So this is my story with an OC. Wait don't hit me. It's not a Mary-Sue. It's Mr. Gold/OC and normally I would be all up over myself going "WHAT THE HELL?" But this idea stuck with me. And stuck hard. So here it is.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~Story Brooke, Maine. 5 years ago.*~*~*~*~*~*~

"Mr. Gold." She whispered softly, her accent making the words light and carefree as she walked by him. She smiled and bowed her head as she passed, a barely percitable nod that had her hair faling down in front of her face, hiding her eyes for a moment. Mr. Gold's heart clenched as he nodded back to her. He knew she was leaving, knew she would, she couldn't stay anywhere long. She just wasn't capable of it.

"It's 5 o'clock in the morning." She whisper-sang as she walked to the cross walk and paused to wait for the light. The sun shone down on her and lit her hair up in streaks of gold and yellow. He paused to watch her silently. He couldn't help it. The sight of her made him stop, and the sound of her humming as she started to step out, it was all part of what made her so perfect.

He heard it before he saw it. He heard the sound of the tires squealing as the driver came around the corner. Heard her heels click gently against the asphalt as she walked, oblivious to everything save the music in her head. He heard the brakes squealing trying, struggling to try and stop as the driver noticed her. He heard his cane, which he only carried as decoration back then, hit the ground loudly with a clatter. Saw her eyes widen as she finally noticed it, too late and froze in fear. He heard their bodies crash together. Heard the rip of her gown.

He heard everything, he could hear the tires finally screeching to a halt. He heard the crunch of his bones as the tire didn't stop soon enough. He could hear cries of shock, but what he heard that was most important. What was more important than anything else, in the entire stinking town was her heartbeat. He heard her heart beating loudly as he lost consciousness, his body finally feeling. Feeling the pain of his bones actually shattering under the weight of the tire. Felt his muscles screaming under the pressure. And then everything went black, save for the steady beat of the heart that was most important to him.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Enchanted Forest*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Rumplestiltskin stared silently across the fire at her. The flames licked up excitedly trying, struggling to try and reach her. He couldn't look away from her as she laughed, smiling brightly. Nothing could be better than this moment here in the forest together. No one around, save them. He truly loved her. Would do anything for her. He'd destroy the damn universe if it would make her smile. And then she looked at him, her green eyes twinkling with glee as she looked him dead in the eye.

"What are you think about?"

"You and your gift, obviously." He answered, making another twinkle of laughter escape those precious red lips as the fire danced lighting up the different streaks of color in her hair. "It really is magnificent." He whispered reaching across the flames to rub gently at her hair. She smiled brightly leaning swiftly into the contact, their skin barely brushing against one another. "Sing for me?" He begged softly, voice soft. He couldn't touch her. Couldn't taint this wonderful creature with his…love, lust? What he felt for her couldn't be contained in such simple words.

"For you, anything." She answered smiling brightly as she pulled away, her black hair slipping through his fingers as the light lit up her brown and green streaks. And then she opened her mouth and sang. The words weren't truly words. They were just…feelings that slid around and through him, swallowing him whole and making him forget the rest of the world. Because this was their home. This was where she and he belonged. He couldn't, wouldn't, refused to exist without her. Not now, not now that he knew what it was like having her with him.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Story Brooke, Maine. Present Day*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

"What is with that god awful music?" Regina growled. Mr. Gold sighed and rolled his eyes. Lunch with Regina, she was just as hellish as he remembered.

"And I would know, because?" He asked glaring sideways at her as they rounded the corner, his cane digging in roughly in the concrete gripping it tightly. His leg ached from walking, he needed to rest it. Preferably somewhere where the music wasn't as loud. Not that it wasn't good, but it just wasn't…He could still hear her voice swelling and spinning around him.

"How about, because you own the town?" She growled as they turned and looked to the square. And then they froze. Mr. Gold's breathe stopped, seeming to catch right in the middle of his throat and dig in right there. Some would say it got caught because of the simply garish amount of streamers and balloons. Some would say it was the sheer size of the oversized speakers that had seemingly been installed in a matter of seconds. And still others would say it was the loud music booming out of the speakers. But none of them would be right. It wasn't any of that.

"No, no, no! The roses go around the gazebo, the apple blossoms are for the podium!" It was the woman standing in the middle of the square ordering the installers, as if she owned it, as if it had always been hers. Her long dark hair swayed softly behind her as she shook her head. And then she turned and saw them. Well, not exactly them. "REGINA!" More like saw Regina and conveniently ignored Mr. Gold. His throat clenched tightly.

"Oh Regina, darling!" She cried launching herself at the mayor and dragging her into a hug. "How are you?" She asked excitedly, her accent thickened from her time away, nearly drowning the 'h' but still hearable. With a smile she kissed her on both cheeks before finally pulling away. Mr. Gold felt his heart clench at the familiar greeting.

