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dedication: to onicchi. Happy Christmas!
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title: and that's just romance
summary: Amaimon basically doesn't understand anything. About anything. At all. Especially human mating habits. — Amaimon, Rin/Shiemi.






Amaimon didn't get it.


He just… didn't see the appeal. And they were all doing it. All of them. Even his little brothers. Even the really little ones, and that was frightful enough on its own that he almost deigned to run away and hide in his older brother's room. Mephisto made sense, at least.

Rin and Yukio did not.

The way these people almost ate each other's faces did not.

It was rather disgusting, frankly.

He stared down at his younger brother and the little blonde girl, utterly repulsed and yet strangely fascinated by the way they clutched at each other, pressed against the shadow of the alleyway, unreservedly frantic.

Rin had hitched her up and they were… what was the word?

Making out.



It was horrible.

Amamimon watched them for another moment, before Rin detached, nipped at her lips, stared down at her with his faced shadowed. The blonde girl was flushing and squirming. He made a sound low in his throat that Amaimon couldn't completely discern and bent again.

Really, what was attractive about that?

They looked like mating walruses.

It was hideous.

He would have moved closer, but really, he might get infected with whatever it was that afflicted his younger sibling and that poor blonde girl and, well, everyone, really. Amaimon didn't want whatever it was they had.

It looked fatal.

And yet, he really couldn't help himself.

"—have to go, Rin, we have class—" she whispered

"Five minutes," Rin muttered. He pressed his mouth to hers again.

Amaimon was thoroughly revolted.

They were drooling in each other's mouths.

That couldn't be sanitary!

They finally disengaged, giggling into each other's throat and headed out back onto the street, still clinging to each other. They were both rumpled and messy and it was entirely untoward. And amusing.

He wondered what everyone else would think.

But either way.

Amaimon just didn't understand.

And he probably never would.