"Alright everyone, listen up. This is important." It took a moment but before long the entire theater was silent, waiting to hear what Mr. Moore had to say so they could go home. "I have recently been informed that a large portion of the main character's costumes have been completed. As such, I want to start doing short dress rehearsals starting Wednesday. The first one to complain is doing all of their scenes first." There were numerous grumbles in the crowd but no one spoke up. They all knew he would really do it.

Kyo was fuming the entire walk home. He was going to kill that damn snake! Sneaky bastard… Yuki rolled his eyes.

"You're over reacting neko. You knew it was going to happen sooner or later." Kyo scowled at Yuki.

"You're not the one stuck walking around in a damn dress!" They were almost home, so no one was around to hear Kyo yelling. "Why the hell is he starting it this early anyway! We haven't even gone through the entire damn thing yet! Useless piece of-" Kyo cut his sentence short when Yuki decided to throw his two cents in.

"But think of it this way, at least you'll look better than the rest of them." Kyo blushed, looking away from the smirking rat. Kyo sneezed suddenly, distracting him from what he was about to say. "Are you ok?" Kyo rolled his eyes and continued walking home.

"Fine. Let's just get home so we can go over this stupid play."

Kyo, as it turned out, was not fine. By the time dinner rolled around, the orange haired boy was sneezing much more often, a runny nose soon following. Yuki sighed when he saw the cat come down the stairs. Earlier he had insisted that he had wanted to look over the script on his own, going up to his room and firmly shutting the door. Now Yuki had to wonder just how much of it had sunk in during his little cram session.

"Baka neko, go back up to your room. I'll bring something up." Kyo scowled but it was just his luck that Tohru would walk out of the kitchen at that very moment, take one look at Kyo, and completely agree with Yuki.

"You need rest Kyo-kun, otherwise you'll just get worse."

"I'm -sneeze- fine damn it!" Yuki simply raised an eyebrow and Kyo scowled, though another sneeze interrupted his glare. Yuki softened his gaze and walked over to Kyo, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Go upstairs. I'll put two plates together and we can look over the script, alright?" Kyo rolled his eyes before looking away and Yuki couldn't tell if the color on his face was from embarrassment or a fever. He sincerely hoped it was the former however. After Kyo had gone back upstairs, sniffling the whole way, Yuki turned to Tohru, who had at some point gone back into the kitchen and was exiting once more. She smiled and held two plates in her hands, holding them out.

"Tell Kyo-kun I hope he feels better." Yuki nodded and took the plates.

"Thank you Honda-san."

"Ah, Yuki-kun. I think there may still be medicine in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom if you want me to get it." Yuki smiled politely.

"It's fine Honda-san. I just need you to tell Shigure to call Hatori when you see him." Tohru nodded quickly, smiling brightly.

"Sure thing Yuki-kun! Good luck with the script!" With a nod in her direction Yuki started on his way up the stairs, stopping when he reached Kyo's door.

"Kyo, come get the door. My hands are full." There was a moment of silence before shuffling could be heard and the door opened. Yuki smiled to himself as he followed Kyo into the room. He didn't want the cat sick, but he did sort of look cute with how sleepy the orange haired boy looked. There was a red mark on Kyo's forehead and it was obvious the cat had been sleeping on the desk before Yuki had come up. The rat had no intention of actually looking at the script, but he did want Kyo to get some food in him. The desk was slowly cleared and Yuki put the plates down, Kyo taking his and going to sit on the bed.

"So how far did you get?" Kyo's head snapped up at Yuki bit the inside of his cheek to keep from chuckling. Kyo apparently had almost fallen asleep sitting up. "Never mind, just eat." Kyo glared anyway as though he knew Yuki was trying not to laugh at him.

He started eating though, ignoring it with nothing more than a muttered, "Damn, rat." A corner of Yuki's mouth lifted up in a half smile and the rest of the meal was left to a comfortable silence.

Kyo yawned after he finished, setting his plate next to Yuki's./p

"I'll take these down, think you can stay awake until I get back?" Kyo glared but you could easily see his eyelids drooping. A sudden sneezing fit cut off his glare and Yuki left the room quickly, heading downstairs with the empty plates.

"Ah! Yuki-kun!" Said boy turned around when he heard Tohru call him from the downstairs hallway. "Here, I'll take those." She removed the plates from his arms before he could protest and so he let it pass, wanting to get back up to Kyo.

"Thank you Honda-san." She smiled.

"It's no problem. I told Shigure what you said, he told me Hatori-san is coming down tomorrow, so Kyo-kun should stay here." Yuki nodded his head.

"Thank you again Honda-san. Sleep well." Tohru continued to smile as she headed into the kitchen, happy to help those closest to her. Yuki wasn't thrilled about Kyo staying home from school tomorrow, but knew it was probably for the best. Kyo didn't get sick often, and with the play coming up, it would be best for him to get better as soon as possible. When Yuki reached Kyo's room once more, he stopped in the doorway, silently watching the cat get changed for bed. Only after the sleep shirt had been pulled over the other's head did the rat speak up.

"Shigure called Hatori, he told you to stay home tomorrow so he could come over to take a look at you." Kyo jumped at the sound of Yuki's voice, swiftly turning to face him. Being sick however, the action made him dizzy. The orange haired boy put a hand to his forehead and took a step back, scowling. Yuki looked worried from his spot on the other side of the room.

"It's not that bad, I still need to-" a particularly loud sneeze cut him off. Kyo sighed and Yuki shook his head, stepping into the room.

"Get some sleep neko. You need it." Kyo sat on the edge of his bed, looking away and grumbling under his breath. Yuki stepped forward and brushed his lips over Kyo's forehead, making the cat blush furiously. "Get better soon Kyo. I'll miss you at practice tomorrow." The softening of Kyo's features made Yuki feel better about the small admission and he went to stand up, surprised when he felt Kyo tug on his shirt. "Yes Kyo?" Bangs obstructed Yuki's view as Kyo answered him.

"Will you... I just...I'm not too sick, but if you don't wanna catch anything..." It took a few moments for Yuki to sort through Kyo's broken mutterings, finally piecing together their meaning just ask Kyo was letting go of his shirt. Yuki grabbed Kyo's chin and tilted his head up, softly kissing his forehead again.

"It's fine. Let me get changed and I'll come right back." The relief was clear on Kyo's face as the cat gave a small smile.

"Thanks. I feel like shit, I just-" Kyo cut himself off when Yuki took a step back.

"I said it's fine. I'll be right back." Kyo dipped his head in acknowledgement, laying back onto the bed as the rat left the room. He left the light on for Yuki to turn off when he came back, not having the energy to get up to do it himself. He had no idea how much time had passed since Yuki left the room but his eyes snapped open when the light was suddenly flicked off. Kyo felt the bed dip and another body get in behind him. Kyo moved over, giving Yuki more room as he calmed his racing heart at being startled. He relaxed back against Yuki when the rat wrapped his arms around his torso, the other body giving off a comforting warmth. They fell asleep in silence, the sound of each other's breathing lulling the other to sleep.