Hinata Chronicles Chapter 52: A Jinchūriki's Fight, Struggle Against The Whirlwind Lancer

After a quick display of Final Form's power in a spar with Kakashi and apologizing again to the group, Xion decided it was time for Naruto's fight with Xaldin, the third member of her ex-Organization. "Yeah. . .it's time." She then headed for the portal with the lances on it.

Naruto and Hinata were amazed with the power of Final Form, mainly after her explanation of it and the spar she had with Kakashi, ending in a tie. "I'm proud of Xion, she finally broke free." Hinata said as she held her boyfriend's arm.

Naruto nodded. "Yeah, she seems much happier." He then noticed Xion going to the portal to the next guy. "Finally, it's gonna be my turn!"

Hinata smiled as she looked at him in the eyes and pecked him on the lips. "I know, you been anxious to fight."

Naruto chuckled as he pecked her back, "Do you blame me!? Xion wanted me to wait until the final three members! I haven't fought since the canyon of Heartless and Maleficent!" The two started to laugh a little as they went to go over to Xion.

Kakashi was still a little sore from the spar he had with Xion to demonstrate Final Form to the group. "Why was I used as the demonstration dummy again?" He asked with a sweat-drop.

Sakura chuckled as she used a Cure spell on him. "Because you're the oldest member here?" She jokingly said, causing the rest of the group to chuckle.

Kakashi's eye twitched before taking out his book. "Ha ha ha, very funny." He sarcastically said as he noticed Xion moving towards the next portal. "Well, it seems like it's Naruto's turn."

"Alright, so whose going to be with him?" Sakura asked.

"No one. . .he's going in by himself."

A moment of silence went by before. . .

"WHAT!?" Sakura screamed out in shock, causing the others to look at her for a moment.

Xion chuckled Sakura's reaction as Naruto came over along with Hinata. "So Naruto, are you ready?"

"Hell yeah I am!" Naruto said with a wide grin.

Hinata then stepped forward. "Xion, how is Naruto gonna fight this guy, I looked at the computer and it says that three people have to go in."

Xion smiled as she made a hand sign that was known to Naruto, causing him to grin. "It's a theory, but maybe shadow clones can take the two extra spots until he gets in and the battle starts."

Naruto nodded as he made the hand sign and brought out two clones. "That makes sense."

Hinata put her hand on her chin. "But what if the system doesn't recognize it, I mean other members of the Organization have made clones before." She shuttered at remembering Demyx's water clones.

Xion then gave off a thoughtful look. "Hmm, Hinata's right, I didn't think of that. . ."

Naruto gave off a rare thinking look before his clones snapped their fingers. "A transformation jutsu should do the trick." The first clone said as it then transformed into Xion. "See?"

Xion smiled as she looked at the transformed clone. "This could work."

"Good." The other clone said as he turned into Choji. "Just hope this works."

"It should." Hinata reassuringly said.

Xion nodded as she decided to get everyone around to announce the plan using a whistle.

"B-But why is Naruto-" Sakura started asking in a panic.

Kakashi put his book away as he and Sakura started to head to where the portal was. "Xion told me that the next member of the Organization was a wind user, Naruto has a wind style chakra nature. Before we got here to Radiant Garden, me and Xion agreed on it, Naruto would fight the 3rd member of the Organization." He explained as Sakura nodded dumbfoundedly.

"So, what's this guy's name?" Sakura asked.

Kakashi sighed as Xion nodded at him. "His name is. . ."

"Alright everyone, gather around, it's time for the next fight." Xion announced as everyone was on the level below her.

Choji then noticed the copies of himself and Xion. "Uh. . .why is there another me with another Xion next to Naruto?"

Xion chuckled as everyone except Shino, Shikamaru and Sai gave off confused looks while she nodded to Kakashi. "Well you see, me and Kakashi had an agreement before we came here to the Radiant Garden that involved Naruto here."

"What do you mean Xion?" Ino asked. "And what does it have to do with you and Choji?"

Xion then started to explain about her deal with Kakashi to let Naruto go in alone and how the system might think if three people will be in if two clones were in disguise. "So in general, Naruto will be fighting the next member of the Organization, Xaldin, the Whirlwind Lancer."

"So what should I know about this guy? Besides the face that he uses a lance and has the power of wind on his said." Naruto asked.

Xion looked over at him. "He's a floater, meaning that he's able to well, float," Everyone sweat-dropped at that. "He has a constant wind barrier, so you'll have to think up of a strategy when you fight him, possibly use long range attacks, and finally, if he disappears, keep moving and dodge any and all of his attacks."

Naruto nodded. "Alright," He then looked at the portal. "It's time to face this guy head on!" He then jumped in along with the disguised clones as the portal then turned yellow.

"Good luck Naruto," Xion muttered out as she looked at everyone before heading to the computer. "Beat him down." She then turned on the monitor as everyone gathered around to watch.

Naruto and his two disguised clone arrived on a long and somewhat wide bridge where it looked like it was night time. "Hmm. . .weird. . ." The clones nodding in agreement as he took his blades out. "Alright then, when he appears, I disperse the clones, let the guy say what crap he spews out and the fight begins!" He then sent his chakra out to the blades as the energy came out of them.

Soon the data started to appear in front of Naruto as he then disperse the clone.

Back outside, everyone watched on as a man that was broad-shouldered, his black hair in dreadlocks and also has bushy eyebrows and very thick sideburns.

Lee looked on before nodding. "Gai-sensei's eyebrows are much better then this man's." This statement caused everyone to face-fault before looking back on.

Back in the arena, Naruto stared down his opponent with a menacing glare as he gripped his blades, chakra flowing out of them. "So your Xaldin. . .Xion's told a lot about you. . .and a lot about the rest of your Organization."

Xaldin glared at the teenager in front of him, "And you are the last member of your group that hasn't fought. Pitiful." He said in a disappointed tone. "Vexen was able to tell us about your 'unique' power."

Naruto was taken aback for a moment before getting back into his fighting stance. "So you know. Who cares, I don't know why you guys are interested in it, but you better get in line, I already got enough people interested in it."

"Hmph. . .another stupid boy." Xaldin grunted as miniature wind funnels with lightning burst out of thin air, surrounding him as his weapons were summoned. He then grabbed three of the lances as the rest of them hovered in the air along side him. "Where's the fun in this?"

