Kyo leaned against the far corner of Ayame's shop, trying to keep out of sight. Damn perverted snake. He could just barely make out his voice as he tried, and failed, to convince Yuki to wear some new dress he had made. I swear Yuki's gunna deck him for this one day. He didn't notice when Aya stopped talking, nor the soft footfalls a few moments later.

"Oh but Yuki-"

"Ayame." Said person's head snapped around to Shigure, who hadn't said a word throughout the entire argument.

"Don't you agree Gure? Why he would look simply stunning in-" Aya was cut off again as Shigure grabbed his arm and dragged him away from Yuki, who looked relieved at not having to argue with his brother anymore.

"Aya, I have a proposition for you." His eyes practically lit up at that, knowing that this would probably go well for him. "You already know your brother looks good in dresses, yes?" Aya frowned and nodded, not quite sure where he was going with this.

"I know." "And you know that to make him look female doesn't take much effort, correct?" Aya nodded again, still unsure of what Shigure was getting at. Shigure grinned, an evil light coming into his eyes. "Now here's the real question. Can you do the same thing to Kyo, or would it be too much for you?" Shigure added the last part making sure that if he hadn't gotten him with the first, there was no way he would want to back out now. A light similar to his entered Aya's eyes as he started laughing, clapping his hands together.

"Gure, I really love how you think sometimes."

Kyo slowly crept down an isle of various ribbons and string, trying to see if there was a backdoor. Where is it? A sudden flash of movement on his left on the other side of the large shelves caught him by surprise, causing him to jump back and bump into the racks behind him. "Ah!" Kyo jumped when he felt something touch his neck, making him jump back again and stumble into the shelves, knocking down a few bundles of string. "What the hell?" he grumbled as he tried to extract himself from the long threads. He growled when he tried to follow a string and found it wound behind him, tugging on it harshly. "Damn it!" Kyo cursed as the string he had tugged on pulled on the foot he had been supporting himself on. He winced and tried to bring a hand up to rub at the back of his head. The hell?…you've got to be kidding me… He tried to bring up his right hand, hoping it wasn't anywhere near as tangled as his left. He quickly found that trying to raise his arm also brought up his left knee. How?… I don't even want to know… "Screw this." He was about to tug one last time in an attempt to break the string when a flash to his right caught his attention. What the?

"Kyo, did you need some help?" Kyo's head snapped to the left, glaring daggers at a sniggering Ayame.

"Listen ya damn snake-"

"Gure, won't you come help me with our little Kyonkinchi? He seems to be in a bit of a bind right now."

"I don't need your help 'ya damn snake, get lost!" Aya just laughed, shaking his head at him.

"Now now, I only need you for a moment." Kyo paled at that, freezing as the words slowly sunk in.

"Hell no! I'm not wearing anything you put near me! N-" Kyo was cut off as Shigure came up on the other side of him, picking him up and putting over his shoulder. "Oi! Put me down! I said no damn it! NO!" Kyo continued to struggle, not that it did him much good. He was still snagged on the strings, and with the ways he was now, he couldn't even pick up his hands. "Ya damn perverts! I said no! Put me down!" Kyo instead settled for trying to kick Shigure in the chest, which was soon thwarted by Shigure grabbing Kyo's one free leg.

"Play nice, it won't hurt."

He continued to wriggle around, still trying to escape. "Like I'll believe you! Put me down ya damn mutt! No means no!" Shigure looked over at Ayame, who simply smiled and opened a door wide.

"First changing room to the left please." Shigure looked over at Yuki, who was amazingly sound asleep on one of the chairs. He's probably used to hearing Kyo shouting. Shigure simply shook his head as he took a still loudly protesting Kyo to the designated room, Aya off somewhere to get the perfect outfit he'd been talking about.

"Oww! Hey! What the hell'd 'ya drop me for?" Shigure ignored him as he straightened from plopping Kyo on the ground.

"I'm sure you'll look great Kyo! I can't wait to see." Kyo growled as Shigure grinned at him before closing the door, effectively silencing any more protests.

"He's in there?" Shigure looked down the hall to see Aya quickly walking toward him carrying a long, big bag with both arms.

"Yeah, you need help?" Ayame simply grinned in a way that would have scared anyone had it not been Shigure.

"You doubt me? Just give me a few minutes, alright?" He nodded, moving to get out of his friend's way.

"Don't kill him."

"Me? I don't dress corpses, you should know this by now."

Shigure rolled my eyes as he heard a few light thuds through the wall. He really should just give up, Aya might just hurt him if something happens to that outfit. There was one more louder bang before everything went quiet. He looked over to see Yuki slowly sitting up, rubbing at his eyes. "Tired Yuki?" He simply shook his head, stretching.

"I'm fine now thank you." He looked around, seeming to just figure out that they were the only ones in the store. "Where-" A series of loud noises interrupted Yuki, one of which sounded suspiciously like a scream. I'm sure he's fine. Yuki turned surprised toward the door from which the noises were coming. "I'm not asking." Shigure snickered as Yuki hung his head and slowly shook it.

