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Stay With Me

Chapter 1

"Rita, hurry up!" Yuri yelled at the young mage as he lifted his weapon to block the deadly stinger of the Gigalarva. Judith slashed at the side of the creature, seemingly enjoying herself. "He's right, you know! I do enjoy fighting, but this is the third one, and they're pretty tough!" the Krytian said in a light tone. Rita spun around and threw them an annoyed look. "I know, I know! Shut up already! We're going as fast as we can! Just give us a little more time!" the young mage snapped back at them before returning to her investigation of the Aer Krene. Yuri sighed as he slashed at one of the creature's legs.

Rita and some other mages from Halure came to Dahngrest to ask Brave Vesperia for their help. As much as Rita hated to admit it, she had trouble getting by on her own now that she didn't have her Bodhi Blastia anymore. They decided to give up every last Blastia a few months ago to save the world from the Adephagos. And that was exactly why she was spending all of her time in researching a new source of power: Mana. She was still in the experimental stages, and she needed to go to the places where the Mana would be the most dense; the ancient Aer Krenes. She visited some of them alone, but some places were too dangerous for her to do so. That is why the mage had come to Dahngrest to search for Karol. As much as she didn't want to admit it, the little shrimp was the leader of Brave Vesperia, after all.

But Karol was not there. He was already on a mission for the guild. Instead, she found Judith. The young genius reluctantly told her that she needed help as she and some other mages would have to get to the deepest part of Keiv Moc. She could not possibly hope to get rid of the monsters at the same time she was conducting her experiments. Judith, who was always up for some fighting, happily agreed. Knowing she wouldn't be enough to take care of every monster by herself, she had suggested that they pick Yuri up. She suspected that since their trip ended, the swordsman had been pretty bored. When they flew on Ba'ul to Zaphias and went to his room in the Lower Quarter to pick him up, Judith saw that her guess had been right.

Yuri had been bored lately. He had taken it upon himself to help the people of the Lower Quarter get by without the Blastia, but he admitted he missed traveling dearly. He had not fought a single monster for weeks now and he was beginning to get restless. So when Judith and Rita showed up in his room to ask him to go to Keiv Moc with them, he eagerly agreed. He could not wait to fight.

Everything went well until the group reached the Aer Krene. That was when they had been attacked by a Gigalarva, one of those gigantic scorpion creatures. When Yuri and Judith defeated it and another one appeared, it was clear to Yuri that they had stumbled upon the nest of these creatures. It was the same when they came to Keiv Moc the first time, back when Duke saved them from a horrible death. And now, as Judith and Yuri were taking care of the third one in a row, Yuri wondered why he accepted the mission.

The swordsman skillfully avoided being run through by the Gigalarva's dangerous tail. He countered swiftly, severing one of the creature's front legs. The creature lost its balance and fell forward. "Now, Judy!" Yuri yelled to his companion. The Krytian did not waste any time. She gracefully jumped on top of the Gigalarva's head and ran her spear through it, felling it. Yuri panted with the exertion. He turned around to see Rita and the other mages frantically scrambling with their research. His ears picked up the sound of another one of those monsters coming in their direction. "Rita!" he yelled urgently. They were out of time. Yuri was exhausted. He did not know if he would be able to take on another one of those creatures.

"All right! We got all the data we need!" the mage exclaimed joyfully. Judith jumped off the dead Gigalarva. "Then let's get out of here!" she probed them. Rita and the mages quickly gathered their things. They ran away from the Aer Krene, climbing back up into the tall trees. They only stopped to gather their breath after they put a great distance between the creatures' nest and themselves. Judith smirked wickedly. "Well, that was fun. We should do that more often," she said and ignored the incredulous looks the others gave her. Yuri snorted at her. "Ha! I forgot about your crazy blood thirst." The Krytian smiled mischievously at him. "Says the one who enjoys getting beaten to a pulp by enemies."