Naruto cracked his neck as he looked at him. "Bring it in!"

"Wind guard me!" Xaldin ordered as he saw Naruto rush in, who had not noticed his lances surrounded him, rushing around faster and faster until they formed a protective Aeroga barrier.

The group outside looked on as Naruto tried to hit Xaldin, but was pushed back by his wind barrier that he put up, wincing for Naruto as he got hurt from it.

Sakura sighed as she palmed her face. "I'll heal him after he's done." Sakura deadpanned.

"Crap!" Naruto grunted out as slid on his back away from Xaldin. "This is gonna be tougher then I thought." He got back to his feet and made a few shadow clones. "Go get him!" He ordered as his clones rushed at him.

"Pathetic." Xaldin boringly said as he swung his lances gracefully as they went through the clones with ease. "You'll have to do more then that if you want to defeat me." He cockily said.

"Damn. . ." Naruto muttered.

"Take this!" Xaldin started swinging out his lances at Naruto, forcing him to dodge.

"Whoa!" Naruto dodged once. "Whoa!" He dodged again, but it grazed his cheek. "OH CRAP!" Naruto dodged a third time as it seemed as if the lances extended. He flinched as one of the lances tore a slight gash across his arm. Finally, Xaldin finished his combo with his lances spearing close to the ground, jutting outward like needles on a porcupine. The orange shinobi almost stumbled over from the attack. "That was too close." He then noticed something. "An opening!" Naruto rushed in as he got a few slashes in on Xaldin.

"Cocky little-!" Xaldin grunted out as he got his wind barrier up again. He looked at Naruto, who had a smirk on his face. "You haven't beaten me yet boy. Now then. . .take this!" He then disappeared from Naruto's sight.

"What the!? Where did he-" Naruto felt a presence as he quickly jumped out of the way just in time as Xaldin's giant lances rained from the sky, crashing into the ground like lightning before retracting back into the air. "That son of a-" His eyes went wide as he quickly jumped out of the way from another attack in the air.

"What the heck is going on!?" Sakura yelled as she looked on with everyone else.

Xion scuffed as she looked away for a moment. "It's Xaldin. He's able to go high in the skies and attack with a dive bombing like attack. Sora had a difficult time dealing with this attack too."

"How do you think Naruto will beat it?" Hinata asked.

Xion looked back at the screen. "Hard to say."

"Shit!" Naruto dodged another of Xaldin's aerial as the lances now began to surround his position before fading back into thin air. Naruto quickly sensed what was coming before he'd even heard it. He quickly back-flipped out of the way as Xaldin's giant lances struck the spot where he had just occupied. "Too close. . ." Naruto thought as he now looked at him. "Now strike!" He rushed in as he got a few more hits in before Xaldin put up his wind barrier yet again.

Xaldin scuffed as he looked at Naruto. "Pathetic. . .even more pathetic then my defeat against Sora. Maybe the container of a power demon isn't that strong." He taunted.

Naruto rolled his eyes as he looked at him. "I don't need to rely on a massive chakra monster to defeat a guy like you!"

Xaldin smirked at the boy. "Really?" He tauntingly asked as he looked at the castle behind him. "You know where we are? This is where I almost convinced a monster to join our Organization. He was known as Beast and I almost convinced him, the main reason being that he was not a man, but a monster." He then glared at Naruto. "Just like you.

"The hell I'm a monster! That's what you guys are!" Naruto yelled back as he winced in pain. "This is really getting rough. . .it's like we're just going in a cycle, there's no end to it so far! If only I could attack him even with the wind. . .that's it!" He thought as he looked at him with a smirk. "If I concentrate my chakra, I think I might be able to do something like Kyubi form! I don't know what I'll be able to do if I use my wind chakra instead of my normal chakra or the Kyubi's chakra, but it's worth a shot."

"What's with the smile boy?" Xaldin asked cockily. "Do you think this fight will be that easy?" He then spun his lances in a circles as they fired a shot of compressed air.

Naruto blocked the air sphere as he panted from exhaustion. "Well. . .it's like this. . .there's a reason why I'm fighting you by myself." He looked as Xaldin raised an eyebrow, neither of them noticing that a small doses of wind started surrounding Naruto. "Like you, I have wind on my side as well. I was chosen to fight against you for that reason."

"Get to the point boy!" Xaldin bellowed out as he held his lances. "What are you getting at!?"

Naruto took a deep breath as he closed his eyes, channeling his wind chakra through his body. The cyclone continued circling around his body as it got higher and higher, blocking Xaldin's view of him. "What I mean is. . ."

"What the!? What the hell is Naruto doing!?" Kiba asked in shock.

Everyone was completely thrown off when they saw the cyclone covering Naruto.

"Naruto. . .are you trying to. . ." Xion thought as she looked on.

"What is this!?" Xaldin said as he looked at the tornado surrounding Naruto. "He somehow made the wind go under his command instead of mine! What is he up too!?"

In the tornado, Naruto stood in the same spot as he concentrated before gripping tighter to his blades. "The wind. . .blowing freely. . .able to strike at any range. . .can cut and shred through anything. . .concentrate. . .concentrate. . ." He breathed as the wind continued to blow while his clothes started changing, getting darker in color as they went from orange and blue to green and grey. A dark green aura of chakra began to glow around him as it started heading for the blades, coming out as if it was thick string as it then sharpened itself by making spikes throughout it. "Yeah. . .let's do this!" He said as he then opened his eyes, revealing to be bright green now.

"That's it!" Xaldin rushed in, swinging his lances. "Enough showing off! What ever you have planned won't work!" He slashed through the tornado horizontally, slicing right through it. "This is over now!" He confidently yelled, only to go wide-eyed to see that there was no one there. "What the!?"

"Surprise!" Xaldin quickly blocked an incoming attack from what seemed like a whip from above. Naruto looked down below him, smirking as he hovered on a small cyclone under his feet and glad with the results. "Alright! It work! Hurricane Form is now ready for action!"

Everyone outside was speechless at this resolution as they watch Naruto using his blades now as spiked whips as they tore into Xaldin's wind barrier.

Xion smiled as she looked on. "I knew it, he somehow made a new drive form during the battle, great work Naruto!" She thought as she looked on as now Naruto gliding away from Xaldin as he did the dive bombing attack. "But he still has a way to go to beat Xaldin. Come on Naruto, you can do it!"

