I know it's been forever since I last updated and I have not forgot 'Mr and Mrs Who', but I haven't had much will power lately and this is just something that's been floating around my mind for a bit and will hopefully ease me back into writing again. Just to clarify, it's quite dark (not my usual way of writing at all) so won't appeal to everyone but I wanted to explore different ways of writing the Doctor and River. :)

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Chapter 1

River winced as she dabbed witch hazel over her swollen left eye in the bathroom mirror. He hadn't meant to get so mad at her, she knew he hadn't but today – like so many other days lately, he had let his anger get the better of him and took it out on the one person he loved the most.

His wife.

It hadn't always been like this, oh no. Once upon a time they were very happy, adventuring and saving planets from different galaxies – oh and the running. How they did love to run…

River smiled at the memories, the happy memories they had once shared together. She was pulled from her thoughts with a jump as she heard the bedroom door slam open,

''RIVER!'' There it was, again. Her name he once spoke with such love and kindness; only now it was usually bitter and spiteful.

''In the bathroom dear'' she called hoarsely, inspecting her eye once more in the mirror, deciding it was bathed enough then setting the cloth down behind the tap. He burst in through the bathroom door and regarded her there,

''Where's Amy?''

''She left almost two weeks ago sweetie, remember?''

''No River I do not remember'' he sighed impatiently as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, ''otherwise I would not have asked would I. Why isn't she here, she should be here, here in the TARDIS. Amelia Pond, the girl who waited for the madman in a box-,''

''Amy and Rory went home to grow up Doctor'' wrong thing to say. His eyes narrowed and she mentally kicked herself for not putting it less bluntly, ''we can still visit and go on adventures like we used to''

''Yes, we can like we used to. Like we used to do before they wanted to leave and go and live out the rest of their lives peacefully. Like it was before all of – this'' he flailed his arms about pointlessly trying to express what he meant

''Like before we were married you mean?'' she quipped, turning back to the sink to put the witch hazel back in the cupboard, he didn't reply but she would guarantee that he would be stood directly behind her when she turned round. Yep. He was and he was glowering down at her as well. Here we go… River thought to herself sadly,

''Look, sweetie, I know you miss Amy and Rory very much but what I'm trying to say is that it's not the end, you can still see them whenever you like''

''Why do you do it River?'' he hissed between clenched teeth and she recoiled slightly, taken aback by his out of the blue question,

''I beg your pardon?''

''I said, why do you do it? Huh?'' he grabbed hold of her wrist tightly and pulled her closer so their faces were mere inches apart, ''make me so angry. All of the time'' he whispered the last part whilst his other hand ghosted over the raised flesh over her eye, ''why do you make me do this to you?'' she tried to wrench her hand away but he held her tighter still, finger nails cutting into her wrist painfully,

''I don't 'make' you do anything. You do this all by yourself'' she tried again, to free herself from his grasp and he watched triumphantly as she withered about frantically like a caged bird trying helplessly to escape its confinements,

''River, River, River'' he smirked, digging his nails in further until she whimpered, the pain was so sharp and intense, she thought it would surely bring blood,

''what have we learned?''

She laughed coldly despite her pain, throwing her head back and her curls tumbled about her shoulders, ''what have I learned? Oh my love, don't flatter yourself'' he growled, pushing her roughly so she was pinned between him and the sink

''Don't play games with me. Don't ever think you are capable of playing games with me River Song'' he said in a dangerously low voice and it reminded her of the conversation they had during America when he wouldn't trust her enough to not ask questions.

''If there is anything I've learnt from you, it is that you are not even half the man you used to be'' she began, looking up at him and matching the same fierce gaze he was giving her, ''you have become cold and spiteful and have no regard for anyone else but yourself anymore, you are NOT the man I fell in love with – I. Hate. You.''

''No, you don't'' he breathed next to her ear, loosening his grip on her wrist to move it to her hair, tugging a fistful of it so that her face was tilted upwards directly below his, ''you love me River and you'll never stop forgiving me because you love me too much'' the words rang true in River's ears and she took the chance to speak what was on her mind,

''I'll love you and I'll forgive you, yes, but I will always remember what you've done. I'll never forget, you disgust me Doctor'' she paused to take in his face, she wanted to see him hurtbut he kept that ridiculous grin on his face, ''I am ashamed to be called your wife''

Then he snapped.

Before she knew it, a large hand clamped round her neck and she was forced backwards until her back smacked against the wall, ''this make you feel proud does it Doctor?'' she managed to say breathlessly as the hand sqouze tighter around her throat, ''does it, make you feel big, and... Tough hitting your wife? Does it?'' his jaw shook with anger and he watched her face slowly drain of colour,

''It would be so easy to stand here and suffocate you River. To watch the air leave your lungs and you struggle to meet their starving need for oxygen. I could do it you know...''

She gasped for air as both her hands fought frantically with the one that was clamped round her throat, trying desperately to pry his fingers away. When she started to turn a pale shade of white he let go of her and she slumped a good few inches down the wall, she was left with a bright white handprint round her neck which would no doubt bruise given time.

The Doctor turned round shaking and took a slow breath, he could hear River's raspy quick intakes of breath behind him and even contemplated apologizing; he pushed that thought to the back of his mind and turned round to tell her she deserved it but she was ready for him this time,


The back of her hand collided with his cheek, splitting his lip in the process and he recoiled backwards from the force, she took the opportunity to run towards the bedroom and she got to the door when she felt something yank her hair backwards and she slammed into his chest. His knuckles turned white as he pulled tighter on her hair, forcing her head back onto his shoulder so he could hiss directly into her ear, ''you can't escape River, you'll never leave me''

''Doctor, you're hurting me!''

''...Good'' with that he threw her to the floor, her head collided with the bath on the way down with a sickening crack, ''you asked for that''

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