evil and artificial behind his metal jaw piece. As Bastila rose from her bended knee, Malak still towered over her. She dared to look into his eyes, those sickly yellow eyes surrounded by a rim of red. A color that her silver eyes were slowly turning into.

"You have only tasted the true power of the Dark Side. You are strong indeed, but you lack focus." Malak stated, as he looked at his new apprentice. "There is hesitation in you."

"There is no hesitation, Master." Bastila replied, crossing her arms behind her back. She knew she couldn't hide anything from him. Not even the bond, which she had done her best to avoid using. Anything that kept Revan away from here...

"A master of deception you are not, Bastila. You fear confronting him, don't you? Fear being in his presence. Fear feeling his flesh on yours. Fear loving him." As he finished his sentence, Bastila felt her heart drop to the bottom of her stomach. The one emotion that she had worked so hard to hide…

"I…no, Master. I could never…"

"Enough! Spare me your lies! Now get out of my sight." He spat back at her. She backed away, trying desperately to avoid what she knew must come next.

"Yes, Master." She said, trying to please him. He stared back at her, the anger in his eyes sending fear down her spine. Raising his hands, Malak laughed cruelly, obviously enjoying what was going to come next. As lightning erupted from his fingertips, Bastila screamed as it slammed into her body at full force.

"Bastila? Bastila, wake up!" Revan said as he gently shook her awake. Someone was screaming, and it took Bastila a few moments to realize that it was her own voice.

"Bastila, it's alright! It was just a dream!" He said again as Bastila collapsed into his arms, tears falling freely from her cheeks. Revan raised his hand to gently stroke her hair, which was no longer braided back into its usual two pig-tails.

"Revan…Malak...he …he…" she managed to say in between sobs. He silently held her, sending out feelings of security through their bond. He held her for what seemed like hours.

"Sssshhh, it's alright now. I'm here." He said in her ear as her sobs slowed and finally stopped. The room grew silent for what seemed like hours. As Revan rubbed his sleeve against her tear –stained cheeks, she looked back at him, unable to summon any words to break the silence between them. Looking back into her eyes, Revan slowly drew his face closer to hers until their lips met. She was surprised at first, but she returned it passionately, perhaps, even more passionately than Revan had. In that moment, nothing in the universe could have pulled them apart.

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