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"Good job Amu-chan! Yeah! Just like that! Turn a little to the right. Little smile! Yes! That's it!"

I sighed. I was doing another photo shoot for Victoria Secret. Yeah. I know what you're thinking right now.

"A 16-year old doing a photo shoot for Victoria Secret? How is that even legal?"

Yeah. I thought so to but as it turns out, you just need parent permission.

"Are we almost done?" I whined. My photographer, Nikaido, Just chuckled in return.

"Soon! Just pose!" I smiled. He can be a pain but he's pretty cool.

After about 1 more hour of photos I was allowed to leave.

"Oh Amu-chan!" I looked back to see Nikaido running after me.

"Yes Ni-kun?"

"Ah! Jeez you gotta stop calling me that! Anyways, another shoot on Saturday. Is that alright?"

"Uh lemme check." I quickly scrolled through my calendar and saw that I had another photo shoot for Abercrombie already scheduled.

"I can't on Saturday…How about Monday at 5?"

"Perfect!" He clapped his hands together and caught sight of his watch. "Oi! I have to prepare for the next model! Bye Amu-chan!"

"Ja Ne!" I hopped into my car and drove over to Rima's.

At Rima's House!

"DING DONGGGG!" A few seconds later a pissed off Rima opened the door.

"DID YOU HAVE TO SCREAM AND RING 100 TIMES?"I giggled then skipped inside.

"Silly Rima! I only rang 22 times!"

"You're pushing it." I shivered as she glared at me.

"Fine Fine!" We walked into her room and I collapsed onto her orange bean bag.

"Sooo….How's Ikuto?" I glared at her. If looks could kill, she'd so be dead right now.

"SHUSH! I don't like him!" I picked up the nearest thing and threw it at her. It just so happened to be a huge pillow. Before it could actually do some damage she caught it.

"Besides…He would probably never like someone like me…We're completely different."

Rima's Pov

"Besides…He would probably never like someone like me…We're completely different."

I sighed as I heard my best friend's words. She was right. They were completely different. But who wouldn't want Amu? She's a model, she's beautiful, and she's completely nice.

I still didn't see what she saw in Tsukiyomi Ikuto. He was…well like she said completely different from her. He was a skater boy. He was hot for sure but all the girls flocked to Tadase. I scowled at the thought of him. He was so…girly. I guess I should be happy that Amu didn't like him.

"Don't you sit next to Ikuto in like…3 classes?" I saw her blush like a tomato.

"Y-yeah but we don't really talk that much. Even when we're partners for something."

"Then talk to him" I stated plainly.

"It's not that easy!" I sighed.

"How? Just pretend he's another guy!"

"But…He isn't just another guy. He's different."

"Yo Amu. Wipe up your drool. I'm not cleaning it this time." She shot up and gave me a glare.

"S-shut up Rima!" She walked out the room and came back with a napkin and wiped up her mess off the floor.

"So what do you like about him anyways?" I waited patiently as she sat back in the beanbag and twiddled with her fingers.

"Well…He's really cute first of all. Oh! His personality for sure! How he can make everyone in the class laugh in under 5 seconds…" As Amu started day dreaming I decided to pipe up.

"Well you've laughed at his jokes too right?" Her hand slapped face.

"No! I've been too occupied with staring at him." She groaned.

"Then laugh at his jokes tomorrow. Simple as that."

"How is that even supposed to even help?"

"It will! Don't think, Just do. Do it in English where I'll be right behind you okay?" I glanced at the clock. "And…It's time for you to head home! Look pretty for tomorrow!" I joked.

"Fine Fine! Bye Rima! I'll pick you up tomorrow at 7!" I smiled at her.

"Like always." And with that I got ready for bed.

Time Skippy! [Amu's picking up Rima for school]


I honked the horn twice signaling Rima that I was outside. About a minute later a tiny blonde rushed to my car.

"And we're off!" I said as she got in.

We didn't talk for 5 minutes when I finally said something.

"So English right?" I said keeping my eyes on the road.

"Yeah. It's not that hard."

"Says you! You aren't the one doing it."

"I'll be right there! It's fine."

"Whatever." I grumbled as I stopped at the stoplight.

"Hey isn't that Ikuto back there?" I looked where she was pointing. He was on the side walk laughing with his friend, Nagihiko.

"Yep" I said popping the 'p'.

"Oh. It's getting hot. Can you roll down my window?" She asked.

"Sure?" As soon as it was down she screamed out the window.

"Tsukiyomi!" I almost strangled her as he looked in her direction.

"Yeah?" He shouted back.

"Need a ride?" I watched him as he weighed the decision.

"Yeah sure why not. Lets go Nagi." I don't know if my eyes were playing tricks on my but I swear Rima blushed as he said Nagihiko's name.

I couldn't believe this was actually happening. Ikuto, the Ikuto that I had a crush on was about to sit behind me in my car! I quickly unlocked the doors as they climbed in.

"Oh hey! Amu! I didn't know this was your car. It's pretty sick." I thought so too. It was a grayish Lexus is300.

"Thanks!" I said as I smiled back at him trying to hide my blush.

"Amu." I looked over to Rima.


"Green light." she said in a monotone.

"Oh!" I quickly put my foot on the gas as everyone in the car erupted in laughter.