Yuri pouted playfully at that. "I never said that! I'm just – Ow!" he exclaimed as he felt something sting him in the neck. He immediately slapped whatever it was away. It fell at Yuri's feet and he looked at it. It was a small bug. The swordsman had never seen anything like it. He stared at the offending bug. Judith frowned at him."Yuri? Are you okay?" she asked with concern. It snapped the young man's attention on her. "Yeah. Let's get out of here already!" he said to the rest of the group. They agreed and they resumed their walk out of the forest.

When they finally managed to get out of Keiv Moc, they all agreed to stay the night at Dahngrest since night was almost upon them. However, when Yuri tried to get some rest, he found that he could not stop tossing and turning in his bed at the Inn. He felt hot all over, and the place where that bug had stung him was throbbing painfully. He guessed it must have had some venom in its stinger, but he did not pay it anymore attention. He figured that it would go away eventually. He tried to fall asleep again, but because of the discomfort, Yuri guessed that he would not get any sleep that night.

And he was right. When morning came, Yuri had not managed to sleep at all. His wound still hurt and he was feeling quite off, but he put it on the lack of sleep. When Judith came to greet him, Yuri acted as if he was feeling perfectly fine. He did not want to worry her with something like that. The Krytian told him she was going to take Rita and the other researchers back to Halure and asked Yuri if he wanted her to drop him somewhere. Yuri told her he wanted to go back to Zaphias. He was tired and he just wanted to go back to his room to sleep.

When they were all ready to go, they got on the ship and Ba'ul departed to Halure. During the trip, Yuri stood on the deck, leaning against the guardrail. The wind was freezing cold as they were nearing winter, but the swordsman was thankful for the cool breeze. It was soothing against his burning skin. He was sure it was due to the sting of that bug. Yuri grumbled. He rarely fell ill and he hated it when it happened. He hated being stuck in bed for days with nothing to do. He suddenly felt a presence near him. Yuri turned his head sideway to see Judith standing next to him. She smiled sweetly at him. "Aren't you cold? It's freezing out here," she said. Yuri could understand why she thought it was cold, considering the way she was dressed in such weather. He smiled back, but his smile did not reach his eyes. "It's okay. I can handle it," he answered evasively. He felt Judith's eyes on him, staring intently at his face. He frowned at that. "What? Is there something on my face?" he asked a little more abruptly than he intended. Judith did not seem to mind. "You don't seem well, Yuri. Are you feeling sick?" she asked rather bluntly.

Yuri shook his head, discouraged that he could hide nothing from Judy. "Nah, that's not it. I just didn't sleep very well last night. Don't worry about it," he lied to her face, not wanting to worry his friend more than necessary. He saw in her eyes that she did not believe him, but she did not question him any further. That woman was too clever. She knew whenever someone was lying to her. She put a small hand on his shoulder. "All right, if you say so. Just... don't push yourself too hard, okay?" she said before turning away and making her way back to the cabin, not waiting for an answer from the swordsman. Yuri stayed there, content with looking at the horizon. He looked forward to a familiar bed and a good night of sleep.

The trip back to Zaphias went smoothly. Yuri said goodbye to Rita when they dropped her off at Halure. The young mage reluctantly thanked them and even gave them their payment distractedly. Knowing her, she was surely already absorbed in her newfound research. That was always a funny sight to see. Not more than half an hour after, Yuri was back at Zaphias' Lower Quarter. He said a quick goodbye to Judy, knowing he would probably see the woman fairly soon as she came rather frequently to visit or to ask for favours like this one.

As soon as he was alone, Yuri went back to his room and once inside, he collapsed on his bed. He closed his eyes, trying to fall into a much needed sleep. It was an understatement to say the swordsman was frustrated when sleep evaded him again. He blamed it on the sun's rays filtering through his window. No matter how much he tried to block them, he still could not sleep. So much for trying to get some rest. Frustrated, Yuri left his room and began to walk around in the streets of the Lower Quarter. He was pretty bored as he did not have anything to do. Well, he could go around and help the residents like he usually did, but Yuri was not really in the mood right now. So what could he do?

Just as he was pondering about that, he saw some knights pass by him in the street. It immediately made him think about Flynn: the current commandant of the imperial knights and his childhood friend. He had not bothered the stuck up knight in quite a few days now. Well, that was always an option...

