a/n: This was written for the following prompt:

Brittany/Santana - !dirty talk, dom!Brittany, sub!Santana, !masturbation

Brittany likes when Santana acts needy - moaning shamelessly, spreading her legs easily, touching herself, begging, etc. Even better if she can make Santana ask for exactly what she wants, in detail, before she'll give it to her.

Santana likes when Brittany calls her a slut. Pretty much to the point that Britt only has to say it once to get San squirming and breathless. But, of course, she always says it more than once.

I would love a dominant/submissive dynamic, but still loving - not angry sex or hate sex or anything like that~

I realize this chapter is waaaay short, but I do have a few pages more. Just thought that with all this kiss riot going on, us brittana fans could use a little bit of a happy tease.

Brittany teased her.

She teased her because it was too easy, almost effortless, to start a fire burning in Santana.

She started early so she could watch it simmer and glow the entire evening; could watch as the shaking in Santana's hands grew visible, so that by the end of the night she was a clumsy, stuttering mess.

She loved when Santana had this look in her eyes. That subtle confusion of wanting to fuck and be fucked simultaneously, until you aren't sure whether you are predator or prey.

It started with a simple text on Brittany's lunch hour.

Don't forget we're going out for Quinn's birthday tonight. I'm coming straight from work so bring the gift! I left it by the door.

And a follow-up text just a few moments later:

Be a good girl for me and don't wear panties under your dress. xB

And though Santana could easily say no, Brittany knew that she wouldn't. She was obedient to Brittany in a way that would shock anyone else who ever knew her. In her life, at her job, with her friends – Santana had a commanding presence. She barked orders, bullied, and always, always, got what she wanted.

But at night, locked tight inside their house, Santana was putty beneath Brittany's hands. Whimpering, begging, crying out for what she wanted, what she needed. What only Brittany could give her.

Brittany knew her text would set off a chain reaction for Santana, who, for the rest of the day, would try to delude herself into thinking that there's no way she'd be going commando tonight. Not until she had Quinn's gift in hand and was on her way out the door did she falter in her steps, shaking her head at herself as she quickly tugged at her panties from below her tight black dress. She threw them on the end table by the door before closing it behind her.