'I suppose you could say it was my fault really. But that would mean apportioning blame in someway, giving it a sense of somehow being a wrong or unfortunate circumstance. It would imply that somehow we ended up worse off than we were. The truth was, what happened was nothing short of a miracle and though we are both now very different, we were grateful to still be together on this earth.'

I paused, my sharp red eyes flitting quickly over my writing. It seemed a satisfactory start. I dipped my nib into the small bottle of ink and continued.

'Alec and I were fortunate. Though our memories fade with age, somehow we retained much of our knowledge of our human lives, though in no great detail. Perhaps it came from our bond with each other as fraternal twins; or maybe from the circumstances in which we were ripped from that life and thrown into this one. Either way, between us we know enough of our history to understand what happened to us. Father was able to fill in the rest for us once we came here to Italy; so it may be that this diary, once finished, will be the most complete history of a human to vampire transformation that he has in his collection. Some parts of this story may be embellished with false or wished for memories from our time as humans. Some parts may be inadvertently omitted, due to lack of recollection and the feebleness of the human mind. Much time has passed and the once vivid memories fade more with each passing decade. Still, I shall try my utmost to ensure that this is a full and accurate account of the circumstances in which I, Jane Volturi, and my brother Alec, came to be here, in Volterra; so far from our home and time... and from our humble human beginnings.'

I laid my pen down on the small book I had been writing in and rose from my seat, looking out of the window into the gardens below. As always, when not required at Aro's side, Marcus was standing in the far corner of the gardens, beside a stone monument he had built many years ago, in memory of his late companion, Didyme. I didn't really understand what had happened to her, I just knew that she no longer existed in this realm and that Marcus' grief was unending. Aro had once tried to explain the concept of mates to me and my brother, but it seemed so bizarre to us. All I could think was 'How could I ever love anyone more than my own brother?'. Perhaps Aro was wrong and mates didn't have to be romantic bonds, but could be those forged through pain and suffering and shared blood, as ours was. Alec agreed and had sworn many times that he could never love anyone as much as he loved me. It made me proud to have such a loyal eternal companion as Alec.

I cast another glance at Marcus, then turned swiftly back to my desk, quickly wiping my pen and replacing the stopper in my ink bottle. I wrapped the leather cover around my book, placing it neatly at the back of the desk, then reached for my black cloak. I had work to do.

Authors note: For those waiting for an update on BEL, please note that story is on hold for the time being. I still do intend to finish it, but it's not a priority right now.