Flynn was filling paperwork in his office, sitting at his desk, when he suddenly heard scratching noises coming from the window behind him. He sighed exasperatedly as he knew the exact cause of the noises. When he turned around, he saw he had been right. Yuri, his childhood friend, was currently stepping over the window's threshold. The latter was smirking at him as he jumped into the room. "Hey there, Commandant," he said on a playfully sarcastic tone. If he had been in the right state of mind, the blond would have heard the strange intonation in his friend's normally smooth voice, but he was stressed and lacked the patience to deal with Yuri's antics. "You know, you can come in through the door. I've got no time to play with you right now, Yuri. I'm busy with work," he said curtly. Before he was able to turn around to return to his papers, he saw a slight glint of hurt pass in those gray eyes. Whether or not it was faked, he did not know. But as soon as it appeared, it was gone.

Yuri feigned a hurt look. "Oooh, I'm hurt. Someone's in a foul mood today. But I know just what you need," he said. Before Flynn could ask what his twisted mind came up with, the black haired swordsman went to stand behind his friend, and his hands went to his shoulders. He began to rub and knead at his flesh, soothing his tense muscles. Flynn let out a gasp of surprise. "Wha-what are you doing? Stop that!" he said, trying to pry his hands away from him. But a particular knead had him stop his struggling. God, Yuri was good with that. He could feel all the tension in his body drain away at those skilled hands. Yuri smirked. "You're stressed, Flynn. Take a break sometimes. It's good for you, you know," he said as he let his hands release all the tension in Flynn's shoulders and back. The latter groaned as Yuri hit a painful spot. "I can't, Yuri. Unlike you, I've got responsibilities. Even if I wanted to take a few days off, I can't because of the current problems," he said. Flynn felt those wonderful hands stop their work. He turned his head to the side to see Yuri frowning at him.

"What do you mean?" he inquired. Of course Yuri did not know. This was a matter that the knights were trying to keep a secret as to not scare the citizens. But this was Yuri, who despite their constant bickering was still his best friend. He could tell him, at least. Flynn's expression darkened and he turned his head away. "Terrorists. There have been many attacks against knights as they were travelling lately. And there was even an attempt to take over Heliord's headquarters about a week ago. We managed to keep the casualties to a minimum, but still... they're pretty insistent. We don't know what they'll try next." Yuri resumed his massage, but his face assumed a worried expression. "Terrorists? Why are they doing this?" Flynn closed his eyes in unrest. "They've made their intentions clear. They're displeased with the loss of Blastia and they think it is partly the empire's fault. They want compensation," he said in a serious tone.

Yuri stopped what he was doing and circled Flynn to lean against his desk. He looked at his friend with a small smile. "Don't let it get to you too much. There'll always be people who don't like how things are. You don't have to deal with it all on your own. Giving up the Blastia is a decision that everyone made together. You should tell the Union and Palestralle about these attacks. They'd help you. After all, the guilds and the Empire dohave a friendship treaty." Flynn's eyes widened in surprise. That was really good advice coming from Yuri. Not that he was not wise, but his friend was rarely serious.

Flynn kept silent, taking that moment to look more closely at his friend. That was when he noticed something seemed off about Yuri. He looked tired and his breath was coming in short puffs, almost as if he had trouble breathing normally. He was about to ask him if he was feeling well when he heard a knock at his door. It opened to reveal Sodia, carrying papers in her hands. "Commandant, I brought you some documents to –, " she stopped talking when she saw Yuri leaning against the desk, looking at her with a blank expression. Her eyes darkened and guilt showed briefly in them. Yuri sighed. That was his cue to get out. He pushed himself away from the desk. "Well, later Flynn." He said and he began to make his way to the window to leave, but a hand closed around his wrist and stopped him. He turned around and shot an enquiring look at his friend.

