She watched him walk across the school corridors holding hands with his gorgeous and smiling blonde girlfriend. Her fair hair waved, almost in slow motion, after every step she gave joined by her handsome and popular boyfriend. And Emma envied her.

Almost seems like a freaking exhibition of perfection.

Emma closed her locker with the carefulness she always treated her belongings and saw them march to the football court, along with the typical crew following them from behind. And she sighed, feeling invisible, because not one of them had noticed her standing there, timidly holding her books.

Her life was nearly like those chicks movies she would watch at home. Sort of "Pretty in Pink", bar she wasn´t broke and interesting, and she had no best friend. Her OCD didn´t count as a friend, but rather as an obnoxious companion, now under control with her medication.

Sure, therapy helped dealing with her issues with mess and her peculiar family dynamic; but she craved for friendship, and anti depressives just acted on her prickly cleaning habits not on her social skills. She wished to be more gregarious, but every time someone approached her, her OCD ghost arose between them; most frequently, people would turn around and leave, thinking she was odd. She was; she knew it, but there was no need to be cruel. So her expectations when it came to human understanding slowly vanished away.

Sometimes, high school casts system crept Emma out. How would anyone get a chance to be recognized when whenever they tried to do something they were trample on by the ones on top? Being ignored didn´t help either. Of course she wasn´t expecting Terri or her friends to come hug her to welcome her to the gang. Absolutely no. She didn't like Terri, or her friends. But kindness would help making High School time a little more tolerable.

That was the motive she joined more than one club at McKinley. Except for the Cheerios Squad. She wouldn´t wear those mini-skirts in front of the entire school, shaking her derrière for the football team, with the excuse of "cheering them". Except maybe for Will, alone. In private. She blushed while taking notes during the English class. Yes, she was a virgin; but that wasn´t a reason not to want to be with someone. In fact, despite her lack of contact with boys, Emma usually fantasized with him during night time when the house was quiet and just the stars would witness her burying her face on the pillow to suffocate her moans. Perhaps it was sort of creepy, but she knew her imagination could only run wild underneath her covers.

Emma found insufferable Math classes. For that reason, when Mr. Hockings didn´t show up in the classroom, she smiled contented and headed back to her locker. She could use that extra hour to practice her piano lessons if she wanted to get admitted in the Music Academy next year. She hummed quietly, while looking the music sheets, until a female voice spoke fairly close from her nape.

"Look the little Bambi I've found in the woods…" the read haired held her breath and turned around to meet Sue Sylvester´s blue and narrowed eyes.

"S-Sue, hi…" she spoke in a murmur and glanced at the tall girl standing close. How could she forget? If there was someone who would materialize into a giant foot to walk over anyone in her path, that would be Sue Sylvester.

"What do we have here?" she snatched Emma´s folder right off her hands in less than a second and turned the pages, examining the notes on its margins, "This is a total waste of time, dear," she was ironic when throwing the sheets around the floor.

"Give them back, Sue. I need those," Emma pleaded impotently.

"Do you?" she continued torturing the poor girl, who was now shaking weakly

"Hey Sue!" a strong voice echoed in the empty hallway and they both rolled when Will approached them with quick pace.

"Well, look who has joined the party! How are you, buddy?"

"Leave her alone," he ordered facing the blonde bully.

"We´re just having fun!" she curled a long arm around Emma´s slim shoulders, "Right, Elma?"

"She doesn´t seem like having fun," Will pointed seeing the petite girl´s expression. She appeared to be in the edge of tears, "Leave. Her. Alone."

"Saved by the bell, Bambi," Sue finally released her hold and took a step back, "And William you better stop using that cheap conditioner or your hair´s gonna start leaking oil."

"Are you ok?" he asked once Sue was out of the scene.

"Yes," Emma fel on her knees to collect her spread music sheets,

"Let me help you," he offered himself, kneeling down by her side and handing some of the papers, "here."

She looked at him with gratitude, "Thank you". He was even more handsome now he was a few inches apart.

"No prob. She didn´t hurt you, didn´t she?" He was nothing but kind while assisting her.

"No," My music sheets are a chaos, nothing else

"I´m Will."

I know, I see you walking with your girlfriend every day, "Emma."

"Nice to meet you," he shook her hand displaying an immaculate pearly teeth smile.

"Nice to meet you too."

"What are you doing here alone anyway? Sue´s always strolling around during classes…"

He looked like a warden wearing his cute football jacket, "I, uhm… Mr. Hockings didn´t show to the class…"

"You are in Mr. Hockings class?" He seemed impressed, "Wow, you must be really smart."

Emma blushed and crossed her arms on her bag, childishly, "Not really."

"No wonder I-"

"Will! Will!" a whiny shrilling voice called him from the end of the hallway.

He looked back where the source of the voice was coming from and he saw Terri standing there, her feet impatiently tapping on the floor, "I, erm, should go… "

Of course he should. How long do you pretend him to be talking to you?; "Yes… "

"It was nice to meet you, Emma!" he waved before jogging towards the blonde girl.

"Bye…" word came out breathed. And she saw their body's figures blurring at the contrast of the perfect sunny day outside.

Was this a cliché or what? Of course it was. It had gain the title at the moment she put her eyes on him, perfectly aware he was the football captain, dating the hottest girl in School. And of course, she had watched too many movies to know he would be perfectly charming and caring about others, unlike Terri. Now things were designed to develop just like those pathetic plots where he starts talking to her and slowly falling for the coy and hidden beauty that she was supposed to be.

Instead, Will´s and Emma´s story turned out to be somehow divergent than what she thought it would be.

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