It had been nearly a month. Classes re-started, Will recommenced working and Emma returned to New York for a week to finish some errands before moving definitively to Lima.

'We can wait', he had said the first day of the 2011. And they had; she hadn´t been ready; curious thing for Emma, because it wasn´t the first time they would sleep together. But it was the first time they would make love and she wanted to be special, different from her past relationships. This was Will. She wanted fireworks, the Earth to tremble underneath them, her stomach to ache with pleasure, to cry his name out loud while rocking together.

"Wanna come over tonight?", the invitation left her mouth artlessly; she had missed him. She had missed his cuddles at night, his seductive fingers tracing patters across her thighs, his sweet voice humming on her ear seconds before she felt asleep. She had missed having him after destiny (and themselves) had turned them apart.

"Are you sure? Maybe you´re tired… I could see you tomorrow", his voice was kind on the speaker.

"You don´t want to come?" Emma played hurt and he chuckled.

"You know I do. I missed you", the words sounded like a lullaby, causing Emma to sigh.

"I missed you too", both sensed each other smiling on the other line, "Dinner´s at 7, I´ll expect you at 6.30", she faked an authoritative tone.

"Yes, Ma´am".

Looking at her eyes later that night fulfilled Will´s deepest yearning. He could stare at her doe eyes forever; even back when she was a young girl, she had always revealed honesty and care; now a grownup woman, yet when everything between them had been concealed, he had discerned a hint of the girl she was.

"It was delicious, Em", he complemented her cooking while helping her with the dishes, "I didn´t know you could cook"

"I´ve been bored to death these past weeks… ", she giggled washing the dirty plates, "Until I get a job here, I'll cook for you"

"Leave those; we can do them later", he muttered on the shell of her ear, curling his arms around her waist.

She flipped her head to met his gaze, "Would you stay tonight?", she questioned quietly, the real meaning of her words readable on every feature of hers.

His face buried in her neck, placing cheeky kisses there, eliciting a sigh out of her, "I don´t mind waiting, Em"

"Liar", she breathed, "You want me; how much longer are you gonna wait?"

Suddenly he stopped, and spun her around, his hazel eyes hooded, fathoming her mysterious words, "I want you. I want to undress you", she gulped, "I want to touch you, make your head spin; I want to feel you around me, I want you to let yourself go. But I´ll wait. I´ll wait all the time you need. We don´t have to do anything you´re not ready for"

"I don´t wanna wait any longer", she said and his hips pressed on her. She was trapped between him and the sink, "I don´t wanna lose another minute with you"

Her lips landed on his, not waiting for him to respond, and her tongue slid in him, exploring his mouth, which he parted against hers, and his flesh run across hers.

His well built arms lifted her up from her waist; she giggled when she almost blundered off his embrace, "Don´t let me go", her womanly legs wrapped around his hips, while his palms cup her behind to keep her steady.

"Never", he smiled and carried her to her bedroom, laying her down on her back; the two bodies plunged in the mattress, after his weight rested on top of her, "You´re beautiful, Emma".

Her legs shunted aside, welcoming between them, "You´re the most gorgeous man I´ve ever seen", she confessed; she had never complimented men before.

His mouth attacked hers; his hands wondered round her sides, attempting to memorize every single marked rib of her torso. Her lower abdomen tickled when he rubbed against her, her chest raised, her ankle brushed his calves. Subtle signs of the burning desire building inside them betrayed them. There veil of ignominy had disappeared between them.

Hands roam the dressed bodies; her pants humidifying his lips, "Will…", she whispered when his hands cup her breasts, his thumb pinched her nipples, "I-", his groin pressed on her center, her now naked thighs met the warm air when her skirt could only lift up.

"Let me make you see the stars", his voice was husky, his erection palpable; Emma shivered and nodded, her eyes widened, her lips were dry. Will nipped her bottom lip, while his hand went south, to her abdomen and sneaked beneath her pencil skirt. A gasp flew off her lungs and his gape locked with Emma´s, wondering if she was actually ready. He was; desperately. Let me fix you. A silent plead casted his eyes.

Her licked lips articulated the words his ears were forlorn to listen, "Touch me, Will"

And he did; his fingers found the lace of her panties. She was already wet, and her hip bucked up on him, just like that night on the pier; only this time, there was so much more to give and risk, "Does it feel good?", he questioned when she bit her lip; she nodded, "Don´t hold back"

"S-sorry… F-force of habit", she mocked breathing choppily, "Touch me, please"

"Am I", he grinned and their eyes deadlocked. His fingers moved across her folds lingering on her heated flesh, they both wanted, and they were both ready.

She gently grasped his wrist, "Undress me, touch me"; his bare chest was exposed when she lifted his shirt above his head and tossed it on the floor. She kissed his pecs, his shoulders, feeling his muscles constrict under her patting. Her slender fingers explored his upper body, pausing after every inch left behind; something she had never done before.

Obeying her previous plea, Will unbuttoned her cardigan, revealing there was nothing underneath it, except for a black lace bra. He kissed her collarbone and down through the valley of her breasts. "You´re beautiful", he mumbled hotly against her creamy skin as her back arched by the warm kisses he planted on her.

