"C'mon Artie, just tell us!" Pete implored.


"Artieeee!" Claudia moaned.

"Seriously, why won't you just tell us?" Myka.

Artie pushed his glassed farther up his nose. "Because," he said, "it is none of your business and if you want to know so badly, you'll have to go find out yourselves. I'm sure you could make the computer tell you," he added, shooting an accusatory glance at Claudia. She smiled innocently.

"Of course I could," the red-haired teen scoffed. "But it's more fun to bug you about it, Artie." She spoke like a child asking where babies came from.

"Well, you're not going to get anything out of me!" With that, Artie stormed out the door of the B&B and slammed it, leaving his agents behind him.

"So what do you think? Was that a yes?" Pete asked.

"Oh yeah."


"So, there we go. The Art of the Covenant is in the Warehouse."

"For the record," Leena said, appearing in the room, "it's in the biblical isle."

Within seconds they were on their way to the Warehouse.

Because we all know Indiana Jones was really a Warehouse agent. ;)

Inspired by me watching Indy and Warehouse 13 in the same night. And the fact that Warehouse 13 is actually based on the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.