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"When d'you fall in love with her?"

It runs on a loop as he watches her rich red lips slide up and down his straining cock. Dave is the last person he wants in his head right now. If she were anyone else it would probably be enough to turn him off.

With her, his friend's voice is just an irritation, one that can be ignored.

"Come on Aaron."

He tugs upwards on the hair his hand was already buried in. Hot as her little lips are, skilled as her tongue and hands are, he needs to be inside her; he needs to be closer to her; he needs-

"Give me some credit here."

He recognises that look in her eye, somehow both predatory and coy, as she dances her hands up his chest and slips the wet lips of her cunt over the head of his cock. He complies happily, pushing her back and to the side before turning to follow her.

"I don't know who this girl is, but she's not just a good lay."

He kisses up her spine, one hand drifting to a nipple, the other gripping her opposite hip.

'You want it, baby?' Her keen makes his cock twitch, but he holds out, teasing them both.

'Fuck me,' her voice has a demanding edge that he loves, but also so breathy that it's a plea.

He complies, driving forward firmly, her nipple slipping from his fingers, his balls slapping her clit the way he knows that she likes. He buries his face in the crook of her neck and breathes her in deep.

"You're not just sated, Aaron, you're satisfied."

She's meeting him thrust for thrust and their pace is climbing. His nose is buried behind her ear, and his teeth scrape over her neck. A string of curses and demands tumble from her lips, things that, at work, he'd never have expected would ever go through her mind.

His hands settle to her hips for better leverage, and he follows her as she drops to her elbows so she can touch herself.

Her voice is getting shaky, her pace is frantic and her words are incoherent. She tightens around him, and he drops his forehead to the join of her shoulder for four, three, two, one-

'Fuck, JJ,' his face presses into her, muffling his voice.

"I've never seen you this content."

'Love you.'


The relaxed way she rolls over and curls into him, without pause, tells him that she has not heard him - that his secret remains safe - this time.

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