Summary: I, Aleksandar, left Deryn and never heard of her for two years. I suddenly see her, and because of my still burning love for her after all this time, I can't seem to leave her alone. Even when she refuses to remember me.

Author's note: I had this really great urge to start a chapter story, so I wrote it! I hope you like it…and I DO NOT OWN THE LEVIATHAN SERIES. Scott Westerfeld (the genius might I add) does. Him. Not me. (I bet you already knew that though.) Anyway! Enjoy!

I love all of her. Her tall slender frame. Her soft creamy skin. Her short golden hair. Her loud joyous voice. Her gorgeous blue eyes. Her name. Deryn. Deryn, Dyren, Deryn, Deryn, Deryn. I could say her name a million times and would never get tired of it.

When did I stop thinking like this?

I take her into my arms and hold her tight. "I'll always love you", I say. She's surprised by the sudden statement, but then, a smile creeps into her face. She places her arms around my neck and kisses me. Her reply makes me smile. "Of course you will, you daft prince."

When did I start to forget this?

I hear a door slam open. It's Volger. He walks toward me and firmly holds my shoulders to keep me in place. His expression is serious. "Aleksandar, you still have a chance to become Emperor."

Why did I listen to you?

"You promised!" Deryn starts shouting. She is stubbornly trying to keep tears from streaming down her eyes. "What about your home? Didn't you say that the Zoological Society was your home? What about your job! What about all the friends you've made! Are you just going to leave them?" She pauses and looks into my eyes. Her voice turns soft. "What about me?" I stare at her and say the first thing that comes to mind, "What about it?"


"Why did it turn out like this? Was I such a big fool; too easy to be deluded? Was I so weak that I couldn't decide things for myself without Volger's help? Volger. Volger. That stupid, rotten, nasty, horrible, lying piece of Sche-"I stop. People are staring at me. A little boy with blond hair points at me and says, "Mama, that man is weird." His mother shushes him, "Don't point Emil, it's rude." She takes his hand and walks away. It's then that I realize that at some point of thinking, I said some of my thoughts aloud. Sighing, I look up at the sky; the sun is just beginning to rise.

I am at a café, one far away from Austria's palace, out in a small commoner's town. I'm hoping to heaven that no one will recognize me. I tried to fit in, and hoped that I succeeded for I had plenty of practice in the past, but who knows. It's rare not to find someone that doesn't know how the young Emperor looks like here in Austria. The same Austria that- how should I put this? Oh yes!-hates my innards. The people didn't like the idea of a foolish eighteen year old "boy" (I prefer them to call me "man"), running the country. I guess, at this moment, I proved them right.

You see, I ran away. Yes, I know, it's very foolish, not to mention stupid. I wasn't aware of this when I ran away though. Good thing this hasn't been leaked to the public yet. Still, I know that I'm going to have to go back sooner or later, but for now, I might as well enjoy this.

The reason of my decision was because of an event that happened. It started out with a discussion with Volger.

The discussion:

Volger: Aleksandar you are in need of a wife.

Me: ….

Volger: As you well know, you are Emperor, and as Emperor, you need an heir to inherit your power.

Me: A what?

Volger: An heir.

Me: An heir?

Volger: Yes an heir. Stop acting foolish Alek. This is a serious matter.

Me: Volger, an heir. How do you get an hier?

Volger: For heaven's sake! In your eighteen years of life, I would have thought that you already knew how an heir is conceived!

Me: (blushing and now serious) Volger, I am in no need for a wife, or for an heir. I can run this country well without them.

Volger: It cannot wait Alek. Some adolescents your age already have a wife. Besides, it would be problematical if the Emperor himself didn't have one. There is already a date set up for you to find a suitable bride. It's a ball here in the place, and I expect you to attend.

Me: It would be problematical? What kind of problems would arise if I had no wife or an heir? And you have to stop deciding things on your own Volger, I would prefer you to get my approval first.

Volger: (Losing patience) Remember, you are trying to win the people over, and having an Austrian wife will ease the tension. And I didn't get your approval because I know you'd refuse. All because you're still in love with that com-

Me: Don't you dare bring her into this matter!

Volger: -moner, which you decided on your own to forget her and rule Austria instead. Remember?

Me: (filled with anger because of the reminder of my past doings) I AM NOT going to marry, and I AM NOT going to have an heir Volger! That's final!


After that, Volger realized that he had touched a private matter, he didn't care though. So in the end, he continued to discuss this with me, and eventually persuaded me to attend the ball. Once again, I had lost.

As the days went by, I started stressing out at the smallest things, and by the day of the ball, my body was burning with frustration. Frustration at Volger, frustration at myself, frustration at this whole world and its politics, and even frustration at Deryn for her incredible ability to make me love her even after all these years. My frustration bubbled all the way to the day of the ball.

I was getting ready at a private room, and once the servant had gone and asked me for the millionth time, if I wanted any wine, I exploded. When the servant had left the room after realizing that, no, I didn't want any, I cussed and cursed (something I learned from Deryn) and made up my mind to leave. I snuck out of the God forsaken place, stole a horse, and just simply ran away.

I was lucky that Volger was too busy with other matters to be there during the ball, and it was a good thing that no one saw me disappear either. "Oh, he had an emergency meeting to attend to." I almost imagined Volger saying that after word reaches him that the Emperor was nowhere to be seen.

I road on horse, bought commoner's clothes, went as far as the palace as I could, and that's where I am now. Here, a surprisingly cheerful and poor commoner's town, squished together with the countless of people passing by. Yes, the perfect place for no one to find me.

Except for Volger.

Heck, he's here right now.

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