Basically I have dedicated a Christmas one-shot to every individual good friend of mine on Fanfiction. Thanks for sticking with me!

Just to let you know, these are going to be published alphabetically.

This is for Adam, AKA GreyHeartedHero. Check out his stories! :)

And this pairing is Kathy x Grey!

For Adam

As I stared up into the sky of swirling winds and sprinkles of snow, I pondered on the fast approaching subject of Christmas.

It wasn't really my thing, Christmas.

Sure, I received presents and such from family and close friends. At the genius moments I gave presents to others. But the subject of thinking and finding the right present for someone special – no, that was not really my thing. Like, what if I gave the wrong gift to the wrong person?

Answer: They'd probably hate me forever.

What kind of person would love a gift that they didn't like? That would be strange. I couldn't afford being strange.

So I honestly could not risk that. At all.

Whose friendship was I talking about?

Her name: Kathy.

Right. The lean woman who loved to ride horses in her spare time, who's long blonde hair tumbled in endless waves, streaming out behind her as she galloped across the island. With her sleek leather jacket shining underneath the radiant sun, and those denim blue skinny jeans and tough combat, I just couldn't think of the right gift for her.

There were so many choices. From the woollen beautiful scarves at the Tailors to the hearty paella specially cooked at the Inn...what could I get her?

She had such a complicated personality. Usually she wore a smile, cheering everybody in the room up with her laughter and jokes.

At first I had the assumption that she was tough yet had a kind heart.

When she stepped near a horse, her toughness washed away into an everlasting pride. As she mounted her horses, that patient expression dissolved into a longing restlessness to set off into the distance.

Then there were her grumpy times, those moments when she shoved everyone away and yelled at them without explaining why. Including me.

For Kathy? This present absolutely had to be perfect.

Why, you ask?

Well, I might have been a tad romantically interested in her...


You got me. Not a tad. A lot.

So as I strolled through cozy and Christmas charmed Harmonica Town, I thought, A scarf would be great, but she has too many. It was true. Almost everywhere she went during the winter, there was a scarf looped around her neck!

Then I thought, Maybe jewellery. I would sure think a silver necklace with a sparkling gem nesting within it would be good-looking and well suited to Kathy.

But it wasn't worth the risk, because I had no idea how serious I was about Kathy.

I had asked my sister, Sil, for advice. Which wasn't the best idea, but what choice did I have? Immediately she chanted, "Cookies and chocolate is the way to woman's heart!"

It was then that I regretted asking my sister this question, because realistically, cookies and chocolates was the way to win her heart.

While ambling about, I collided into someone. "What the -?" I jerked back, avoiding an embarrassing situation of being pushed to the soaking ground.

The other person said in a somewhat high pitched voice, "Ugh," and I realized it was Julius. There was no man who would talk like that and have vivid violet hair like him. It was crazy, believe it or not. Shaking that disturbing streaked head, he glanced up to identify me.

"Grey!" Julius exclaimed, which just confirmed it was him altogether.

"Julius," I acknowledged with a tip of my head, completely keeping my cool. "You're feeling okay?" My moist sneakers scuffed against the dry patches of snow.

He nodded, and replied, "Yeah."

After a few moments of awkward silence, I began to debate whether or not I should ditch this guy and leave him standing there on the empty street.

Then he interrupted my train of listless thoughts and said, "You look troubled."

This guy was way too observant for my liking. Giving him a perplexing glare, I replied in an unenthusiastic voice, "I am." Julius tilted his head in curiosity, so I was prompted to continue. "I can't seem to figure out the perfect gift for Kathy."

After a few seconds of more awkward silence, Julius raised a pale finger. His face was priceless – it was as if he thought he was a genius and his idea would be worshipped by me forever. Which almost was, because I wouldn't worship Julius anyways.

"I have a rose back at my place – why don't you give that to her?" Gleefully, Julius placed a bony hand on my shoulder, which I managed to shrug off before he got anymore touchy.

However, I still thought he was a complete dork and a genius at the same time.

Clapping my hands, I loudly said, "That's it! How much do you want for it?"

"My friend," Julius said with a grin, "you can have it for free."

On Christmas morning at promptly ten o' clock, I showed up on Kathy's doorstep. It was my luck that fresh snow was powdering the ground, slowly drifting from the sky.

In my opinion, it was fate that the sky was a beautiful clear blue and the snow layered the ground in perfect mounds. There was no better mood before seeing Kathy on Christmas morn.

With the delicate rose in my hand along with a Christmas card that I had attempted to create, I knocked on the door.

Once again I glanced down at the card. It was a plain crisp white, with an evergreen tree covering the front. Above the tree hovered a Harvest Sprite sticker, which I had a feeling would entertain her. It was one of the yellow ones – with pinched faces and red cheeks in their pointy red and green suits.

Inside the card read, "Merry Christmas, Kathy!" As simple as that. Simple was enough, and would be satisfactory.

When Kathy opened the door, my head snapped up. "Oh, hello Kathy," I greeted, nodding.

"Hey, Grey," she replied, leaning against the door. She brushed her thick hair back as she raised an eyebrow. I found it cute that she was wearing a knee-length emerald green skirt paired along with a long-sleeved cherry red shirt. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas." Immediately I held out the rose to her in one hand and the card in the other. In the bright light I distinguished the many colours of crimsons. "Uh, this is for you." A blush spread across my cheeks. I hoped she didn't notice.

She looked down and gave a sudden "Oh!" I noticed that she was blushing too. The blotches on her faces were hard not to take note of. "I didn't expect you would actually give me a present..." muttered Kathy. "This is so sweet!" She grinned.

"Have a good one," I added. "All the best."

Then Kathy did the unthinkable.

Kathy leaned over, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, and said, "Thank you."

That was all I could even ask for.

Merry Christmas, Adam. :)