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For Wolfy

We're slow dancing on his roof. Our only music in the evening consists of the breezing air snuggling against our warm skin and his deep, faint, humming, floating through the night. His hand is resting on my waist; my hands are on his shoulder.

The romantic candles at the perimeter warm me. I feel a glowing affection towards him as we dance, the candles flickering in the wind. The colours of red and orange waltz while mixing into one another.

Above, the stars are sparkles in the night sky. It's a beautiful, perfect night to dance.

Maybe this isn't really a dance. More or less, we're swaying to his uneven, choppy up and down melody. But I love it. Nothing else can be more perfect at this time.

"What song are you singing?" I fondle the thick braid hanging on the side of his head. It's soft and silvery, light like moonlight.

Whether his accent is English or Irish – I still can't tell, he says in that mysterious tone, "Waltz of the Flowers...from a ballet called the Nutcracker. Can't you tell?" He intently looks at me, carefully tilting his head to the side.

I shake my head. "I've never heard of it before," I confess. Then I blush in embarrassment. Why must I not know much about music? Gale knows almost everything. From raps to operas to waltzes...

He genuinely smiles. "I'm not surprised," he admits with a deep nod. He holds his gaze with me. "It's quite old. It was popular around when I was born."

I stay silent. Three hundred years ago...

Gale senses my discomfort, and continues to talk. "When I was born, things were going around like broadways and ballet shows."

I'm confused. "Broadway?"

"Broadway is a gigantic music production," he gently explains. "Kind of like a musical but much more bigger. There are tons of people dancing and singing altogether, and thousands of people gather in a theatre to watch the production... My, Wolfy, it's beautiful."

Almost anything that comes from Gale's lips, I believe. "Three hundred years ago," I breathe.

Gale carelessly shrugs, obviously not bothered by the fact about his immortality. Which is strange, because he frequently hints on it.

"You know so many songs," I remark, awed. "You know nearly everything!" I've said this many times before but this time, my point is strongly justified. My shoulders slump and I stop moving. He doesn't urge me to keep swaying. "Is it strange to stay young forever?"

Then Gale smiles. It's completely charming that I have to plant my lips again his. After pulling back, Gale tells me, "My companion used to say, 'Let us die young or let us live forever.'"

I think this is awfully random for him to be bringing a quote like this up. I sure am not going to live forever. "Why?" Unless he's going to tell me the tale of Peter Pan again – never growing up. That is mighty strange.

"Wolfy." Gale runs his thin fingers along my cheek. "The question is why you would want to stay young forever, or do you want to stay young forever." He gently lifts my chin up. He grazes his velvety lips against mine.

"'Let us die young or let us live forever...'" I quote, then ponder. After a few moments, I say, "Well, I don't want to die."

"Wolfy," Gale says again. He gestures above. I follow his movement to be staring at the glittering orbs suspending in the dark atmosphere. "The stars live forever. And amongst the stars is heaven."

"Heaven," I dreamily repeat.

"And heaven," Gale rests his hands against my shoulder. "And heaven, Wolfy, is life."

"They really are beautiful," I agree, then gaze into his glassy eyes. I frown, coming to a realization. "No. No, I want to stay on earth with you."

To my surprise, Gale chuckles. Bringing my close to him, snuggling against his beating chest, he strokes my hair. He tells me, "Heaven can wait, we're already watching the stars."

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