As Naruto continued to slash through the barrier from a distance, Xaldin struggled to keep it up. "Man he's stubborn."

Xaldin glared at Naruto as his spiked whip started ripping through his barrier. "I said don't get cocky brat!" He then grinned evilly. "Here!" he cried as he thrust his weapons in Naruto's direction.

Naruto instinctively tightened his leg muscles like coiled springs and pushed off from the ground, then gliding over Xaldin's head. As he landed safely out of reach, Xaldin suddenly stopped his onslaught and leapt high into the air again. "What the hell!?" He watched as the lances began to glow and expand with power. They connected themselves end to end to form what looked like a giant snake. The dragon-like creature slithered through the air and off the side of the bridge. An inexperienced person would've let out a sigh of relief, but Naruto at least knew better to an extent. The dragon's head burst out of the dark abyss, its body still pulsating with energy. "You have got to be kidding me!"

As Xaldin landed on top of his makeshift dragon, Naruto's eyes grew wider as the mouth of the mechanized beast opened up and began charging up. "Ah crap. . ." He muttered.

"Beware the face of despair!" A giant wind tunnel burst from the dragon's maw, its head sweeping the entire length of the bridge.

Hinata turned to Xion, giving her a worried look. "I've been meaning to ask, why do the Organization members suddenly get stronger when they are close to losing?"

"It's a suicide attack. The Nobody uses the energy for it's very non-existence to power up their abilities. But they disappear after that." Xion explained.

"A suicide attack?!" Hinata shouted.

"No way, that's just. . ." Sakura couldn't find the words to describe how screwed up it was.

"Actually, this is the most logical choice." Shino said as a matter of fact.

Everyone looked at Shino like he grew a second head.

"We've been defeating their members for quite a while now while we never lost a fight against them." Shino explained.

"That's insane!" Kiba said.

"It's not when you're up against a wall with enemies surrounding you." Shino stated.

The rest of the group looked at Shino dumbfounded before returning to the screen.

"This is gonna be close!" Naruto thought as he glided to the other side. "3. . .2. . .1. . . . . .now!" Naruto quickly ran up the gate and jumped over the wind tunnel, only giving small gashes on his back. "Urk!" He winced from the pain as he got over the wind tunnel. As he landed on the other side of the bridge as the wind tunnel finished, Xaldin landed back on the field and placed his wind barrier up. "Let's go!" Naruto yelled out as he started striking Xaldin with his new whips from a distance, slashing through the barrier and hitting it target.

"GAH!" Xaldin grunted out as he held his shoulder in pain. "You'll pay for that!" He then started to glow again, repeating what he did before.

"Shit!" Naruto thought as he quickly dodged Xaldin's enhanced range of attacks. "This again!?" He then lifted himself up in the air as he glided out of the attack range. "This is getting really annoying now! Do all the Organization members do similar glowing ultimate like moves that make them invincible!?" He thought as he dodged another barrage. He then watched as Xaldin created the dragon again. "Dammit. . .here I go again!" He then rushed to the end of the bridge to prepare for the cyclone.

Naruto then tried using the same strategy he used last time to hit Xaldin's shoulder, but just before he could hit him, Xaldin grabbed Naruto's whip, ignoring the spikes on it, and threw him to the ground. "Don't think the same thing will work on me boy!" he said while not caring that his hand is now bleeding.

"Damn, I really thought that could work again." Naruto muttered as he got up from the ground. Xaldin appeared in front of him and started to perform a series of lance combos, and Naruto was dodging and blocking the oncoming attacks with his whip. He then managed to jump away, but he started to feel the pain from all of the attacks he couldn't successfully block in the barrage. "Crap! That last one was insane." Naruto said.

"I guess since you used something unique, why don't I return the favor." Xaldin said as he took a new stance.

Back outside,

"Wait, what is he doing!?" Xion shouted which caused everyone to look at her.

"Xion what's wrong?" Hinata said.

"Sorry, its just that I've never seen him use that stance even with my time in the organization as well as against Sora." Xion said with a baffled tone which made everyone look back at the screen with half interest and concern.

"So you're saying that there is an attack that this guy has, that even you don't know?" Sakura said.

"Well they are real after all, instead of just data clones of themselves." Shino stated.

"That is true, now that you mention it Shino." Kiba replied.

"Be honored that you are the very first to experience this technique." Xaldin said as he now had one lance in his hand, while the other five lances are now spiraling slowly in front of him like a drill that's just starting up. Naruto then got into his stance and prepare for the unknown attack. Then in an instant, Xaldin charged right into the lances causing them to connect, and shot right towards Naruto like a bullet, with the lances now spiraling around the lance in his hand with immense speed.

"This is gonna be another close one." Naruto said in his mind, as he prepared himself to dodge the attack. However, just as he jumped over, he was caught in the raging afterburning wind torrent that followed from Xaldin's attack and slammed into the wall, receiving heavy damage from both the raging torrent and the heavy slam.

"Gaaaaahhhh!" Naruto screamed as he felt the twofold strike that was inflicted upon him. "What the hell was that!? It was just like my Rasengan only wilder!" Naruto thought in his mind. He got out of his thoughts and started to see Xaldin preparing to use the same attack again.

"Not this time!" Naruto said as he extended the length of the whip and attack Xaldin only for the whip to be grabbed again by said person.

"I already told you that the same thing work on me boy!" Xaldin said as he started to pull Naruto right towards him and charged into the lances once more.

"That's what I was hoping for." Naruto said as he made a single clone and made the Odama Rasengan just as he was pulled.

"So be it." Xaldin said with the two of them collided with both attacks now in a massive deadlock.

Naruto felt like he was facing against a giant raging Tornado as he was pushing with all of his strength and might against Xaldin's attack.

"Damn it, this is way harder that I thought it would be." Naruto said in his mind.

"I must say, you really must have a death wish for facing my attack head on like this!" Xaldin said while maintaining his attack.

"Its not over yet, so don't think you've won!" Naruto retorted.

"I believe I already have boy." Xaldin replied.

As much as Naruto hated hearing him say that, Xaldin was right as Naruto's attack was starting to lose power.

"I can't let it end like this." Naruto said as his attack was growing weaker by the second.

Everyone was starting to worry for their blonde companion.

"His attack is losing power, in a few minutes he will be overpowered." Shino said in a blunt tone.