Flynn was frowning at him. "Yuri, you should go see Princess Estellise. She told me she wanted to see you next time you came," he told him and saw Yuri pout childishly. "Okay, I get it. I'll see her, so let me go," he said, trying to yank his arm free. He knew Flynn could feel the heat radiating from his skin. Flynn did not let go of his wrist. "Use the door since you're going to see her," he advised. Yuri pouted in return. "Fine, fine. I'll use the god damn door," he grumbled. Flynn finally let him go. His eyes followed his friend until he left the room. He felt worried as there was definitely something wrong with his friend, but he knew that even if he asked, he would learn nothing. Yuri was the kind of person that always hid everything to not worry the others. He did not realize he worried them more acting that way.

The sound of a throat clearing pulled Flynn out of his thoughts. He looked up to see Sodia standing in front of his desk, looking strangely at him. Flynn smiled at her. "Sorry, Sodia. Just put them here," he said, motioning to the only empty corner of his desk. She did as told, and he thanked her, waiting for her to leave the room before letting out a long sigh.

How he hated paperwork.

Yuri found Estelle sitting in the garden, deeply entranced in a book. He made his way to her, and seeing she still had not felt his presence, he yanked the book from her hands. Surprised, she raised her head to see what had happened. And when she recognized Yuri's face, a bright smile appeared on her face. She got up and pulled Yuri into a tight hug. "Yuri!" the pink haired girl exclaimed, happiness emanating from her voice. Yuri tried to pry her away. "Nice to see you too, Estelle. You can let me go, now," he said breathlessly. That is why he was reluctant to go and meet with Estelle. She was always like that, crushing him in a bear hug that cut off his air supply. When she finally let go of him, Yuri went to sit on the bench, and the princess returned to her seat. Yuri looked at her. "So, what's up? Flynn told me you wanted to see me?" he asked, wondering what it could be about.

Estelle hesitated, playing with the fabric of her dress. When she did talk, Yuri was left speechless by her words. "Do you... do you know what kind of girl Flynn likes?" The swordsman looked at the pink haired girl with an unbelieving expression. Did Estelle really ask him that? Did that mean... "Estelle, do you like Flynn?" he blurted out without thinking further. He had suspected as much at the beginning of their journey, but he had dismissed the thought as time passed. She reacted to his words violently. The princess's cheeks glowed bright red. She made panicked movements with her hands. "N-no! It's nothing like that!" she protested so strongly that Yuri believed her. He felt himself getting impatient as she did not seem to want to explain herself.

"So then, why the odd question?" he pressed her, and was glad when she seemed inclined to talk more this time. "Well, I've been thinking about it a lot lately. Flynn is always so lonely, shutting himself in his study and doing nothing but work. I know it's expected from the commandant, but it's not healthy! I think he should go out and meet a nice girl. And since you're Flynn's best friend, I thought that maybe you would know what kind of girl he likes." The softly spoken words had an unexpected effect on the swordsman. He did not like them. Without knowing the reason why, the sole idea of Flynn being with a girl displeased Yuri. For all the years they had known each other, his best friend had never dated anyone. Neither had Yuri. Just having the other's company had been enough. And Yuri did not want that to change. He knew he was being selfish. Flynn deserved happiness with someone he loved, whomever it may be. But the idea of someone else being more important than him in the commandant's eyes made his chest burn with jealousy. He did not know why and it was so frustrating. Maybe it was because Yuri knew he did not need someone else to enter his life. Yuri was happy as he was, with his friends and with Flynn. He knew the commandant would always be his most precious person. Yuri began to question what exactly Flynn was to him.

"Yuri?" Estelle's soft-spoken voice snapped him from his thoughts. He looked at her and tried to hide his annoyance. "How should I know what kind of girl he likes?" he only noticed he had talked harshly when he saw Estelle's hurt expression. His expression softened. "Look, we've never talked about that. I guess you'll just have to ask him directly if you really want to know," he answered. Suddenly he felt a wave of dizziness wash over him. He really was not feeling well, but he tried not to show it. He was lucky that unlike Judith, the princess was clueless about these things. The princess seemed to regain her peppiness and her fingers began to twitch with nervousness again. "Alright, I think I'll do that. Uhum, Yuri... What about you? Is there someone you like?" she asked in a barely-audible whisper, not looking him in the eye.

