"Hey Shawn." Mom walked in and sat down on my bed holding a drink.

"Hey Mom." I answered not looking up from my math homework.

"What are you doing?" she swayed a little, I smiled. She was drunk, I could smell all of the alcohol.

"You know just doing math." I looked up at her.

"Math." she said slowly drawing out the word.

"Someone's drunk." I continued writing.

"Yeah. Well what are you going to do about it?" I shrugged

"Nothing that's right." She sipped her drink.

"Mom can you… uh go. I mean I enjoy drunk time I just have work to do." I asked politely looking her full in the eye.

"Yeah yeah okay sure kid." She stood up and almost stumbled, she ruffled my hair and walked into the hallway I looked up just as she pulled a trigger to a Silver Pistol that was placed on her head, and she fell to the ground. Blood was everywhere the gun chunked down the stairs and fell to the bottom. I breathed heavily my mom had just shot herself in front of me I'm 15 what was I supposed to do?

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