For the next 10 minutes we talked about random things. Ikuto asked me about my modeling like where I worked. I would've been peeved if it was any other guy but with Ikuto I wasn't. Plus, I got to see him blush when I told him I modeled for Victoria's Secret. Ahh the benefits of working there.

We finally arrived at school when Rima pulled Nagihiko away. I just glared at her.

"So I guess it's just me and you huh?" I looked up from the source of the voice. It was Ikuto. My insides were screaming. He was so amazing. I can't believe I wasn't fainting right now.

"Yup." Was all I could reply with without basically molesting the boy.

"We have English together first period so let's just walk there together."

"S-sure." Dammit! Did I just stutter? I saw him look at me from the corner of his eyes.

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit SHIT! I need to kick Rima's ass later.

It was kind of awkward for a minute. Then Tadase walked up to me. I nearly groaned in front of him. Everyone thought we were destined to be together.

"Hello Hinamori-san."

"Hello Tadase-kun." I said in a monotone. Oops.

"I-I wanted to ask y-you something Hinamori-san." I glanced over at Ikuto and saw that he was waiting for me, eyeing the situation. Tadase ignored him. I hated that. He acted like he was so high up there!

"Uh yeah sure." Ikuto stared to walk away but then I did this huge cough. Almost immediately he turned back around and I gave him a 'Don't leave me alone!' look. He stayed where he was waiting with a bored expression.

"Are you okay Hinamori-san?"

"Yeah! So what did you want to ask me?" 'please don't be a confession' I prayed to Kami it wasn't.

"W-would you g-go o-out with m-me." I saw Ikuto's eyes grow wide.

I sighed. "Sorry Tadase-kun but…I like someone else so I can't return your feelings."

"Oh it's fine, I just needed to know what you'd say. Well see you later then…"

"Yeah! Bye!" I then took this chance to walk up to Ikuto. When we were a safe distance Ikuto opened his mouth.

"Wow. I didn't even think that guy was straight." I laughed at that.

"He definitely doesn't look like it does he?" I managed to say through my laugh.

"That, Hinamori is funny." He started to laugh and I couldn't help but stare at him as he laughed. After about 2 minutes he calmed down.

"So you said you liked someone. Who?" I felt my face heat up quickly. It was no doubt in my mind that I looked like a tomato right now.

"Uh…I gotta go!" I shouted as I sped away from him and went to find Rima. I spotted her talking to Nagihiko. I decided now would be a nice time to introduce myself.

"Hi guys!" I waved to them both.

"Hello Amu-Chan!" I looked over to Nagihiko.

"Sorry! I didn't really introduce myself in the car. But seeing as you already know my name I guess I don't need to." I giggled.

"Who doesn't know who you are? Anyways I'm Nagihiko but you can call me Nagi."

"That's cool with me." I rocked back and forth on my heels not really knowing what to say.

"So where'd Ikuto go?" Nagi spoke up.

"Uh…I kind of ditched him…" I trailed off.

"WHAT? AMU. WE TALKED ABOUT THIS." Rima screamed at me.


"Whatever." she grumbled.

"…What are you guys talking about." Nagi cut in. Crap. I totally forgot he was there.

"Nothing. Mind your own business." Rima growled.

"Rima! Play nice." I joked. Then I turned to Nagi.

"Please don't tell okay?" He nodded. I went up to his ear and whispered,

"I like Ikuto."

Nagi backed up obviously shocked.

"You like him." He asked as if he was making sure was hearing right. I nodded.

"You, Hinamori Amu like Iku-" I put my hand over his mouth before he could continue.

"What part of don't tell anyone don't you understand!" I hissed. I let go of him when he asked,

"So should I tell him or something?" I looked up at him in alarm.

"No! Don't do that!"

"Why? I think he likes you anyways." I blushed at his statement.

Just then the bell rang.

"S-shut up. Let's just go in."

"Fine." We all trailed in the classroom and a minute later Ikuto trailed in just missing the late bell.

Ikuto POV

I followed Amu after she ran away and saw her talking to Nagi and that one blonde…Rima I think.

I decided to creep up on there conversation.

"Uh…I kind of ditched him…" Amu said.



"Whatever." Rima grumbled.

"…What are you guys talking about." Nagi cut in.

"Nothing. Mind your own business." Rima growled.

"Rima! Play nice." Amu joked. Then she turned to Nagi.

"Please don't tell okay?" He nodded. She went up to his ear and whispered something in his ear.

All I saw was Nagi's eyes grow huge and he backed up when he said,

"You like him." He asked as if he was making sure he was hearing right. Amu nodded.

"You, Hinamori Amu like Iku-" Amu put her hand over his mouth before he could continue.

"What part of don't tell anyone don't you understand!" Amu hissed. She let go of him when he asked,

"So should I tell him or something?" Amu looked up at him in alarm.

"No! Don't do that!"

"Why? I think he likes you anyways." Amu blushed at what he said.

Just then the bell rang.

"S-shut up. Let's just go in."

'She's kinda cute when she stutters…' I shook the thought off and walked into the classroom just before the late bell rang.

I walked over and took my spot next to Amu. She looked up at me with curious eyes.

"You need to explain why you left me." Then she looked down and blushed.


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