"Don't say it like that, this is Naruto were talking about, he won't lose to something like this." Kiba replied.

"Even so, we got to face facts here that the strength in attacks is too different." Shikamaru stated.

"Naruto won't lose, even if all odds are against him, he always pulls though." Hinata said in a determined tone.

"Yeah Hinata is right, we have to believe in him!" Xion added.

"Naruto! Your youthful flames can't burn out just yet, so hang on till the lotus blooms again!" Lee said.

"Yeah what my teammate just said." Tenten said who was now sweat dropping at Lee's antics.

"You have everyone cheering you on Naruto, so you can't let them down right?" Kakashi thought.

"It seems that you are at your limit." Xaldin stated.

"Speak for yourself, I'm still not giving up!" Naruto shouted as he was still trying to maintain his Rasengan attack by pouring more chakra in it.

"Just give up, you are only delaying the inevitable!" Xaldin exclaimed as he was now redoubling his attack power.

Naruto then decided to concentrate on his attack. He closed his eyes and drowned out the noise. "Come on. . . I know there is still something I can do to win."

"Struggle all you like, it won't make any difference!" Xaldin said as he put more power into his attack.

"Please anything!" Naruto pleaded in his mind. "Come on. . . come on. . . come on!"

"You're finished!" Xaldin exclaimed.


Then as if someone answered his plea, Naruto's whip started to coil around the Rasengan, turning itself into energy, as well as the energy from the Hurricane drive form was going into the Rasengan as well. Then Naruto's attack started to glow white.

"What the-!" Xaldin said as he saw the attack change colors.

"What's going on with Naruto?" Sakura wondered as everyone saw that the Rasengan was starting to glow.

"I-I'm not sure Sakura." Hinata replied not once taking her eyes off the screen.

"Hey guys do you hear something, it almost sounds like something is screeching." Ino said.

"Now that you mention it Ino, I can hear it too." Choji replied.

Naruto then started to hear a loud screeching noise which caused him to open his eyes, and what he saw surprised him a little.

The Odama Rasengan was now pure white, and was protruding four energy blades now spinning like a propeller. He then decided that now was not the time to figure out what was going on, and summoned what little strength he had left and started going on the offensive on the deadlock with his resolve now renewed.

For the second time now, everyone was once again shocked speechless at what was happening.

"What the hell is that!?" Kiba shouted in surprise

"Well I don't know, but whatever it is, its helping Naruto." Xion stated, who was observing the deadlock closely.

"You're right Xion, he's going on the offensive." Sakura replied.

"Come on Naruto." Hinata whispered.

"This is absurd." Xaldin said in his mind as he was starting to feel that the scale is tipping against him.

Then he saw that his lances were starting to crack. "This can't be happening!" Xaldin now trying to maintain a losing struggle as his lances were starting to crack even more.

After a few more seconds "This is IMPOSSIBLE!" Xaldin shouted as all of his lances shattered, and Naruto's attack hit him right in the center of his body.

"Raaaaahhhhhhh!" Naruto now slamming his attack with full force. Xaldin was then blasted all the way to the other side of the castle bridge, screaming all the way and slammed into the metal gate which now had a few bent marks, and fell onto the stone ground.

Naruto was starting to breathe heavily, fell to his hands and knees. After a few seconds he looked at both of his hands and wondered what was that power he used, and if he can use it again.

"Guh! to think. . . that all of this. . . could happen to me." Naruto was broken out of his train of thought when he heard Xaldin who just managed to struggle himself up from the ground, with the little remains of his shattered lance still gripped in his hand.

"You're still willing to fight, even after all of that!" Naruto said amazed that someone who just experienced the most devastating attack, would still get up and fight.

"No." Xaldin shook his head while breathing heavily and the lance crumbled in his hand. "This battle. . . is yours." Naruto then started to see that Xaldin was slowly fading away.

"So its over then?" Naruto said now feeling somewhat relieved that the battle is done.

"For now. . . but know this, that you. . . will someday give your heart. . . into the darkness, all it requires is. . . the right trigger." Xaldin stated.

"I'll never give my heart to darkness even if it kills me!" Naruto replied.

"Are you sure? You may be able to fool the others, but I can see exactly what you are hiding." Xaldin stated as he now got his breath back.

"If your talking about my unique power then forget it, I have it under control." Naruto said.

"Who said anything about your demonic powers. I'm talking about the darkness that has been nested in your heart for quite some time now." Xaldin stated as he pointed to Naruto.

"W-What are you talking about?" Naruto who now starting to wonder what Xaldin is saying.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Xaldin said, who started smirking as he now started to fade faster.

"Hey, were not done talking yet!" Naruto shouted.

"With this, the remaining members now know what to expect from you, so any kind of trick you come up with, they will know what to do." Xaldin said.

"Answer my damn question! What do you mean there already is darkness in me?" Naruto demanded.

"With that kind of attitude, you will find out very soon boy." Xaldin replied as he faded away.

"Hey, wait!" Naruto shouted, but it was too late, Xaldin faded completely leaving nothing left of himself.

"Its over! Naruto pulled through!" Kiba shouted out loud and cheered.

"Yes! Naruto's flames bloomed twice as youthful as he always has been doing now!" Lee shouted.

"Ugh, give it a rest already Lee." Tenten who is still sweat dropping at her teammate's antics.

Kakashi was in his mind thinking on the new unknown attack Naruto displayed during his struggle. "Maybe it is time for Naruto's training to go to the next level." He thought, while everyone was still celebrating over Naruto's victory.

Hinata on the other hand, was looking intently at the screen where it showed Naruto.

"Is something the matter Hinata?" Xion said.

"Hm I don't know why, but I have this feeling that there is something wrong with this picture." Hinata said in a thinking tone.

"What do you mean?" said Sakura who was now joining in on the conversation.

"I don't know, maybe I'm just over thinking things." Hinata replied as she was now looking away from the screen to talk with her friends.

Unfortunately for the Hinata, she wasn't that far off as the sound was making a vague faint white noise that would not be heard by the naked ear, also the screen was showing only the decisive blow and Xaldin fading away after that, so the last bit of dialogue Naruto heard from him didn't exist for them.

"So, any thoughts on what we will be shown next?" Sai said in his emotionless tone.

"Not sure, maybe something positive." Choji said while eating a few chips.