Oh crap. Yuri cursed himself for his bad luck. Yuri understood exactly where this conversation was heading. Out of all people, the princess had to develop a crush on him: a cold blooded murderer and a member of a guild. He was no good for the princess. She was too sweet and naive. His darkness would devour her whole, and he would burn her wings down. Now he would have to break her heart. It would have been better if she had not found the courage to tell him. It would have saved him a big headache. Yuri turned his face to the side and feigned a bored expression. "I don't really like anyone. Why do you ask? You're weird today, Estelle," he said, looking at her as she lowered her head. The princess's cheeks gained a shade of red. "I... Yuri, I..." she began, but she seemed unable to continue.

Yuri looked at her pityingly, and he circled her shoulders with an arm, pulling her gently against him. He heard her intake of breath at this unusual action coming from him. "Estelle, I'm sorry," he said on a gentle tone. Seeing as she was too shocked to answer anything, he kept on talking. "I can't return your feelings. I'm really sorry." This time he felt Estelle begin to shake against him as she was trying to stop herself from crying. "You'll always be important to me. You're like the little sister I never had. I care a lot about you, but... just not the same way," he whispered, letting out his true thoughts, something he rarely did. But he felt the princess deserved it. She was ready to pour her heart out to him, so it was the least he could do.

Yuri felt his sleeve becoming wet with the tears Estelle couldn't stop anymore. He felt really bad because he was the cause of those tears. He pushed her gently away from him and looked at her tear streaked face. He wiped one tear away. "Estelle, don't cry. You'll find someone who'll be able to make you happy, but that person can't be me. I won't be able to make you happy, Estelle." Estelle managed to stop crying after a long while and she smiled weakly at him. "I'm alright now. Thank you for being honest with me. I didn't want to put such a burden on you," she whispered sadly. Yuri smiled back sadly, finding the sight of Estelle trying to fight back her tears depressing. So Yuri did the only thing he could to try and lighten the mood. He diverted the conversation, telling Estelle about Rita's and Judith's statuses. When he left the princess some time later, he was glad to see she seemed to be better. But that did not quell the feeling of guilt that had settled in his gut.

On his way to the castle's entrance, Yuri was so lost in his thoughts that he did not notice the person walking towards him until he had bumped in them. Hands flew to his arms to help him keep his balance. Yuri lifted his face to see Flynn staring at him with concern. "Oh, hey Flynn. Sorry about that," he said lightly, trying to hide his unease. But the commandant was not fooled. He noticed Yuri was not feeling well. "Yuri, are you okay? You don't seem well," he asked worriedly. The dark haired man smiled at his friend, hoping it would be enough to get Flynn off of his back. "It's nothing. I'm just tired, that's all," he replied, but he did not expect the hand that covered his burning forehead. The cold touch disappeared quickly and he heard Flynn gasp. "You're burning up! You should be resting right now! What were you thinking, coming here when you're sick?" the commandant scolded him, but it was clear in his voice that he was deeply worried for him. Yuri snorted and pushed Flynn's hands away from him. "I told you, it's nothing. I just caught a cold." He retorted on an irritated tone.

He did not want to deal with this, and seeing Flynn was making him recall his conversation with Estelle that he just wanted to forget. Especially the last words she had said to him before they had parted. "Yuri, I wish you good luck with the person you like! I'm rooting for you!" Normally, the swordsman would have quickly brushed those words aside. But somehow, when Estelle had said those words, the image of Flynn formed in his mind. He didn't understand why. Flynn was his best friend, nothing more. So why? No matter what the reason was, he did not want to ponder on it now.

Yuri made a move to get away from Flynn, but something strange caught his attention. It was a smell. Flynn turned around and stared at Yuri's unmoving form. "Yuri?" he questioned. The latter frowned as he recognized the scent. "Don't you smell it? It smells like..." he began hesitantly. Flynn also caught the smell and he recognized it too. Sulfur. And a second after, his ears picked up a low, ringing sound. The commandant immediately understood the danger.