"I'm fine, Jenny. What's all this?" Regina asked looking around wide eyed at the sheer number of decorations Jenny had put up while they were at lunch.

"Oh, do you like it?" She asked as she beamed excitedly, stepping away to spin around excitedly. "I thought I'd come home for a visit. I was in London and just thought, hey, why not? So I took the first flight out and here I am! Then I thought a party might be nice and started planning and decorating!" She said in a rush and giggle her hands moving excitedly as she spoke, making Mr. Gold smile. "Isn't your birthday coming up, Regina? I'll just say it's your party~! What'd you think?" She asked finally pausing in her tirade. Her accent soft and gentle, but so much thicker than when she left. If this was the effect England had on her, Mr. Gold would buy the damn thing, just to hear that accent.

"It's, uh, well. It's quite a nice thought." Regina answered nervously. Mr. Gold smiled and nodded as if to leave when suddenly the song changed, to something similar to a rock ballad, in a different language. It was lovely and dark, had a sort of possessive feel to it.

"Oh, I love this song!" She cried excitedly, spinning away. "Have you heard it?" She asked beginning to sway from side to side on her feet.

"No, I don't think so." Regina answered truthfully. And then she turned to Mr. Gold. "Have you Mr. Gold?"

"Hall om mig nu, I believe." He answered softly as Jenny's bright green eyes finally seemed to notice him. Her eyes seemed to glaze for a moment as she looked at him, but then her smile spread across her face once more. "I think it's Swedish isn't it?"

"Yes, that's right, Mr. Gold." She answered with a smile. And he could have kissed Regina for allowing him to make her smile like that. And then she danced away, sad smile still on her face as she spun and twirled. She was dancing what looked like a ballet, but there was no form to it or real reason to it, save for simply flowing with the music. She smiled and he couldn't even manage to swallow around the lump in his throat as she moved. She was so achingly beautiful.

"What's going on, some sort of festival?" Emma asked as she walked up with Henry. Regina immediately spun on her narrowing her eyes angrily at her son's birth mother.

"Something like that." She growled, and then Henry saw her. Saw who was dancing in the square and spinning around like it was the most natural thing in the world. Which to her it was. "More like celebrating the return of one of our town stars."

"REN!" Henry yelled and slipped out of Emma's hands and ran toward her. And she stopped in mid spin like only she could. "Ren! You're back!" He cried launching himself at her, and Ren didn't miss a step, she knelt and grabbed up Henry in a tight hug.

"Oh, Henry!" She cried excitedly spinning him around happily. "Oh sweetie~!" She cried pulling back to stroke his hair lovingly. And for a moment Mr. Gold could see two things at once. He could see Ren petting Henry's hair, but over Henry, he saw someone else, saw, could see, a man lying on the grass smiling wickedly up at her from where they were surrounded by trees. And then he shook the image loose. "Oh, 'enry, darling, 'ow are you?" She asked softly her accent finally stomping and killing those 'h's in Ren's excitement.

"So, Who's that?" Emma asked eyeing the new girl.

"That is Jenny."

"Her name is Ren!" Henry yelled angrily as he clung to her, like he was some sort of child, again.

"Henry, I've told you a hundred times, her name is Jenny." Regina chastised angrily stepping forward, but Ren's arms came up around Henry and she smiled as she stood still hugging Henry close.

"Oh, come now, Regina, you know both are fine." She chided gently. "Besides I really don't mind, both names are wonderful." She said as she stood up with a light laugh.

"Well, I'll be going." Mr. Gold said softly, already turning to leave. He knew when he wasn't needed…or wanted. It was too painful to watch. The ache in his heart at the sight of her, the way his throat closed up. He couldn't do this, couldn't keep watching her, not while she smiled like that.

"Will you be coming to the dance, Mr. Gold?" And then he froze. In 23 years of tortured haze of watching her, in the five years missing her, in all this time, she'd never truly spoken to him. Never acknowledged him, not truly. God bless Henry and Emma Swan.

"I-I don't really dance anymore." He whispered hoarsely, unable to look back at her. Not wanting to see the look of pity on her face. Not from her. Anyone else in town, fine he could deal with the pity, but god, please not her.

"Well, you could still sway to the music or slow dance." She pointed out gently. And then he turned. Old Ren would have brushed him off and moved on. Ren in a haze would have let him leave. But she was waking up. Time was moving. She had spoken to him, not near, not around, but to him. He could hear his heart breaking in half, because now the curse would steal away his happy ending, because it just would. And even if it didn't, bad guys didn't get happy endings. "You should come."

"I'll do that." He said turning back in time to see the sadness and desperate want fade and be replaced by her beaming smile. He didn't have time to identify what she wanted, but he couldn't be bothered to care, because that smile, that smile that haunted his dreams and made him long for the enchanted forest, was pointed at him.

"See you there, Mr. Gold."

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