"With way things are going, I highly doubt it will be anything but positive." Shino stated.

"Come on Shino lighten up." Kiba said.

"Yeah Kiba is right, we can only hope things will get better for them." Xion added.

Shino did not reply to any of them as they were now being teleported by the flash of white light.

When the light cleared, the group found themselves at a depressing place, the ruins of Terra, Aqua and Ventus's home world. Also on the ground nearby, they saw the Keyblade that Eraqus owned. Everything was quite for the moment as the group looked at Naruto.

"What?" Naruto asked, confused at why everyone was looking at him.

"Well. . ." Sakura started.

"How the heck did you do most of the stuff during your fight!? That green form you turned into and attack were both crazy and awesome!" Kiba exclaimed as he put Naruto into a headlock.

Naruto chuckled as he struggled to get out. "Well, the green form I turned into was a result of me trying something new, basically what I did was use my wind style chakra instead of the Kyubi's chakra, which I dub this form, Hurricane form. The Rasengan that used near the end. . .I got no clue about it. It was unexpecting to me too." Naruto explained as eventually got out of the headlock. "But I still wonder what Xaldin meant before. . ." He thought, giving off a serious look.

Before anyone else could comment, a portal of light spontaneously opened as a figure walked into the area. Soon, the light cleared to see that it was Aqua with what looked like an unconscious Ventus on her back.

"Ven. . ." Xion thought as she recognized what happened to him.

The group watched as Aqua was shocked to see her's and Ventus's home in a terrible state where it would never return to normal. She then went over to Eraqus's Keyblade as she then headed inside the castle remains.

As the group watched Aqua walk to the chair on the other side of the building, something strange happened as they started to hear two familiar voices.

"Aqua." Eraqus's voice started.

"Yes?" Aqua's voice replied.

"Now that you are a Master, there is one secret in particular you must know."

"A secret?" Xion muttered, curious at where this was going. The group watched as Aqua placed Ventus's body on the chair.

"Should anything happen to me, and you find the legion of darkness at our doorstep. . ."

"So they had something planned. . .even for this. . ." Kakashi thought.

"I ask that you take my Keyblade and use it to lock this land away."

"Lock it away?" Kiba asked he looked at Shino, only to get a shrug.

"What?" Aqua's voice asked in a surprised tone.

"Generations of Keyblade Masters have been charged with keeping this land safe."

"Sounds like something a sensei would say to a student." Naruto commented, only to get shushed by Sakura.

"Light and Darkness exist in balance here, and there are those who would abuse such neutral ground."

Kakashi nodded in agreement, knowing that neutral grounds are sometimes abused.

"This is why our predecessors devised a certain. . .Trick."

"A trick?" Hinata wondered.

The group watched as Aqua then went behind the chair Ventus was sitting in. With Eraqus's Keyblade in her hand, she raised it up to the back of the chair as a Keyhole appeared.

"What the!?" Naruto exclaimed as they heard the voice of Eraqus again.

"So is this what he meant?" Hinata asked as she looked at Xion, who was giving off a dumbfounded look.

"Just use the key, and this land will be transformed. From that day forward, all who visit this land will be lost to oblivion, none ever able to solve the mystery. None, Aqua, except you."

Aqua then thrusted Eraqus's Keyblade forward as a beam of light shot out of it. Soon, a blinding bright light appeared, causing everyone to shield their eyes.

"Wait. . ." Xion thought as she covered her eyes. "He said. . .'lost to oblivion'. . ." She then continued to think over those words.

When the light cleared down, the area completely changed as it became a white with a slightly blue tint. There was a door behind Aqua as she walked in front of the chair where Ventus was resting. There were chains coming out of the chair as light went through them and went up the walls into the unique heart shaped symbol.

"This room. . ." Xion thought as she remembered a similar room back in the Radiant Garden Castle. "It looks exactly like it. . ."

"What the heck. . .?" Naruto breathed out.

"Well. . .this is different. . ." Kakashi said as they all looked around.

"I know it's a lonely place," Aqua started, gathering the group's attention. "but you'll be safe. Terra and I will be back to wake you up before you know it."

"A promise. . ." Naruto muttered before chuckling.

"Hmm. . .what is it Naruto?" Hinata asked as she held his hand.

Naruto looked at his girlfriend with a smile before pecking her on the lips, causing her to blush. "It's nothing, just lost in my thoughts."

"Hmm. . .something about this room. . ." Shino muttered out with interest.

The group watched on as Aqua began to left. While she through the white rooms, Xion's eyes went wide as she recognized them. "No. . .no frickin way. . ." Her eye started to twitch a little.

Hinata turned her head to her friend, giving her a confused look. "Are you alright? Do you-"

"Yeah. . .I recognize that place. . ."

"You do!? How!?" Naruto exclaimed gathering the group's attention to her. "Maybe we could-" He looked as Xion negatively nodded her head as she then gave the motion to continue watching.

Soon, Aqua and the group were outside where everyone looked at the single road of sand before looking back to see a new castle with a 'unique' look, as it was a single building that looked smaller on the outside then it was on the inside. It had towers where it's tops resembling an interesting isosceles triangle, and a noticeable monster with horns on the center of the castle. Two smaller parts of the castle, lying on floating islands are joined to the main structure by chains.

"Creepy. . ." Ino and Sakura said in semi-unison, Tenten nodding in agreement.

"Ominous. . ." Shino said, Naruto, Kiba and Akamaru also nodding in agreement.

"Pleasant looking." Sai said with his usual fake grin, causing everyone else to look at him funny.

Xion shuddered as she pointed to the castle. "ARE. YOU. SERIOUS!? HERE OF ALL PLACES!? AND AQUA WAS THE ONE WHO CREATED THIS PLACE!?" She yelled out with a noticeable twitch.

The group looked shocked at Xion's outburst before Hinata went up to her. "Uh Xion. . .you wanna?"

"Later. . .please. . .my head hurts. . .a lot. . ." Xion muttered out.

"Alright." Hinata said, still slightly worried for her friend.

"Aqua. . ." Everyone became shocked as they then heard a familiar voice. "Put an end to me."

"Terra. . ." Xion muttered out after calming down.

"Where could he. . ." Hinata wondered.

"Terra, tell me where to find you." Aqua said she then started to walk down the path.

For the group, a blinding flash of light caused them to shield their eyes.

