A Daniel X Fanfic

by Sakura Martinez


I do not own Daniel X, or the characters in that story. James Patterson own the rights for them. What I do own is the idea for the fanfic and this fanfic itself.


After surviving Void's Game, being reunited with his drang, and learning the truth about Void, Daniel X leaves with Khadagh to prepare for the imminent battle between Number One and Two. But when both Daniel and Khadagh disappears, The Prayer begins his revenge, seeking the aid of a mysterious group. Now, it's a race against time our heroes to put a stop to The Prayer's latest scheme before it's too late and it will take everything in their power to do so.

Daniel X: Out of Time

Chapter Ten

A Way Out

When given the chance, we didn't head back to Terra Firma, back to Willy and Emma's parents. We knew how dangerous that would be. Although, we also knew that it was also dangerous to stay out in space. We knew that The Prayer—and, quite possibly, Undinogh—had a wide range of control over the universe. He was that powerful. His connections were scattered all over. You would never know whether an alien you would meet in outer space was a friend or a foe until that moment when you are betrayed or aided.

We needed a place to lie low for a while. A place where The Prayer's influence hardly, if ever, reached. We didn't know which places these are, or if there really was a place apart from Alpar Nok, and so we let Khadagh decide. Out of the six of us, he was the one who would probably have any idea about that and none of us wanted to endanger Alpar Nok by hiding there.

As we traversed the vast expanse of space, Emma and I helped patch Daniel up after making him take a bath and change his clothing. With his powers currently blocked, his regenerative abilities were slightly hindered making the healing process take quite a longer time than it used to.

"This," Daniel said after Emma and I had finished patching him up and he was resting in his own room in the Bonadventure. "seriously blows. I thought that this wasn't going to happen to me again."

"Well, it does seem like you're a magnet for bad luck, Daniel," Emma chuckled.

"You can say that again," I sighed. "Really, Daniel, I can't understand why they would take you instead of Khadagh when, as you said, they already know he's a time traveler."

Daniel shrugged, "Beats me. All I know, apart from what I've already told you guys, is that your alternate-universe-selves have a serious issue against Khadagh and me, for that matter. They're even worse than how you were Dana."

I fought against the powerful urge to hit him at the back of the head with that comment and I could see in the twinkle of Emma's eyes that she knew just that and she was amused.

"Worse than how Dana was?" Emma asked, acting as though she was innocent of the past.

I gave her a steely glare. She knew how much I didn't want to talk about the past, nor want to hear any mention of it. But Emma continued acting like she didn't know.

Daniel, however, should have known better. But, instead of shutting up about it or choosing some other topic to talk about, he pursued it.

"Well, yeah. Dana hesitated but those guys...they were waiting for me to make a wrong move—to piss The Prayer enough that he would let them beat me up. Of course, they usually don't have to wait that long, especially when either of the two Undinoghs are around." He shook his head, "You guys sure can hold on to a grudge."

"We are not them," I huffed, crossing my arms.

Daniel stared at me. His expression telling me that I should know better. And I do. I do know better. And I also know that he is right. If we had not been able to escape from Ergent Seth's captivity, if Khadagh hadn't found us, and if we had learned that Daniel was still alive and had been made to believe that he has forgotten about us and the bonds that all of us shared? Well, some of those things had actually happened to me, and even under Khadagh's influence—Khadagh who didn't turn out to be the enemy we all thought he was—I had been so angry at Daniel that I did want to kill him.

That was proof enough that, should we had been brainwashed completely, we would have turned against him.

Just like how the alternate versions of ourselves.

I don't know if Daniel saw the change in my expression, but he seems to know when I understood what he was saying because he smiled at me soon after that.

"I guess we could ask Khadagh why they would target Daniel," Emma spoke, reminding both Daniel and I that we were not alone. "You do have a point, Dana. Why take Daniel when they could have just taken Khadagh?"

We didn't get to talk to Khadagh, however. Daniel wanted to come along but Emma and I knew he needed rest. He needed to recuperate and he won't get that if we had went straight to Khadagh for our much-needed answers.

Forcing Daniel to rest, however, is not a walk in the park. It was pretty hard as he wants to do something. He didn't like being bedridden and it was only when I threatened never to talk to him again did he complied to my wishes, albeit he did so begrudgingly. I suppose it also helped that Emma had also threatened to tie him down should he even think of tiring himself out.

"Why do you guys even bother having me rest?" He had asked one evening, two days after our escape as Khadagh continued on with the current course to a destination yet to be revealed. "It's not like I would be able to help out much again until we get as much distance between us and that other you."

"Because even without your powers you can still fight. Besides, you won't be able to help anyone if you push yourself too hard and collapse." I argued before I tried once more, concentrating on trying to unlock Daniel's sealed powers. I was getting there but it still wasn't enough. They were still pursuing us.

The frown on my face was enough to tip him off. "Still no good, huh..."

I shook my head, "We're gaining distance and the seal is weakening but it's still not enough for me to break it. I'll try harder next time, just let me rest for a bit."

Daniel took my hand and said, "Now, that doesn't seem fair. You're working hard yourself. Practice what you preach, Dana."