The red pencil skirt shrouded her waist; his pants smothered his bulked desire. She flew his of his pants; he did the same with her skirt. Boxer and panties rubbed together; her wetness reached his underwear and he felt it, groaning into her mouth as pressing harder on her core. She whined softly, "Oh…", and licked her lip, "Will…", his name escaping her lungs was velvet to his ears.

"Say it again", he was covetous paddling their dressed sexes together; he wanted to hear her again, to make her cry in pleasure, to see her writhe below him. Her breathing was labored, heavy, gruffly sensual; "Don´t hold back, Em"

"I´m not", she panted moving on his accord, shoving herself up to meet him, "I don´t wanna let go yet".

"Let go", he grunted moving faster, pushing on her. Not a moment was gone when Emma convulsed underneath him; a solitary whine break out when she came down her peak. Her cheeks were flushing red, and they remained like that when her panties were removed. "You´re breathtaking", he whispered as his fingers trailed down her eager flesh.

Emma gasped feeling herself taken by sensations all over again; she watched him, his gaze was edgy, darkened and she climbed on top of him, getting rid of his boxers as doing so. She straddled him and a deep sigh was elicited from both when nudity was pressed together.

When desire and devotion was that unstated and yet so palpable it could be easy to succumb in selfishness. But that feeling was bygone and long-lasting moments, tinted with altruism was all they would share from that day.

She pushed down on him, letting his arms sneak to her back and draw patterns on her freckled skin. A huff escaped her throat when Will´s hips moved forward to meet her drives. He stared at her, biting her lower lip, struggling with the inevitable orgasm building inside her; there was so much to give to the skinny Emma, so much she deserves. "Don´t fight it, Em", he begged before kissing her with passion; their mouths opening wider attempting to be even closer. His strong hands guided the lower part of her body on him again, longing to give his lover the most mind blowing experience of her life. He owned her that much.

And then his efforts to please her, ceased. Scooping her by her bottom, he gently laid her on the mattress.

When she was in control, she could keep it low, she could fight with the heated sensations hitting her inner muscles, she could suffocate her moans by burring her face in his neck. But not that night; Will´s weight covered Emma's little frame, they moved with perfect accord, rocking together intensely, in a steady mantra. She embraced him, bringing him closer, purring his name.

"W-Will", he trusted deeper inside her, "Oh, God"

"I love you", his voice was husky and he groaned when feeling her muscles tighten around him. His eyes widened, his movements stopped.

A weak sly crossed her face, "Does it feel good?"; their mouths smashed together; he felt his heart would explode. His hips rotated against her as the pressure of her inner muscles increased and loosened at Emma´s leisure. She felt herself burst; his movements were firm, devoted, painfully committed.

"Emma… Oh, my Emma", he breathed hotly on her mouth every time their bodies collided and her calculated pressure sent him to the stars. His fingers collected her wild curls, keeping her gazes fixed, observing each other crammed with ardor, intensity and keenness, "Yo-you´re so tight"; his thrusts became loitered, her hips caught his cadence, waving with passion.

"Will!", his name left her lips in a moan when her calves pushed him deeper inside her and their hipbones rubbed together, "I´m- oh God-" she babbled almost incoherently; her back arched, like that might help herself to last longer, but her hands seemed to have a mind on their own and grasped his shoulders, goading him to continue.

He felt her; he felt her coming close by the way she writhed bellow him, by the way her tongue thrashed with his and soon the air was not enough and she had to cry among his lips.

She felt him close as well; he was throbbing inside her, panting hoarsely against her, a thin layer of sweat covered his upper lip. Soon his hand spooned her hips, snaking around them, slightly lifting her up to meet her vigorous pumps. Her head tilted aside when he hit her g-spot and she whimpered, holding onto him like there was no tomorrow. Desperate was the right word to describe the way Will coaxed her to extract the most exquisite, sacred and private sounds out of her. Their bodies moved in one strong, sleek cadence. The bed creaked; skin rubbed; whimpers and heavy pants filled the room; Emma felt herself tighter and he felt her as well.

"Emma..", he groaned her name while driving deeper in her, the heat of her body made his head spin.

Her legs contract around him, her mouth captured his lower lip, every patch of her skin burned, tickled and expanded when their hips collided and he pushed her to the edge of climax. Her breathing was jagged against him and when holding any longer was impossible, Emma´s cry came out tinted with ecstasy, emotion and love. Will´s abdomen narrowed and her name escaped his lungs gutturally when spilling in her.

She felt the warmth of him and his release inside her, his breathing hot against her mouth, his body now relaxed above her.

"W-Will…", she puffed holding him close, "I´d never…"

"I know…", he was as exhausted as her, "Me neither…". Will intended to pull away, but she didn´t allow it.

"Stay", the room smelled like them, like their lovemaking. Nothing had ever smelled sweeter to her.

"Always", he grinned letting his body rest between her legs once more. His fingers roamed across her thighs, hips, ribcage, up to her cheeks.

The two lovers remained there, tangled; their heated sexes deliciously touching, still throbbing, amazed by new discovers their eyes made when staring at each other.

"I love you", they found themselves saying together. An equal smile lined their lips.

It was probably the longest beheld metamorphosis. But in the end, they both became the most beautiful butterflies of their own kind. Resentment gave place to forgiveness, castles in the air to reality, time to present, denial to harmony, fear to acceptance, perfection to imperfections; the path to where they were had been thorny, but in the end, they just knew their story would be one of a kind, just like them.

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