"We better not go blind after all these flashes!" Kiba commented, but was quickly shut up by Ino via hit to the head.

When the light cleared, the group found themselves at a familiar place to everyone.

"Hey! This is where Ven talked with Lea and Isa!" Naruto pointed out. "Except the sky's really dark now."

"Yeah. . ." Xion said as she noticed it as well. "Why is that?" She muttered to herself before being tapped on the shoulder. "Yes?" Xion asked Hinata as she noticed she was pointing to the direction everyone was looking at and paled. "Oh. . .that's why. . ."

The group all saw Terra, except with the silver-white hair and yellow eyes.

"Xehanort that bastard. . ." Naruto growled out, wanting to prepare a Rasengan and smash it into his face.

"Calm down. . .remember, this is the past. . .we can't do anything about it. . ." Kakashi nodded as placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder.

Soon the group heard panting as they turned around to see Aqua run right through them and up to her friend. "Terra?"

Xion looked away for a moment, upset at what was happening. "None of this should have happened. . .none of it at all. . ." She thought as she looked back at the two, 'Terra' still being silent as he looked at her before reaching a hand out and grabbed her, lifting her up off the ground.

'Terra' looked at her as a small aura of darkness surrounded him. "Who. . .am I?" He asked, generally sounding like he didn't know.

"Memory loss. . ." Sakura started, gaining everyone's attention for the moment. "Could it be a result from him fighting the armor?"

Aqua struggled to get out of his grip. "Such a terrible. . .darkness. . .Fight it. Terra, please!"

"Terra. . . you say?" 'Terra' said as the aura disappeared and he dropped her to the ground. He then started struggling as he grabbed his head in pain. After a little while. . .

"Terra's heart has been extinguished. . . smothered by the darkness within him!" He said as he summoned out Xehanort's Keyblade and got ready to strike at Aqua.

"No!" Naruto called out as the group watched Aqua dodged the attack.

Aqua looked him down after the back flip as she brought her hand up. "My name is Master Aqua." She said as she summoned her Keyblade. "Now return my friend's heart of pay the price!" She demand as she got into her fighting stance.

The group watched as 'Terra-nort' into the ground and came out behind Aqua, causing her to jump away from him as they started fighting, Aqua wanting to free Terra's heart from Xehanort's control. Aqua attacked with improved magic spells while Terra-nort attacked using dark variations of Terra's own moves, neither side showing signs of backing down.

"This is getting intense. . ." Kakashi said as everyone, even Sai nodded in agreement.

"Will it ever end?" Naruto asked as tightened his hand into a fist.

"What you mean?" Sakura asked to her teammate.

"Naruto?" Hinata asked her boyfriend.

Naruto was silent for a moment as he watched the battle. "The fighting. . .will it ever end?" As he said it, both keyblade wielders clashed at each other.

As Naruto asked that question, the group members, except Sai gave off an 'I don't know' look before Kakashi sighed. "Well. . .I believe that the fighting will end when the time comes. . ."

"When's that?" Kiba deadpanned.

"Beats me." Kakashi simply answered, causing everyone to resist face-faulting.

"WHAT THE HELL KAKASHI-SENSEI!?" Naruto growled out, eyes going silted for a moment.

"Sorry sorry, let continue watching, it's starting to get interesting. . ." Kakashi said as he looked back at the fight.

Terra-nort tried to attack with some pure darkness projectiles, but were easily deflected thanks to Aqua's barrier and sent back at him, causing him to take damage. The two continued to go at it, each send multiple different varieties of attack, both physical attacks and magic until Aqua delivered a blow that 'ended' the fight.

"Not. . .Yet!" 'Terra-nort groaned in pain from the attack.

"Alright, judging by the pattern, there's going to be another phase." Xion thought as she noticed a barrier of darkness surround the two.

"What. . .is this!?" Naruto reacted as the Konoha group looked at the barrier appearing.

"Must be something Xehanort did." Sakura deducted as they all looked back at Aqua and 'Terra-nort', both of them stopped moving as they stared each other down.

"I will guide you to the depths of darkness!" 'Terra-nort' declared as a massive dark aura appeared, shrouding his body as a monster came out of him, appearing behind 'Terra-nort'.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" Kiba yelled as Akamaru whimpered in fear.

Xion looked on, wide-eyed as she recognized what it was. "Ansem's Dark Guardian!? What's that doing here!? It should-" She then realized something. "So that's it. . .of course!"

Everyone else was going to ask what Xion meant, but there was no time as the battle started up again, 'Terra-nort' displaying new moves thanks to the guardian behind, it now attacking Aqua as well, forcing her to dodge as much as possible.

"OK! This is just really unfair now!" Naruto started. "It's two on one!"

Kakashi sighed as he placed a hand on his student's shoulder. "In a fight between good versus evil, the evil doesn't care and usually resorts to anything to try and win. Even underhanded tricks like this."

"But even so-" Naruto tried to respond only to find Sakura's hand on his other shoulder.

"Kakashi-sensei does make a point Naruto." Sakura stated in a downcast tone.

"I guess you're right. . . but it just feels wrong." Naruto responded.

Naruto then heard Hinata's voice behind him as she wrapped her arms around him, and put her head on his back. "Unfortunately Naruto-kun, its just how it is." Hinata said to her boyfriend.

"I know. . ." Naruto replied back as his mind went back to the fight.

The group saw Aqua was dodging for her life as Xehanort's Dark gaurdian was charging at her from underground with severe force as well as creating dark shockwaves. However, every time the guardian's attacks were about to reach Aqua, she would cartwheel her way out. Although, Xehanort's next attack included the guardian charging towards Aqua and when she tried to dodge, the guardian managed to catch her and hold her in place. Then Xehanort teleported to her and unleashed an Ars Solum combo causing the blue haired keyblade master to receive heavy damage with each strike looking more powerful and deadlier then the last.

"Damn him." Naruto growled clenching his fists together.

"Easy Naruto." Kakashi said trying to calm down the boy.

"I know sensei it's just that I can't stand to watch a fight thats too one sided like this." Naruto replied.

"Hey guys look!" Sakura shouted pointing to the fight.

What the group saw was Aqua managing to block the last strike from the combo, and when that happened the field flashes turning to a gold light color.

"Wha-What's going on?" Kiba said as he looked around.

"I-I don't know." Xion replied.

