My version of Aquarion and I'm going to start from the beginning aka episode 1

Episode 1

It was a good day for Silvia. She had just been told the team had found a suspect that could be Abalones. He had just robbed a storage contaminate unit and he was at a garbage dump right now Pirri was assigned to go with her and she accepted. An air ship dropped them off and they went into the sewer to find the kid. When they got there was an element user signal. They were confused when Apollo heard them Apollo got up and said "come out I know your there." They smirked and came out of the sewers. (You know the rest.)

An hour later

Apollo had formed Solar Aquarion when another jet came out of no were when they were surrounded it was a jet shaped like there's but a different color and a little bit different shape then a screen appeared on there black piece after they had deformed Solar Aquarion it had said " attention Silvia, Apollo, and Silvia brother get out of here now they will get you destroyed by the Shadow Angles. I will deal with this get out NOW." They had no choice they left carrying Apollo's jet and him away. They hid so they could not be seen but the other person in the jet could see them. The person hacked into there head sets and told them get ready to get aboard ill be right there just like that after a minute she was there they had watch her robot transform into a small robot it was getting blasted and she had told them to get in his had they trusted her and did just that then they saw the robot get knocked down it had metal blown out of his back but it still got up they tried to get up but it was to week and it fell back down. They saw something open it its had and they went inside then they saw the girl through a mirror the group noticed they could not see he she told the robot to get up but it wouldn't so she said auto pilot grabbed the jets and took off torts there base. She was scared they would figure out who she was but she took off to help them and now they were at the base what were they going to do to her?