Title: Thistleclaw's Wish

Rating: T+ maybe will change

Pairings: Thisleclaw will have many pairings, both male and female, cannot be certain of it really though. Other pairings added in but many of the cats that are involved will be those from the Dark Forest, so suggestions are a huge help here ^^. There will be book pairings as well.

Summary: Au slightly. Thistleclaw is still outraged by Crokedstar's 'betrayal' to the Black Forest cats and now he is with his old apprentice to write the wrongs. He makes a wish and not but two days does he wake up as a...twoleg...now he has found out things can be not as they seem. Now he has the opportunity to do what he could not do before, take over the clans, or in this case the teams of Warrior high...but can he do it with some people knowing what he is after such as Crokedstar and Bluestar as well as Firestar who has taken Bluestar's part in taking him down?


Kit's and Paw's are not going to have the same parents for this to work, some will but some will not. They will be in they're 5-10 years of age.

Warriors, Medicine cats, Leaders, and Deputies will all be in the teen years

Elders (Unless they are paralyzed like Longtail then they will be in they're teen ages)

Dead Cats I shall bring some back but not all really. Not the two old ones, but maybe ones from Crokedstar's, Sunstar's, and that age. ^^


The clans are basically groups of people in this world, in the human world I mean, who all act differently like how you define those in the book. Riverclan likes to swim, windclan likes to be outside and run, shadowclan likes to blend into the darkness, thunderclan likes the woods, camping, as well as skiing type things.


They are in dorms for Boys and Girls, certain ones of them sleep in the same room there are three beds to a room, but I make it work with both ways really. I only have a few so far and the same are also supposed to seem normal in this world:

Bluestar - Snowfur 01 Girls Dorm

Crokedstar - Thisleclaw - Oakheart 01 Boys Dorm

Firestar - Graystripe - Tigerclaw 02 Boys Dorm


I will have some class projects in this story but they will not really be in classes in this story.


They pretty much think that they were dreaming they're cat lives or some of them know that something caused this to happen (Starclan, leaders, medicine cats, and deputies only really. Maybe a few other select ones.)


Not really likely because they are not normal….maybe like fist fights though

Other Questions:

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Thistleclaw's Wish 00

Thistleclaw paced back and forth, growling lowly to himself as he did so. He was not in a good mood. Tigerstar watched him silently, wondering what was wrong with his old mentor. Something had been on his mind for the past few moons and it was almost as if he was having trouble getting over something, but what was the question in Tigerstar's mind. After all it had been many moons since anyone Thistleclaw seemingly cared about passed on, and this was normally only to happen around then.

"Tigerstar," Thistleclaw mewed suddenly, and turned to face the other. Tigerstar looked at his old mentor.

"Yes Thistleclaw?" He mewed back, something else hiding in his voice. Thistleclaw seemed to ignore it as he spoke now.

"I was probably not being reasonable when I was alive…I should have done something about him but I was not able to do so…hmn…" Thistleclaw sighed, lifting his head to the sky, the forest prolonging that he was able to see. He did not seem to care. He closed his amber eyes slowly. "I just wish that maybe things could have changed or something…I wish I could have taken over the clans, and convinced those who left Dark Forest because of whom we were to come back to us….Crookedstar you would have made a good warrior here for us…yet you left because you found you were not in Starclan…" A growl rumbled in his throat and his tail lashed back and forth. "You made a mistake, and I intend to correct this mistake sooner or later!"

Tigerstar blinked, a growl rumbling now in his throat, wondering what had brought this to Thistleclaw's attention. Though he had to agree more to this than he had been planning, this sounded like it could have happened…if it had maybe he would still be alive, and nothing would be wrong right about now. He would not have ever seen Firestar, he would be gone…never to be leader ether and nether would have Bluestar…

Both cat's looked up as a light twinkled above them. A purr rumbled in Thistleclaw's throat. "How odd…my wish seems to somehow have been granted." He closed his eyes. "Close you're eyes Tigerstar….soon we shall awaken to a knew world…one where us of the Darkforest shall rule. Now Tigerstar go get Mappleshade, Darkstripe, and our other warriors that shall fight along with us...awaken the truth in they're eyes of what me must choose!"

Crookedstar shivered softly, wondering why he now had a bad feeling...no wait something was not right, something was fighting against them not agreeing with how the world was working...he blinked, a light blinding him. He let out a horrified hiss as the world turned dark around him. Barley he heard his father's mew and his brother's. Something was wrong...but was was wrong...? It had to be something to do with the Dark Forest, he had noticed how unsettled the place had been for the longest time now.

A/n: Alright end of the prologue ^^. Please tell me what you think of this.