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Andy raised a finger and pointed to horizon. And there it was. A tent in the far distance with the Galactic League's globe in fist emblem near the top. Beneath it, Up could barely make out the words "refugee center". Up moved closer and stood on top of a nearby rock. Next to the tent, he saw a sign that read Join the Starship Rangers! Up looked back at Andy who was studying his GPS, "three miles away," Andy cheered. Without thinking, Up took off. He ran for two and a half miles straight before stopping to find Andy lagging slowly behind and gasping for air.

"If you're going to be a ranger, we're going to need to get you into shape," Up laughed.

"Whatever, kid," Andy panted once he finally caught up to Up, "I don't really care about that right now. All I care about right now is that we're finally here." The two of them walked the rest of the way and up to the tent that had the very same Join the Rangers! sign pinned to the top.

By the time the boys finally reached the front of the incredibly long line, they were greeted by a stern looking young man who was clearly tired by everyone wanting to escape. Up went up before Andy only to be eyed by the man up and down with a skeptical look in his eye, "Papers?" The man finally asked. Crap. Up didn't have a thing to give him.

"Excuse me, sir," Andy spoke up from behind Up, his voice having a extra hint of sugar in it. "My friend here didn't have any room in his bag, so I held onto his papers for him." Andy then handed official looking papers to the ranger, who briefly looked them over. The ranger stamped the documents, handed them to Up, and motioned for him to move on. When Andy showed his documents however, the ranger at the booth changed his very stoic expression to one of shock. Andy seemed to pay no mind to the ranger's sudden interest in him and shrugged him off as he made his way over to Up. "My family is kind of a big deal," Andy explained, "sometimes people recognize my name. Oh, and you're welcome."

"Yeah, how did you-"

"I may be conceded and talk nonstop 'bout myself, but when someone squeezes a word in, I listen. And you, my boy, said that you didn't have anything to show. Lucky for you, I brought extra documents in case they wouldn't take me because half of the GLEE knows my folks and know that they would never let me join. So therefore, I would lie on these papers and get in. But instead, I ran into you and I listened to every word that came out of your handsome little jaw and put that down." Up just stared incredulously, "so, you are welcome." Up nodded and said a quick "thank you" under his breath.

"Oh, and I almost forgot," Andy continued, "I said you just turned eighteen last month, on the twelfth. So, happy belated birthday."

Up and Andy were led into further into the refugee center and into an area filled with neatly organized tents. Andy was led into one almost immediately while Up had to walk for a long while before being sent into a tent. Inside was a makeshift doctor's office and a man sitting at a small desk. The man who led Up into the tent handed the man at the desk his forged papers, then left. Up almost wished he had that man for he found this new ranger far more intimidating. But Up was a ranger now, he had to get used to men and women like this. So Up took a deep breath, and marched forward to his fate with the GLEE.

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