Hello again.

So here's my sequel to "The Blue Lunchbox Conundrum". Just little pieces about what happens after Alex goes back to the year 2029.

I don't own The Big Bang Theory.

Any mistakes are my own, although I've tried to weed them out.

Snoogans and Snoochie Boochies!

They'd been 'official' for two months. They decided, after a few months of being with each other in their odd situation, that the day they'd sent their son Alex back to the year 2029, they were officially dating, exclusive, an item, committed.

That was the first night they had told each other that they loved the other. Both had actually felt it a bit before they had actually said it aloud, but the timing had been perfect that night after Alex gone back to the future.

Penny had cried, and Sheldon had comforted her. She'd gotten her tears and a little snot on him, and to her he hadn't seemed to mind. He actually did, but his desire to comfort her outweighed his desire to ask her to stop getting her mucus all over him.

That's when she'd said it. Because when she had looked at his shirt, seen the mess she'd left, and noticed how he had seen it too, but didn't say anything, she knew then that they'd work out. It'd be forever.

He hadn't returned the sentiment to her right away though. He said it to her later that night, after they'd had sex and he'd gone to shower. He came back in to find that she'd laid out his Thursday pajamas for him, and warmed him a glass of milk.

She hadn't whined or complained once that he got up to shower each time they had intercourse. She'd kiss him before he left the bed and smile at him. He knew that what he was doing was obsessive compulsive. He knew that most likely any other woman would find it offensive that he left to wash away the evidence of their love making. The need to shower somehow implying that they were dirty, or that what they had just done was dirty. But Penny understood his need and didn't fault him for it. It was a quirk that had grown into an endearment.

He told her he loved her when he came back in the room. She smiled at him and pulled him to the bed.

He ended up taking three showers that night.

So now it was January 18th, 2012. Their two month anniversary, and one week before Alex's estimated conception.

That was the night they decided they'd start having sex without a condom. They were both excited, and nervous as hell. There was pressure on both sides. It was almost like it was their duty to have sex and get her knocked up. If they wanted to keep the timeline right, it's what they had to do.

But they both hated it as well. Damn timeline. It felt like their sex for the next few weeks was going to be a chore instead of them just being with each other. Any thought about trying to make each night special so that it didn't feel like a chore even felt forced.

And don't even get them started on getting married. Howard had made the mistake, and Sheldon had nearly fainted. On top of the pressure he'd been feeling, the thought had been running through his mind nearly non stop. It was going to be a shot gun wedding and he knew it. They couldn't plan the wedding they wanted, the one that Penny deserved, before January 24th, 2012.

Heck, he hadn't even proposed to her... again. Which was another added stress on Sheldon's part. Penny had told him it needed to be genuine. He needed to mean it. It was going to be a special moment. One they'd remember for the rest of their lives. He wanted it to be perfect for her because he loved her. He also never did anything less than perfect, and since he wasn't a mind reader, he had no clue what he was going to do to make it special for her.

They sat down at Penny's kitchen table to enjoy their two month anniversary dinner.

"We need to relax." Penny told Sheldon.

"Agreed. Stress on both our parts can hinder reproduction."

"Don't call it that." Penny waived a hand in front of her face. "That's our son you're talking about." she smiled at him. He gave a small smile back before returning his attention back to his plate of spaghetti with little hot dogs cut up in it.

After light dinner conversation about anything but what was to come, they moved things to her couch to watch a movie. They had watched the first half of Gone With The Wind that weekend, and they popped in the second half and snuggled together on the couch to watch the South fall to it's knees and the Carpet Baggers move in.

When Rhett proposed to Scarlett O'Hara, and kissed her nearly to the point of fainting, Penny turned to Sheldon. "Kiss me." she told him. It reminded him of the first time she'd said that to him. Sitting there on her couch. How nervous he'd been. How worried he was about germs. How worried he was about kissing his friend Penny.

This time, there was no hesitation. She molded her body to his. Just like Scarlett had to Rhett when he'd kissed the acceptance of his proposal right out of her.

All the stress, the pressure, the nerves… they melted away as the two made out like teenagers on Penny's couch. Before they knew it, Bonnie Blue Butler was born, and Penny broke their kiss and stood, taking Sheldon's hand, and pulling him up with her before leading him to her bedroom.

"Penny, what on earth are you doing?" Sheldon said, dropping his arms to his side's as he emerged from her bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist.

Penny was laying on the floor with her legs propped up and over the side of her bed. "I'm trying to help things along. What if tonight's the night? What if little Alex is swimming around in there right now." she said, putting her hands over her abdomen. "What if I wasn't doing this and gravity did it's thing… and then poof! No Alex."

Sheldon shook his head before sitting on the side of the bed next to her legs and looked down to her. "Penny, I highly doubt you took these kind's of precautions originally. From what I could tell, the boy was an accident. Nature simply took it's course."

"Well, enough has been screwed up all ready. I'm not messing something else up." she said, determination written all over her face. He wondered how long she'd stay like that. He'd been in the mood to hold her.

"Very well." he conceded, and then rose to dress in his Wednesday pajamas.