"Watch out!" he yelled to Yuri and he threw himself at his friend, shielding Yuri with his body right as the walls of the entrance gate exploded from the impact of the bomb. The force of the explosion blew the two friends into the opposing wall. Yuri's head violently hit the hard surface. Pain exploded in his skull and he cried out in pain. The world went dark.

When he regained his senses, he groggily took in his surroundings. Muffled screams from the destroyed gate barely reached his ears, still ringing with the strength of the explosion. As his senses slowly became sharper, Yuri became aware of a warm weight on top of him. It was the reason why Yuri was not hurt. It had protected him from the blow. He let his gaze fall on Flynn, who was lying on top of him, unconscious.

Yuri's hands went to his friend's shoulders and shook him frantically. "Flynn... Flynn! Wake up!" he yelled worriedly. Flynn stirred softly and moaned in pain. Yuri put his hands on his back and tried to help him straighten up, but Flynn was too weak to do it alone. Yuri froze when he felt warm moisture on his hands. Blood. "Flynn!" Yuri panicked more. Flynn groaned and opened his eyes. He managed to pull himself into a sitting position. "Are you okay, Yuri?" he asked with concern, his breath coming out in shallow puffs at the pain that coursed through his body. He was bleeding from a cut on his forehead and his back stung horribly. Many fragments from the destroyed wall had stuck into his skin. At least Yuri seemed to be okay.

"Idiot! You should worry about yourself!" Yuri exclaimed, unable to hide the worry in his voice. Suddenly they heard new voices coming from the gate. Flynn turned his attention to the situation at hand. The commandant pulled himself to his feet and he winced at the pain racing through his back. He ignored it and extended a hand to Yuri. The latter took it and got to his feet with the help of his friend. "It must be the work of the terrorists. They got us good this time. They're coming. We have to fight them off. We can't let them get to master Ioder." The blond said, unsheathing his sword.

Yuri smirked, but his smile had no humour. He tossed his scabbard aside and crouched into his fighting stance next to his friend. "You sure you can take them on in your state?" he said, his eyes never leaving the destroyed gate, where there were no less than twenty terrorists. Flynn mirrored his smile. "There's no way they'll get the best of me. I've dealt with much worse. But Yuri... Don't kill them, okay?" he asked in a grave tone. Yuri snorted as their enemies approached them, stopping at a few feet away from the duo. "Well, that depends on what they do. But I can try not to, if you really want," he answered, even though in his eyes, the terrorists did not deserve to live. These terrorists did not care about the lives of people they hurt or killed, so why should they care about the terrorists' lives?

One of their enemies, a tall and burly man with a scarred face and a huge sword, sauntered towards them. "Well well, what do we have here? The commandant himself! Thanks for saving us the trouble of looking for you. I'm going to shred you to pieces and rip your limbs off! Then I'll do the same to the little prince." Flynn also took a few steps forward. "Why are you doing this? It won't bring the Blastia back! All you're doing is spewing discontentment and bitterness! You are killing innocent people who had nothing to do with your vengeance!" he exclaimed. The terrorists just laughed mockingly. Enraged, Flynn opened his mouth, but a hand gripped his arm firmly. Yuri stepped to his side. "Drop it, Flynn. It's no use. These guys have rocks for brains. They won't listen to you no matter how much you preach." Yuri said with a dark expression. Flynn cursed under his breath. He had hoped he could buy them some time. He was no fool. He knew that despite how strong he and Yuri were, there was no way the two of them could win against twenty. On top of that, Yuri was not feeling well and he himself was hurt. Damn it! Where were his men when he needed them?

The leader pulled his sword from the ground and pointed it towards Flynn. "You should say your prayers, commandant. You're going to die here!" he roared and charged towards him. Flynn grunted as he parried the leader's sword with his own, feeling his back stinging. Flynn heard voices shouting his name from behind. Finally! Sodia and about ten of his men rushed to them. "Commandant! Are you okay?" Sodia asked him with concern. Flynn broke the parry and slashed at the terrorist. "I'm fine! Attack those men!" he yelled at his men. The terrorist leader also yelled to his men to attack and they obeyed, running towards the knights. Swords clashed as they engaged combat. The battle was chaotic. Flynn found himself getting separated from Yuri as he was pushed backwards by multiple attackers. He blocked an attack with his shield and knocked the attacker out cold with the hilt of his blade. Another one attacked him and he blocked him just as easily. He threw a quick glance in Yuri's direction.

