A/N: This is something I had to write sophomore year for English, and I ended up liking it more than I expected. So, after some time of sitting unopened and forgotten, here it is. I'm not sure how good it is, but it was an interesting exercise in figuring out Estella's character. Tell me what you think either way :)

Dear Sir, my old companion,

I hope you do not mind;

Somehow I could not help

But stop for an old friend.

Dear Pip, can you remember

Her who broke your heart

To save you from herself?

You do—I see the anger

And th' pain that still must dwell

Deep in your mem'ry.

You never understood

Why I married him—

I had to stop the madness;

He th' last that felt hurt—

(You still don't see my point)—

Yes, he is dead now—

An accident by horse

That finally released me.

I have paid in full the price

Of pain I have inflicted.

But my sacrifice

Has (hopefully) redeemed

She that felt so lost,

And now I have a husband

Who is kind and gentle.

Oh, such a pretty babe—

Recall when we were small?—

May I kiss him? Yes,

Raise him up to me

(and I be raised to him).

There, I have bestowed

What blessings I may give.

To you, my friend of old,

I can say but, "Fare thee well."