Erin: WHY? Why did Auggie have to fall for that other girl? Annie finally realized she was in love with him and then he tells her that he has feelings for some other girl! Not just that he didn't even notice Annie practically crying in his front seat? God I'm so depressed, pissed, and ugh! Come on! I've been waiting for them for two seasons! Dammitt! *Sigh* Well anyways this is what I think was going through Annie head after she found out…

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A Broken Promise

She broke her promise. She used his blindness against him. Something she swore she would never do. He is her best friend and she had promised never to treat him any differently than a seeing man. It was a silent unspoken promise between them.

She had never needed to before. She had never had the opportunity for that matter. While he couldn't see with his eyes he always seemed to be all seeing knowing everything about her. He knew her so well that she had been sure he would see right through her act. When he didn't she couldn't believe it. He had been so sure she was smiling at the gift, a gift that normally she would be jumping up and down for, yet she had been in tears.

He hadn't heard the crack in her voice or smelled the salt of tears just beginning to fall and when she tensed up at his touch it all went unnoticed. All the signs that would have given away her true feelings to Joan or Danielle and yet he didn't notice them. She used his blindness to hide the signs as best she could until she was far enough away in the middle of nowhere that she could pull over and cry no sob in the front seat of his car. He never questioned her because it would never cross his mind that she would ever break her word to him. He after all would never break his word to her.

How she wished she could give it back to him. Now it was nothing more than a painful reminder that she had been too late. It was Danielle who showed her what had been staring at her right in the face. The minute she could she rushed over to him planning on confessing her love, placing all her cards on the table and maybe they could become something amazing. That hope was shattered when she learned that he was in love but not with her.

Gripping the streaking wheel she tried so desperately to pull herself together. He would never be the one but he was still her best friend and she couldn't lose that too. She loved him and wanted him to be happy even at the cost of her own heart.

It took hours for her to compose herself enough to drive back home and by the time she arrived she had made a new promise on the broken ashes of the old. No matter what she would never let him know the truth. He would never know of her love for him even if that meant using his blindness once again. She wouldn't lose the only thing she had left.

Gripping the keys she stepped out of her car tucking them into her pocket she buried her love in a deep dark hole in her heart where it would never see the light of day.

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