The dark haired man was taking care of two enemies at once, dancing around them, and trying to find their weak spots. He avoided the strike of one of the terrorists and retaliated by ducking down and slashing at his legs, only deep enough to severe the tendons. His assailant screamed in pain and fell to the ground, unable to stand anymore. Yuri straightened himself up and blocked the other man's sword with his own. He disarmed the attacker and grabbed the back of the man's head. He smashed his skull against the wall with enough strength to make him pass out. Yuri turned around to look at Flynn and that's when he saw the leader advancing towards the commandant. But the blond was already dealing with another terrorist, so he could not see him. Yuri was about to rush towards him when another wave of dizziness washed over him. Damn it! Why now? There was no time to lose! He had to get to Flynn. He pulled himself together and ran towards his friend.

Flynn had just taken care of his third enemy when he heard a familiar voice shout over the chaos. "Flynn! Behind you!" The commandant spun on his feet and saw the leader bringing down his sword on him. However, he did not have time to block the deadly blow. Just when he thought it was over, Yuri pushed him roughly out of the way. Flynn watched as his friend brought his sword up to block the blow. He saw him grit his teeth against the pressure of the blade. Yuri was not strong enough to block it. Yuri's sword flew out of his hands and the terrorist's blade grazed his arm. "Out of my way!" the terrorist roared and his fist flew towards Yuri's face. It collided with Yuri's jaw and sent him flying to the ground a few feet away.

The sight sent Flynn in a dark rage. The adrenaline rush dulled the pain in his back. He charged towards the man who had lifted a hand against his friend. His sword clashed loudly against his assailant's. His fury gave him more strength and he pushed the man back even though the man was taller and bigger. But the terrorist was skilled too. He blocked every one of the commandant's strikes. Flynn could feel his stamina running out with every slash at his enemy. He had to put an end to this fight soon. The man's next attack was a little bit slower than the ones before. Flynn jumped on the opportunity to retaliate.

Flynn deflected the blow with his shield and dashed forwards. He ran his sword through the man's chest, making sure to not hit any vitals. Such a wound would have been enough to send any normal man to his knees. But Flynn's enemy was tougher than Flynn had thought. The wounded man jumped backwards, tearing Flynn's sword away from his hand. Shocked, Flynn froze as the man lifted his weapon up, not seeming to care about the sword stabbed into his chest.

But the terrorist never did manage it. A sword pierced the man's stomach from behind. The terrorist made a choked noise and pitched forwards. Yuri was standing behind him, his sword stained with blood. Yuri bent down and pulled Flynn's sword out of the corpse. Straightening up, he threw the sword at Flynn who caught it by the guard. "Yuri... thanks." Flynn said, out of breath. Yuri nodded. "No problem. You can't go easy on men like him. Guys like him just don't know when to quit," he said, trying to regain his breath. He had trouble breathing and he was not quite sure it was only because of the fighting.

Flynn agreed and noticed some of his men were still engaging the last of the terrorists. He began to walk towards them to help them. Yuri saw where he was going, but he did not make any move to follow him. It was not his place to do so. This was a knight's matter. He turned around and began to walk towards the destroyed gate. But he had only taken a few steps forward when the dizziness came back to hit him full force. The world around Yuri spun sickeningly and the wound of his neck burned fiercely. His grip around his sword loosened and the weapon fell on the ground with a loud sound. The ground rushed up to meet him.

Flynn heard the sword's clattering and turned around to see Yuri collapse on the ground without a sound. Flynn's eyes widened and his heart stopped in his chest.

"Yuri!" Flynn screaming his name was the last thing Yuri heard before succumbing to the darkness.

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