"Hey guys, look over there." Hinata said to the others as she pointed to a place that had the Dark guardian blocking something from Aqua's path.

"Is that who I think it is?" Naruto said hoping his eyes weren't playing tricks on him.

The group saw a familiar face standing near an orb of light connected to six spaces on the ground, who looked worn out clutching his chest breathing heavily as if trying to hold on to his life.

"It's Terra! he still hanging on!" Naruto exclaimed.

"How is that possible!? I thought he was completely taken over by Xehanort!?" Sakura questioned out loud.

"Terra's heart follows the springtime of youth!" Lee yelled out.

"Yeah, or he's just really stubborn to fall into the darkness." Tenten replied with a sweat drop

"Plus, his mind was never fully taken." Kakashi added remembering the lingering armor.

"Yeah but look at him, he's not doing very good." Shino stated.

"You're right on that part Shino, he looks like he's wavering." Shikamaru added.

"Don't say that you guys, it really sounds like he'll die a any minute when you phrase it like that." Xion said to the two.

"We're just stating the facts that are right in front of us." Shikamaru responded.

"Well your way of showing the facts sucks. Terra is still not out of the fight just yet!" Naruto exclaimed pointing his finger at them.

Just as the conversation was about to continue, Hinata spoke up. "Guys stop arguing, Aqua is making her approach." she said.

The group looked and saw that Aqua was making her way to Terra while under constant fire from the dark guardian's attacks. Eventually the Keyblade Master got close enough that when the guardian tried to grab her, she teleported to where she needed to be on the circle.

The light gathered in both keyblades and at the same time Terra and Aqua raised their keyblades together at the orb and yelled "Light!" Suddenly the dark guardian was starting to fade away and Xehanort falls back a bit.

"Why. . ." Xehanort grunted as he clutched his right shoulder, groaning in pain and started glowing with a bright aura. He then shifts his form in an awkward position and feels a force over him.

"Yes! keep going at it Terra!" Naruto cheered.

"Let the spring time of youth burn away the dark thorns!" Lee added

"Stop fighting back!" Xehanort struggled but is soon forced into a stiff position with his arms away from his sides.

"Terra I know you're in there!" Aqua shouted

While still struggling, Xehanort looked to his Keyblade and started moving his arm. Grunting as he moves, he got a hold of his keyblade and pointed it at his chest.

This'll teach you. Get out of my heart!" Xehanort shouted out as plunged the blade into his chest.

"NO! Xehanort you bastard!" Naruto shouted.

"And Terra was so close. . ." Xion muttered.

"Terra!" Aqua cried.

The Keyblade falls to the ground and vanishes. The guardian appears behind Xehanort as he glowed. he begins to fall backwards and the Guardian melts into pieces, his darkness fell away like sludge to the ground, creating a pool of darkness behind Terra's body. He buckles back and crashes into the pool and starts sinking in the abyss with his hand still afloat. The group saw Aqua racing forward and dives into the pool to try and save him and saw a light burst from the pool.

"How reckless." Shino said bluntly.

"Hey, she is trying to save a friend's life here!" Naruto shouted.

"Even so, but to just jump in there without any knowledge of what could be on the other side is just plain reckless." Shikamaru stated.

The group's attention went back to Aqua as she was now in her armor, flying after Terra's body through the darkness with the wind passing them like a whip.

"The darkness can't have you!" Aqua shouted as she extends an arm to him. She grabs him by the hand and hoists him onto her. She flies towards the light in the darkness, but it was getting further and further away.

"Come on they can make it." Naruto hoped.

"I have to do something or we'll both be lost." Aqua thought out loud.

She then dispels her glider and leaves her armor.

"What is Aqua doing!?" Naruto shouted.

"It seems she's sacrificing herself too save Terra." Kakashi replied to his student.

"B-but that can't be! What about her promise to Ven?" Naruto asked.

"Unfortunately Naruto while it is cruel, some promises might take a while to fulfill." Kakashi replied.

"So you're saying she should just brake her promise?" Naruto asked.

"I didn't say about braking her promise now did I?" Kakashi responded.

Aqua's remaining armor was holding Terra's body, she placed her keyblade into Terra's hand.

"I'm with you."Aqua said as her armor started to glow. She then sends it towards the faraway light.

"Go!" Aqua yelled. After a moment, she smiles half-heartedly as she was falling deep into the dark void.

"Ven, I'm sorry. . . I might not make it back as soon as I thought. But I promise I'll be there, one day to wake you up." Aqua said as she started falling more into the abyss.

"That explains why only her armor and keyblade were in that room." Xion thought to herself.

"Well. . . at least Aqua still hangs on to hope that she will wake up Ven." Naruto said.

The group saw the vision change to a star-lit beach, with two familiar kids laying down on the sand and gazing up at the night sky.

"Why are we back here?" Kiba wondered.

"I'm not really sure." Xion replied.

Riku sits up after a while and turns to Sora.

"Hey, I'm gonna head back." Riku said.

"Yeah, me too." Sora said.

They started walking towards town until Riku looks at Sora and notices something.

"Sora, what's wrong?" Riku asked.

"Huh?" Sora responded.

"Hmm. . . What's going on?" Naruto asked.

"You're. . ." Riku said pointing at Sora.

A tear fell from Sora's cheek and he puts a hand to his face, catching it which surprised him.

"That's weird. It's like something's squeezing me inside" Sora said.

"Can Sora sense what happened to Aqua?" Hinata wondered.

"Maybe. . ." Xion replied.

"Somebody up there must be sad." Riku answered.

"Up where?" Sora asked.

"They say every world is connected by one great sky. So maybe there's somebody up there in all those worlds who's really hurting, and their waiting for you to help them." Riku answered.

"That boy really is smart for his age." Kakashi said.

"True enough." Naruto said thinking how Riku came up with that kind of answer.

"Well gee, do you think there's something I could do?" Sora wondered.

"Hmm. . . Maybe they just need you to open your heart and listen." Riku answered.

"Mmm. . . I dunno Riku, you say some weird stuff sometimes, but I'll try it." Sora replied.

"Okay." Riku said.

Sora looks up, determined, and closes his eyes. Riku looks up as well.

"Those guys always have been in the middle of everything." Xion said.

"You got that right Xion." Ino said.

In the white chamber inside Castle Oblivion, the comatose Ventus rests peacefully.

