disclaimer: Pokemon is not mine
I don't remember writing this, I really don't remember. When did I write this?
But I love this pairing so freaking much, I mean Silver and Lyra got me into Pokemon fanfiction
and I just had to share this and
why am I not studying for midterms?


ride into your delusional sunset
(let's ride, baby. we got the radio on playing our favorite song
the one we sing with all the words wrong.)


When she first met him— she was plotting to run away, she was grabbing a pokémon and tying on her running shoes and running away. Somewhere far, far away and then she saw him. Staring out into the window, the moment she approached him, he flared— glaring at her until she was gone out of sight.

(And she was charmed at his distinctive coldness— because his eyes told her that he was a good person.)

Then after that odd, but welcoming thought, she ran away with a Chikorita in hand.


They caught her not a second later— they caught her after months of not answering calls and battling gyms fake name, after fake name, after fake name. They caught her and dragged her home, until she saw him again. He popped up and demanded a battle and she grinned as his Haunter and Golbat distracted the frazzled police.

And she laughed and laughed and laughed as she ran with him— hand in hand.

She ran away with the boy named Silver.


She had her first crush a few months later— he had red hair and charming charming eyes and he was wearing a cape. She remembers Crys— the girl who lived down her street when she was little, the girl Gold has a huge crush on happens to adore guys with capes.

Lance, that's his name.

Lance. Lance. Lance. Lance.

She tells Lance her real name, her true name— because he's Lance and she thinks he's the one she wants to dance with.


But then Lance goes away— and there was nothing, no secret kisses or words of sweet sweet romance.

Just a hug and when he's out of sight, she breaks down crying.


He finds her not a moment later and demands that she battles him.

And when the battle is over, she lost and he mutters— "Kotone, give me a real battle next time okay. Next time, I want to see you alive."

The instant he walked past her, she smiles.


Today, she learned he's quite a musician.

He plays on sidewalks and parks— and sometimes sings songs that make girls swoon and boys laugh. The moment he saw her dancing to the music in the park with her Espeon, it was a chagrin expression that fell upon his face.

And she laughed and laughed.


He found her asleep, when he approached her for a battle.

Somehow, he found himself sitting next to her dozing form as he fell asleep.

A few minutes later, she found him on her resting on her shoulder, content. And she basked in the moment, shifting a little as she fell back asleep.


It was months later when she confessed to him, and whispered soft, shy words of innocent romance.

And that is when the story officially begins.


(darling, our love story was a innocent one— one where butterflies fly and the animals sing. and one day, you and i are gonna run away in the sunset.

let's make that day today.)