I gave him a glare, which soon melted. I couldn't really stay angry with him so long, not after almost losing him. Time is too precious to waste feeling annoyed or angry with another person—it's one of the things I have learned. Before I knew it, Daniel had pulled me closer to him, his arms were around my waist and he was looking at me like nothing else mattered at that moment.

"I thought I'd lost you, Daniel," I said as I ran my hand on his hair, pushing it away from his eyes.

"I thought so, too," Daniel admitted. "I wasn't worried about myself, though. I was more worried about you and the others. I knew that whatever they were planning, it would be bad news to you guys...and to the rest of the universe. I was willing to sacrifice myself if it meant putting a stop to what they were planning on using me for."

"I would have hated you for that," I told him, not looking at him directly at the eye.

I knew that he wasn't lying. About sacrificing himself for the greater good, I mean. And, I wasn't lying myself. Call me selfish but I wouldn't want him to die just for that noble ambition or his sense of duty to the whole universe. We may be the last of the Alien Hunters but that doesn't mean we have to die for it.

Daniel didn't say anything after that. Well, not about sacrificing himself, I mean. We both strayed away from that somber topic, it did not do us any good to dwell on those things especially with the possibility that we may have all met our match. Instead, Daniel and I allowed the silence to take over. It was a perfect kind of silence. We didn't need to say or do anything but just be. That's one of the things I like about us.

Both Daniel and I were about to fall asleep when the door suddenly slide open and in comes Khadagh.

Surprised, we bolted out of bed, like we were caught doing something we shouldn't be doing. And, for no reason that I could think of, I was blushing, like I was embarrassed about something. I quickly shook that feeling away as I glared at Khadagh.

What could he possibly want now? He didn't want us to disturb him before...

"Let's talk," Khadagh said, his eyes fixed on Daniel as he clapped his hands and created a chair for him to sit down on.

Daniel looked at me and I shrugged. I had only managed to tell Khadagh the basics, not really knowing how to explain the other things to him.

Before Daniel could ask what Khadagh wants to know, Khadagh beat him to it by talking before he could.

"We don't have much time," Khadagh began.

"Not much time? What are you talking about?" I interjected. "Our pursuers are a long way away from us. We have enough time."

"No we don't." Khadagh pressed. "Joe managed to pick up a radio signal from The Prayer. He's really going out of his way calling for a manhunt not just for Daniel and me but for the rest of us. I've been trying to find a safe place to let this whole thing blow before we counter-attack and see what we can do with the time rift but...even that safehouse I had in mind isn't safe any more. And we all know we can't go back to Earth or to Alpar Nok and, unless we are dealing with the people from my timeline, I won't be able to help you guys much. This is your battlefield."

"So, what now? You can't expect us to win against the army that The Prayer is amassing." Daniel said.

Khadagh closed his eyes before he spoke, "There is one way..."

"And that is?" I asked.

Khadagh opened his eyes, a look of weariness that had never crossed his features before now lay bare in his face, "I have to drag them all back."

"Drag them back? What are you talking about?" I couldn't help asking. It was strange seeing a look of resignation in his face.

"He means the alternate versions of you and the others," Daniel said, catching up on what Khadagh was planning. "But, that would mean that—"

Khadagh nods, "I have to lure them into a time portal and—."

"Wait, you want us to go back to that fortress and that time rift and allow you to try to get them to take the bait?" I couldn't believe what Khadagh was proposing. It was more than dangerous, it also has a low probability of success.

"That would really be suicide, Khadagh," Even Daniel agreed with me. "Besides, we'd all be in trouble if you fail."

Khadagh sighed, "And that is why I must insist that you both let me finish what I am about to say before you throw violent reactions into my direction like that. We don't need to go back to the fortress, at least, not yet. I can try creating a portal back to my time, but I can't do it alone. I would need both of your help not just in creating the portal but also in closing it."

"But I thought you can't do something like that," I couldn't help saying.

"I can't, not by myself nor for the sole purpose of going back to my own time without fulfilling my promise but...I think Graff and Altrea—mom and dad—would understand the situation. That's why I am asking for both of your help, with our powers combined, we can create a portal that would just be enough to send me and the others right back where we came from."

"That's dangerous..." Daniel shook his head, "I'm willing to do it but putting Dana in danger as well...?"

I frowned.

"We won't be able to do it by ourselves. We need her power." Khadagh said.


I elbowed Daniel at the gut right then and there. I didn't care if he was injured still. I really hate it when he answers for me and when he thinks me incapable of defending myself and fighting alongside them.

After giving him a good glare, I turned to face Khadagh, "We have to wait until Daniel's powers are back, though. I can't amplify your power while trying to unseal his at the same time. I'm not that good with my abilities yet."

Khadagh nods, "Fair enough. But our time is running short. It would take quite a bit of time to set everything up and, after that, we have to make sure that all of you have a fighting chance against the remaining enemies here once I'm gone. I have no idea how we can do that, though..."

"I may know someone who can help us," Daniel said as he rubbed his sore spot.

"Who?" I asked, knowing for sure that he didn't mean Maerwen and the others.

"An old friend indebted to me," was Daniel's only reply, along with a confident grin.