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At the sight of their dildo lying tauntingly beside her, Santana's hips halted her hips progress across Brittany's now slick stomach. She let her ass fall back onto the bed as she looked pleadingly at the strap-on. She watched as the blonde crawled off of her, propped herself on her side beside her. Brittany dangled the harness above Santana's belly, letting it sway teasingly for a moment before dropping it to land with a thud on her lover's stomach. With her chin she gestured down her own body, giving Santana silent instructions to strap her up.

Santana felt her insides explode in anticipation. Finally, Brittany was going to give her what she wanted. She had honestly never felt so helplessly turned on in her life. The blonde had never made her wait this long, although she couldn't deny how arousing it was to be used as an object for Brittany's pleasure.

She quickly crawled down the bed, hurriedly pulling the leather straps up Brittany's legs. Her fingers fumbled over the clasps as she tugged the leather tight across her hips. She gave the dildo a tug as though making sure it was secure, although it clearly was. In actuality, she wanted to hear the gasp of pleasure from Brittany as the base slapped back down against her clit. She was not disappointed.

"My little slut," Brittany purred lovingly, looking down at Santana. "After all this, you still want to please me."

"You know I love to make you feel good," Santana said, her voice low and seductive as she stroked her hand up and down the shaft.

"Mhm," Brittany moaned in agreement. "You're such a good girl," she muttered, propping one of her arms behind her head so that she could see Santana better. She laid back lazily, smiling dazedly down at Santana as her fist worked over the appendage. "I'm gonna give you what you want, baby," Brittany assured, reaching down to bring Santana's free hand to her mouth so she could kiss her palm.

"Get it wet," the blonde commanded quietly, staying in control despite feeling like she had teased Santana enough.

Santana knelt even further between her legs, making sure to lift her ass into the air so that Brittany could see it. Her back arched, she lowered her head to the phallus while her hand held it at the base. She gathered spit in her mouth and then licked the tip in a circle, leaving an obvious, glistening trail of saliva.

Brittany made a small mewling sound at the sight. Even more arousing was the fact that Santana had not taken her eyes off of the blonde. She was so fucking obedient, it made Brittany crazy with want.

Santana took just the head into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing ever so slightly so that Brittany could tell that she was sucking. When she pulled away, she used a hand to press the dildo against Brittany's stomach and, still keeping their eyes locked, she licked a firm, wet trail up the underside of the toy.

"Your cock's so big," she mumbled, jerking it with her hand for a few strokes before sinking her mouth down around it. Brittany's eyes rolled back at both Santana's words and the sight of her with half the dildo stuffed into her mouth. She used her own hand to hold the base while Santana placed her hands on Brittany's hips for leverage as she bobbed up and down.

"Take more, baby," Brittany said, resisting the urge to hold Santana's head down. "I know you can take more."

And even though Santana questioned in her mind whether this was true or not, she relaxed her throat as best she could and focused on taking it deeper. She wasn't prepared to feel it hit the back of her throat and she gagged a little, pulling away to get a deep breath of air. Her eyes were watering but she didn't miss the way her gagging had caused Brittany to throw her head back in arousal.

She licked her lips and started again, easing herself down on the fake cock. She took it slowly, inch by inch, the silicone disappearing down her throat, until she felt her lips touch Brittany's fingers – still gripping the base.

"Shit," Brittany hissed, looking intensely into Santana's eyes. Her clit was pulsing so hard she could swear Santana would feel it inside her mouth. She brushed a strand of hair out of Santana's face as she watched her begin to bob her head up and down a few times before taking it all the way again.

Growing confident, Santana pulled away, letting the dildo fall spring free. "Fuck my mouth," she husked, her voice grainy from use.

"Santana…" Brittany said apprehensively.

"I can take it," she promised, pumping her fist hard on the shaft so that Brittany could feel it. "I'm your slut, aren't I?" she provoked. "If I was your slut, you'd fuck my throat."

Brittany growled almost possessively, her hesitance gone as she made another grab for Santana's hair with one hand and used the other to fill Santana's mouth with her harnessed cock. She pushed it in deep, deeper than usual, deeper than she would have if she wasn't intoxicated by arousal. She planted both heels on the bed and used both hands to grab two fistfuls of hair, controlling Santana's head.

She held her in place as she used her legs to power her hips upwards, thrusting into Santana's mouth. With every stroke, Brittany felt her clit being stimulated by the base. She was pulling almost entirely out of Santana's mouth and then sliding all the way back down her throat, her thrusts coming faster every time. A wet, spluttering sound was coming from Santana's throat, but she was making no move to get away from Brittany. In fact, she hated to admit that she loved being used in this way. Her head was completely immobilized by Brittany's hold on her hair, and she could do nothing but keep her mouth open for Brittany to fuck. Watching the blonde lose control under her was so worth it.

A second orgasm was beginning to build for Brittany, the base starting to bump her clit so hard it was almost impossible not to cum. With just a few more hard strokes her orgasm erupted. At the peak of her high she kept her hips raised high off the bed, her cock all the way down Santana's throat as she held her firmly in place.

"Fuuuuuuck," she grunted loudly. She allowed herself three more quick pumps to finish off her powerful orgasm. She could hear Santana gagging quietly as her climax began to give way to smaller ripples of pleasure. Despite wanting to just drop to the bed, she made sure to pull out slowly and gently, so as not to hurt her lover.

Saliva covered the phallus, as well as Santana's lips. She was breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath. What she had just done had turned her on more than she even thought possible. Her thighs were sticky and warm, her nipples painfully stiff. Santana allowed her body to drop to the bed and rest for a moment, knowing that if Brittany didn't fuck her soon, she would be fucking herself.