Remember the Reality Check storyline? You know, SAINW and all that? Well, where else would Venus have gone but the Next Mutation Universe? Mwahahahaha.

Donatello's story is the worst, they all agree, even without having heard Venus' yet. To go to a world where the Shredder was in control, and then watch all their siblings die. It is the picture of hell.

Still, Venus squirms a bit when they turn to her. Don's eyes are red-rimmed and his soul is still troubled, and she is holding him close, with Raph on his other side and Mike on hers. Family all around. It's the only comfort they've ever had, and she hadn't realized until now how precious it is. She doesn't look at Leonardo as she speaks, the few inches of distance he keeps when the rest of them are shoulder to shoulder like a yawning chasm.

"Where I went we weren't siblings at all. The other me was from China and she'd already defeated the Shredder single-handed. She was kind of a jerk actually. I asked her train me, since she'd already mastered her psychic abilities, but all she did was tell me my questions were stupid and that I'd never understand. She and-" The other Leonardo were dating. Venus shakes herself and continues with only a small pause."-and I worked together, to stop these Dragon men that they were fighting." Her eyes finally flick over to Leo, but he isn't looking at her, and she is relieved.