"Such little faith."

"Damn it I said no! I'm not wearing that!" Kyo backed into the far corner, finally free of the damn string. Ayame simply kept moving, taking what he wanted me to wear out of its bag and hanging it on one of the hooks.

"Oh I think you will Kyonkinchi. Or did you want me to call Kagura and enlist her help in this?" He paled considerably at that, freezing. Aya turned back to him, a knowing evil smirk in place. "Thought so."

Shigure looked up as he heard the door open, surprised to see Kagura standing in the doorway. "Do you need something Kagura-chan?" She shook her head, looking around the shop.

"No, I was just walking around and decided to stop by." She walked in, still looking around.

"You've never been here before?" She shook her head. "Not yet. Wh-" Ayame peeked his head out of the door he'd taken Kyo through.

"Ready?" Shigure nodded, standing up. Yuki looked confused but did the same, looking back and forth between Shigure and the now closed door.

"Do you know what's going on Yuki?" He looked back and forth a few more times before shaking his head.

"No and I'm not entirely sure I want to."

"Ready Kyo?"

"And if I say no?" Ayame chuckled. "It wouldn't make a difference. Just try not to run away when you get out there, ok?" Kyo paled, backing away from the door.

"Why would I do that? What aren't you telling me?" Aya, still chuckling, grabbed onto Kyo's arm, pulling him forward again.

"Nothing, nothing! Just go!" He opened the door wide with that and pushed Kyo out, not giving him an option one way or the other.

Everyone in the room stood there in complete shock. Damn, he actually did it… Shigure closed his eyes and shook his head, but Kyo was still standing there; not that anyone else in the room seemed to have recognized him. Aya had somehow wrestled Kyo into a floor length black gown. The skirt was what looked like a shiny black satin while a the front had black lace folds going from the top of it down to the floor, narrow at the top and gradually widening. There was no stitching separating the top from the skirt, giving the dress a complete look. The top was simpler, with a strip of satin going from the top of the reasonably low cut top that left his collar bone bare to where the folds began, pleats going in both directions from the middle; stopping before they reached the sides. There were three bows running down the middle; one at the very top, one near the middle and the last right on top of where the lace began. There were short off the shoulder sleeves, leaving his arms bare. All of that, combined with the orange extensions in Kyo's hair, made him look almost completely like a girl. Shigure snapped out of it first, giving a low whistle and slowly clapping. "I can't believe you did it Aya, but I'm completely amazed at the results."

Aya beamed at Shigure. "Why thank you."

Kyo's face was covered in a massive blush. I can't believe he actually got me into this thing. He hung his head using his bangs to cover his face. I'm getting out of this as soon as I can.

"Oh she's so pretty! I love her dress Ayame-san." Wait, her? Was that Kagura? Kyo stood there, utterly confused as to why she hadn't attacked him yet. Does she really think I'm a girl? He slowly brought his head up, looking at everyone in the room. "Awwww~ How cute!" The hell? I am not cute damn it! Wait… Kyo immediately brightened as an idea came to him. She hasn't attacked me because she doesn't know I'm here, I guess I can put up with this until she leaves…

"I have to admit, you really outdid yourself Ayame." Kyo's head snapped over to Yuki, whom he had forgotten was even there. Damn rat… Kyo clenched his teeth to keep from snapping on him, knowing Kagura would figure out who "she" was at that point. Damn it.

"So what's your name?" Kyo let out a sound of surprise as he heard Kagura's voice a lot closer than it was moments ago. He spun around and almost bumped into her with how close she was. Shit! Kyo backed up, accidentally running unto Yuki in the process. He gently placed his hands on Kyo's upper arms.

"You shouldn't sneak up on people like that Kagura, it's not polite." Kyo looked back and narrowed his eyes at Yuki, still not speaking. You're one to talk you little-

"I'm terribly sorry I scared you. I-" A knock at the front window interrupted her. We all looked over to see a silhouette of somebody standing on the other side of the glass window. "Oh! I've gotta go. I'll see you guys later!" She waved at everyone before dashing outside to greet whoever was waiting outside. Everyone watched until Kagura's form disappeared from view. Once he couldn't see her anymore, Shigure looked over at Kyo and Yuki, who hadn't moved. He raised his eyebrow and looked at Ayame, who simply shrugged his shoulders.

"Alright… that went well." Kyo looked over at Ayame scowling.

"Never again." He started to stomp toward the dressing rooms, stopping when Yuki decided to put his two cents in.

"You really do look very pretty Kyo-chan." Kyo stiffened, whirling around to face him.

"Shut up damn it! I didn't have a choice in the matter!" Yuki just continued laughing behind his hand, turned away from Kyo. Said cat growled and prepared to lunge when Ayame grabbed his arm and started dragging him toward the dressing rooms.

"No fighting in a dress Kyo." He was about to protest, but anything he was about to say went unheard by the occupants of the main room as the door shut behind them.

"Well that did go well, don't you think?" Yuki just snorted, shaking his head.

"Only you two, I swear."