The house stands empty

An old "For Sale" sign flaps in the wind

The windows are dusty, the inside is bare, and the door hinges are caked with rust.

The stove sits unused, the yard is clear of obstructions

No Slime Ghost pogo waits to maul bystanders, no swing set to use.

There is no father and son in the kitchen, preparing and refusing baked goods.

Who is this John you speak of? I am quite sure he never existed.

The city apartment rises high with its brothers

At the top, an empty block sits solemnly, waiting renters.

No turntable, no computer, no sick beats filling the rooms

No swords in the refrigerator, in fact, there is no refrigerator at all.

No creepy puppets, no obscene puppets

No siblings dueling with swords on the rooftops.

Who is this Dave you speak of? I don't think he ever lived here.

The forests stand solemnly, the trees reach for the sky

The river winds through the land, gently bubbling.

Once there might have been a house here

There might have been a mother, and her child.

They might have participated in passive-aggressive battles

But this never occurred.

Who is this Rose you speak of? She never arrived.

The island is isolated in the middle of the ocean.

There is no temple, or house.

No unnatural flora flourishing to the sound of a guitar

The pumpkins can never go missing because they were never here.

There is just the forest, and the towering volcano, spilling lava across the ground.

Who is this Jade you speak of? Nobody lives here; this land has never seen the touch of any human hand.

A well-dressed man stands by the side of the road, smoking his pipe, and protecting his hat from the cascading rain.

He wonders what it might be like to have a son.

He never knew that he might've.

Where are the kids, you say? Where is John, Rose, Jade, and Dave?

Why, don't you understand? You didn't want them to play, so they never did.

They were begotten by the game, and since their session never began, so they never began.

This world is not doomed, but those four are.

Who are those four? The kids?

I am quite sure there are no kids, and the notion is quite absurd.