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Ren pulled in slowly to the parking lot. With a ddep breath she collected herself. She had to be calm. It wouldn't do to be bouncing around like a ten year old. Not when she was going to-Hm, wait. That didn't sound right. She paused her mind struggling to figure out why she was here. A niggling wave of doubt began to surge forward. An older man appeared in her mind seated across from her smiling warmly at her, saying something to her, but then it was gone, replaced by Ben, and then suddenly blank gone, she frowned as a wave of dizziness hit her. She couldn't place what she was trying to think of as her head swam and she leaned against her steering wheel.

Why was she here? To Adopt? Yes, but there was more. Checking on her papers? No, it didn't seem right. Suddenly her mind was flooded with the image of a boy five or six years of age playing behind his house while his father worked, she was crouched behind a tree trunk, throwing something for him. He caught them happily stopping to turn and grin and at her. But then the image was gone, forgotten.

A wave of nausea hit her hard in the stomach as she leaned back trying to steady herself. What was going on, lately? She wondered. She didn't normally feel this ill until cold season. With a deep breath she went to open her door as her mind finally settled on why she was here. She had to pick someone up. Not just someone.

"Ben." She repeated to herself smiling as her mind finally snapped back into place. Clarifying her thoughts and helping her to stand up. Unbeknownst to her, on the other side of town, Regina was finishing a nice talk with Mr. Gold.

Without missing a beat Ren skipped up the steps with a wide grin. God, she'd be a mother. As she opened the doors to the offices, she felt a bit, but pushed through it. With a nervous smile she stepped up to the information desk. "Hello, I'm here to see Mrs. Smith?" She asked gently making the girl behind the desk smile broadly.

"Just a moment." She said picking up the phone and quickly asking her up to the front. Ren smiled and turned away feeling slightly weak. Her leg suddenly let its own complaints be felt, making her lean on the desk. Not much longer, she told herself. Talk to the agent, fill out the forms, drive home, and then she'd rest her leg. Give it a nice long rest, after she'd shown Ben to his room. She had a few pain pills left, she'd just take those when she got home. Her leg could wait.

But why was she here? Another wave hit her and she could hear someone speaking to her, but it was like she was underwater. Suddenly, dizzy she grabbed onto the desk with a tight grip. Her leg twinged angrily, making her knees go weak. Something was wrong. Suddenly she wasn't at an office. It was cold and dark, she was kneeling in a stone room, someone looming over her. She felt a sudden surge of fear as a long needle was shown to her.

She felt a sudden wave of panic. Fear. Fear of something she couldn't name. She couldn't scream. Could hardly move. She felt so weak, like she was dying. "Tell me how to find them." Someone ordered. Suddenly a sharp painful feeling began in her fingers. Nervously she looked down at her hands tied out in front of her. There, she let out a soft sob as she began to realize what the needle was for. In each finger nail, pressed underneath, was a similar needle. A hoarse scream escaped her throat and then suddenly something seemed to snap and she was suddenly in a too bright office, surrounded by people.

It was the last thing she saw before she lost consciousness.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Enchanted Forest*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Girl sat silently on a stump. The village wasn't far from here. He could go home by himself from here. With a huff she pulled up her legs and wrapped her arms tight around her legs as Rumple stepped up next to her. "Is that it?" He asked.

"Yes." She huffed.

"Thank you." He whispered softly. He couldn't think of anything better to say as he looked back at her. She was so small looking. Sitting there curled in on herself on the trunk he couldn't but think how much he owed her. "If you ever need anything from me…" He let the rest remain unsaid, but she nodded all the same before she inhaled and looked at the sky.

Licking her lips Girl tried to think how to word what she wanted to say. With a frown she pointed to the sky. "Stop." She said softly hopping he understood. Rumple followed her finger silently to where the sky seemed painted red. The sign that still the battle raged on.

"You want me to stop the ogres?" He asked scoffing in disbelief. Girl frowned weighing how to put it. With a frown she shut her eyes and nodded slowly, before beginning to sign slowly.

If you ever have a chance to stop these wars, please do it. That will be repayment enough for me. She signed as the vision once again swam in front of her eyes. He was walking out into a field unafraid and strong in front of the ogres, but the image was wavey like looking through water, it seemed to shift and change he was there, then he wasn't. The path wasn't chosen yet then. With a sudden smile she turned to look at him with a grin. He was staring down oddly at her.

"In that extremely unlikely situation?" He asked nervously. "Sure, if I ever have the power to do so, I will, but I'm, I'm nobody. I have no power." He whispered hopelessly. Girl smiled and suddenly uncurled to take hold of his hand.

"No, not nobody." She argued making him smile slightly. "Rumplestiltskin." He let a light laugh before ruffling her hair playfully.

"Yes, you're right, I'm Rumplestiltskin, for whatever that's worth." He said smiling gently before turning back to grin at his village. Now, to return to his wife. Hopefully, she would be happy to see him alive. Hopefully.

Girl watched him go silently. The trees leaned towards her gently, a stray leaf falling onto her shoulder. She'd need to go south soon. The cold would set in soon, and as much as she sang and poured her magic into the ground, the tree's wouldn't be able to keep her warm when the cold hit. Perhaps she'd go to the coast and travel south along with the sea. That could be fun. She thought to herself before standing. A cold angry wind blew suddenly tossling her hair and bringing an old smell to her. Her mind going back to when she first woke up, when she was first born. A smell of dark magic and the promise of death. A shiver ran down her spine and with a little trepidation she turned to look back at the village and froze in fear.

He stood silently outside of the village, as far from the forest as he could be. The wind blew his cape up and around him and a suddenly jolt of fear made her turn and run the first words she'd ever heard echoing in her ears. A threat that had truly frightened and the feeling of hands around her neck making her run like never before.

"Stay out of my sight or I'll burn this forest, and this time you'll die with it." She didn't know what he'd meant. And she didn't want to know. She never wanted to know what he'd meant. Whatever she had done to him, because surely there must have been something, must have been truly awful, if only girl could remember it.

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