Author: iwomans_sister

Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own the characters.


Rating: PG

Spoilers: None

Authors note: A special thank you to Liz_Z who Beta Read this!


A man named Jerome K. Jerome said, "It is always best to tell the truth. Unless you're a exceptionally good liar."

Darien walked into the Claire's lab, "I need a shot." he said.

"Not my problem." Claire replied.

"What do you mean?"

"You shouldn't have used so much quicksilver, Darien."

"I had to," Darien replied, "I was on a mission and a guy shot at me and I needed to go invisible."

"Nice story Darien, but I already talked to The Official. He said you haven't been on a mission since Tuesday, and I gave you a shot Wednesday."

"Okay, well if I tell you how I used the quicksilver you won't tell The Official will you?"

"No Darien, I guess I won't this time. So, how did you use it?"

"Hobbes and I were going around the park scaring people."

"What do you mean by, scaring people'?" Claire asked.

"Well Hobbes would go and talk to someone and I'd tap this guy on the shoulder. Oh yeah, and then there was this lady. I kept moving her book while she was talking to Hobbes. She got so scared, you should have seen her face."

"Darien that is so cruel."

"Oh and then there was this guy Hobbes was talking to about supernatural things, and about how once he found his door open but no one was around and he hadn't opened it. And guess what I did, I went over to the van and I started it. Of course I was invisible So when he looked no one was there, and then I opened the door and..." Darien just started laughing. Then he looked over at Claire, seeing the look on her face he stopped. "You're going to tell the Official aren't you?"

Claire looked at Darien and smiled. "I'm tempted to." She replied. Claire went to her fridge and grabbed some counteragent. "But I won't this time. You owe me." She said, then she gave Darien his shot.

The End