Xion is still remembering where Ventus's location is "I still can't believe this. . ." She said looking down crying anime tears.

"Xion are you ok?" Hinata said placing a hand on her shoulder.

I'm. . . just peachy Hinata." Xion said smiling while still crying anime tears.

"Hey. . . can you hear me?" Sora said.

"And that's how Ventus found Sora." Sakura said.

"At least we know he is in good hands." Naruto said determined.

The group then found themselves in Radiant Garden where they saw an old man with blond hair wearing a long red scarf walking with two men in uniform through the Central Square with one of the guards wearing an eyepatch over his right eye.

"Right this way." Braig said to the other two.

"Him again. . ." Naruto growled clenching his fists.

"Who is he with?" Sakura wondered.

"That's. . . Ansem the Wise." Xion said.

"He's Ansem?" Kiba asked.

Ansem steps over to where Terra's body was. "Young man, what ails you?" he asked as he saw that Terra was waking up slowly.

"Can you speak? tell me your name." Ansem asked.

"Xeha. . . nort." the man grunted.

"No way. . ." Naruto said as he dropped to his knees in disbelief.

"After everything Aqua sacrificed for, it still wasn't enough. . ." Hinata muttered.

"Well she couldn't have known that this would happen." Kakashi said.

"Xehanort?" Ansem said not noticing Braig smirking as the man passed out.

"Quickly, get him to the castle!" Ansem ordered.

"You can count on me." Braig said as he picked up Xehanort.

"No, your making a mistake!" Naruto shouted at Ansem.

"It's no use. . ." Xion muttered looking down.

"Damn it, that guy is playing right into Xehanort's hands!" Kiba said

"Dilan, get those for me." Braig said to his fellow guard.

"So thats Xaldin's somebody right?" Naruto questioned.

"He seems different than his nobody." Hinata said.

"Just goes to show how people's somebody can be different than their nobody." Kakashi said.

Dilan looked at the pile of armor and keyblade and started picking up the pieces.

The group saw the memory change to an unending road in the middle of the dark abyss.

"This must be the realm of darkness." Sakura said looking around.

"How depressing. . ." Kiba said gaining nods from a few of the other members of the group.

"It feels welcoming." Sai said which caused the group to look at him funny once more.

the group then sees Aqua dragging her feet tiredly on the unending road.

"Hey Aqua's ok!" Naruto cheered.

"Naruto look again, she's dragging her feet." Shikamaru said.

Kakashi noticed how tired Aqua was and could tell from her eyes that she wasn't just wandering the realm of darkness for only a few minutes.

"Seems like I've been walking for ages. How long have I been down here?" Aqua wondered.

"Huh it can't have been that long, we only saw her a few minutes ago right?" Naruto asked.

"Maybe this is taking place in a different part of time." Kakashi responded.

"What do you mean sensei?" Sakura asked.

"I can tell just by looking at her eyes that she hasn't been down here for more than a few minutes. More like a few months or years at best." Kakashi responded which got everyone's attention.

"B-But how can that be!? Naruto exclaimed.

"You mean to say that she's been wandering the realm of darkness for who knows how long without finding an exit!?" Sakura shouted.

Suddenly a large shape looms over Aqua from the darkness with black wings and long antennae which brings back the group's attention to Aqua.

"Holy-! Where did he come from!?" Naruto yelled.

its eyes gazing at her like two burning suns. It seems to pulse with darkness. Aqua catches sight of it and summons Master Eraqus's Keyblade. Another creature of the same type appears behind her and then two more, until she is completely surrounded.

Hinata paled on the inside as she remembered fighting one of them back at the station of awakening, but seeing four of them seemed impossible to fight. While Xion remembered fighting her first Darkside encounter with Roxas back in the organization, which was the first time she actually used the keyblade, even though it was Roxas's keyblade.

"Oh come on! This is even more unfair than the fight with Xehanort!" Naruto shouted.

Aqua finds herself overwhelmed and hangs her head, dispelling the keyblade. "Maybe. . . I should fade into the darkness here" Aqua said as the constant fighting finally took its toll on her.

"No! you can't give up Aqua! what about your promise to Ven!" Naruto shouted.

One of the Heartless pulls back his fist and Naruto puts his transparent body in front of the attack as if trying to shield Aqua even knowing that it wouldn't do anything to help but he didn't care. As it moves in to deliver a crushing blow, two lights that appeared from beyond the realm pierced through the Darkside, destroying it.

"Whoa!" Kiba yelled.

"What was that!?" Ino shouted.

The lights fly past Aqua, and she sees them as Terra and Ven's Keyblades.

"Awesome!" Naruto cheered.

"Give it to them!" Kiba yelled out.

"Let the youth burn away the darkness!" Lee shouted.

The keyblades proceed to eliminate the other three Heartless before flying upward into the abyss.

"Thanks for the assistance!" Naruto shouted and waved at the two keyblades as they were leaving.

Aqua stares in their direction, and gives a small laugh, hardly believing she could.

"I guess it's been so long, I almost forgot how to smile." Aqua said pulling out her Wayfinder and looks at it for a few moments.

"Wow she really has been fighting for so long if she forgot even that." Sakura said.

"No one should ever forget to smile." Naruto stated.

Aqua smiles and looks up.

"There's always a way." Aqua said.

"There always is." Naruto said smiling gaining nods from everyone from the group as they were being transported back.

Back at the garden

The group was back and Naruto was now carrying two of Xaldin's lances. Everyone was silent until Xion noticed something.

"Um. . . Naruto?" Xion asked.

"Yeah?" Naruto responded.

"Where are the rest of the lances?" Xion asked remembering that Xaldin uses a total of six lances all together.

After she said that, the remaining four lances appeared but decided to land on top of Naruto's head, which caused him to fall on his back and see stars with a mini Hinata riding on them.

Everyone who was silent now was starting to laugh at what just transpired in the span of a few seconds, with the exception of Hinata who was checking to see if Naruto was all right.

Tenten who was still giggling, moved to where Naruto was, gathered the lances up and stored them in the scroll where the rest of the weapons were put.

While everyone else was laughing, Xion was looking at the last portals they hadn't done yet. "Almost there. . ."

"Indeed." Xion was shocked when she saw Shino next to her, causing her to jump. "Will you fight them?"

Xion took a deep breath before answering. . .

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