Dear readers,

I hate to inform you of this, but on Thursday February 9th Jennifer died in the hospital. you obviously should know why... In the fall-when i last took over this profile- Jennifer had been in a car accident that nearly killed her. No one was as shocked as she was when they found out she had leukimia during that trip to the ER. She took it well after the shock of everything went away, and as soon as she could she went back to hernormal life. I can tell you with full confidence that she loved to write for you guys and loved to right flat out. I don't really know what to that everything's gone topsy-turvey without her...beleive me, it's been difficult... She wanted me to take care of all of this stuf...if something were to happen so I'm going to do that for her.

~ She wanted any outstanding stories to be completed by any means neccisary, as she hated leaving things

undone. Phoenix wasn't finished, so it's up for adoption...she wrote time-lines for her stories, so email me if you think you're up to it.

~She also wanted me to make sure you knew everything if something bad'm doing that now...

~She wanted me to thank you all for your support and love... She wanted you to know that all of the reviews made her smile.

So... I don't really know...what to say, other then i'm going to miss the strongest person i knew... I am going to change her username (there will be a poll up so that you guys can help me)...i think she wouldn't mind it...but everything else i am leaving, her work should live on...

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, I'm sorry it even happened.