HELLO! This might be my favorite miniseries so far! This fanfiction is on NEVERLAND, the miniseries from SyFy channel! That's why this Peter Pan seems less cocker and has brown hair with brown eyes. If your're confused on this version of Peter Pan, 101% suggest the show to you! It's about where and how Peter Pan started out, but in this story I'm writing, it's the same Peter, but different time along with my OC character! Enjoy! DISCLAIMER: (as much as I'd love for this to be real and Peter to be mine!) I DON'T OWN ANY OF PETER you and have fun!

"Don't be stupid, Rachel, that's just a dim-witted myth. It's a story that only exist in books and movies," Said Kat, Rachel's sister, who was, may I add, younger than her by 4 years.

Rachel moped into the hall. "Kat, I know it's silly and a bit crazy that I think that he's real but he could be in London! Or at the park! Or right OUTSIDE!"

Kat slowly rolled her eyes at Rachel's enthusiastic tone, handing her a sympathetic gaze. "Aw, Rachie. 16 years old and you're STILL clueless. It's really pathetic and I do feel bad for you, truly," Kat swore nodding and raising her right hand.

Rachel glared narrowly. "Shut up, Kat," she shot at her 12 year old sister.

Kat glared back and Rachel turned to walk into her room.

"Grow up, Rachel!" she hollered.

Rachel muted out her sister's annoying voice by slamming her door.

Rachel pressed her palms against the solid wood before sighing and jumping onto her bed.

"Grow up Rachel," she mimicked her sister.

"Whatever! I know somewhere out there; no matter in a park, or a tree or in London…"

Rachel fell flat on her back, cushions under her.

"'…You're waiting for someone to fall for you…" She laughed quietly to herself.

"Well," she said as she dimmed her lights and covered her body with her covers, snuggling into them and closing her eyes.

"…I'm right here," And with that Rachel drifted off to sleep, hoping that the day she leaves for London will arrive sooner than later…

… It started out as a blur.

"Go on, I won't bite," the boy said, smirking to himself looking down at Rachel, holding out his hand. She reached out to him, and as she did this, she saw his face come out of the darkness. Such a glorious face he had.

But, it was nothing like anyone thought his face was to look like; blonde hair, blue eyes.

Oh, no; He had soft looking dark brown eyes, his skin pale as snow.

His hair was grown into a shaggy, brown mess; but it looked better that way, small silvery-blonde streaking some parts.

He had a way with looks.

One look and you'll faint, so innocence and pure.

What a dream to dream… he laughed in an attractive way before looking into her eyes.

"Stay…" he started to lean in, closing his eyes, "…Forever…"


"RACHEL! WE'RE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" Kat shouted through her door loudly, knocking recklessly and waking her suddenly.

She startlingly gasped, taking in what was a reality and what was a dream.

And this

-"RACHEL! !"-

was NOT a dream.

It was her living nightmare.

Rachel rose out of bed and stretched. She passed her mirror and caught a glimpse of her annoyed expression. And that expression didn't leave her as she tramped down her steps, purposely slamming them into the steps as loud as she could, only to receive a yell from her mother to quite it.

Then because she was odd and also preferred not to piss of her mom she tiptoed down the rest of the stairwell.

She couldn't stop thinking about that boy's face, though.

It was etched into her mind, her memory.

It was absolutely lovely.

"So when are you going to London again, Rachel? Tonight?" Her best friend asked her, leaning up against the wall. She glance over at him, then went back to drawing lines in the dirt with a stick. He was really her only real friend. She was picky.

Rachel looked at the swirls she made in the dirt and smiled dreamily, with a gaze of a young girl's dreams in waves that washed into one sea of childhood and passion; which was such a strange pair.

"Yes and I cannot wait! But that's not soon enough, Cameron. I wish it was sooner, I wish I could leave right now," Rachel pouted at her last few words, shaking around her branch in frustration.

Cameron shook his head, throwing her a confused grin.

"Why do 'ya wanna go so much? I mean, it is Europe and all, but, I feel like there are other reasons," Cameron edged in, shooting her a look.

Rachel looked down at her hands, and then glanced up, blushing a bit. Crap, he didn't catch that did he?

"Just foolish reasons," She bluntly replied.

Cameron nodded knowingly.

"Well, Rachel. You're just a foolish girl, so, that makes perfect sense," he joked.

Rachel playfully pushed him and laughed along.

She'll miss Cam, but her mother is in a tough situation with work and living in London with her Aunt Talia sounds a whole lot nicer and better than moving in with Uncle Luis in Colorado.

"Goodbye New York, hello London," Rachel whispered as she stepped onto the plane. She said her goodbyes to her mother way before and promised to be good to Aunt Talia.

Rachel sat next to the window and heard Kat humming to her music next to her. Rachel smiled down at the world below as they left the ground and headed for the clouds. She was flying like Peter Pan…

"Stay…" he leaned in ever so slowly "…Forever…" Rachel took a big breather and then closed her eyes, puckered her lips slightly, and was leaning in, but right before his lips tipped hers, he laughed at her.

Rachel opened her eyes, sort of offended.

"What's so funny?" she asked startled.

He gave her a nod.

"You, my good friend, are fun to play with," She smiled.

"Well, you're my only player," He smirked.

"You're my only game,"

"Please get ready to board, we're about to arrive to your destination…" the speakers trailed off.

Rachel shook awake and Kat was bouncing in her seat; she looked like she has been up all night through the plane ride.

Rachel looked up front, watching everyone starting to get up as they finally grounded.

She felt a jolt of electricity go through her. She was one step closer to something that she didn't even plan on...

"Hello Kitty Kat!" Rachel heard as she looked up from her suit case and saw Kat be hugged tightly by an elder woman.

Aunt Talia.

"Hey, baby! Oh, you've gotten so tall! Come here and give me a big hug, dear," Aunt Talia said, throwing her arms out at Rachel.

Rachel smiled at her old aunt and lightly patted her back, closing her eyes as she hugged her.

"Hi, Aunt Talia. How's that rent-out room working out?"

She looked seriously at Rachel.

"Oh, love, about that," she began.

Rachel, concerned, huddled up to her.

"Someone rented it out for the next 2 weeks," Rachel smiled widely at her Aunt's success.

"Well that's great! Why do you… seem so…blah?" Aunt Talia laughed heartily before slwly gaining her stern gaze back.

"Dear… it's a young man," Rachel looked around, trying to catch the gimmick. "…And…?"

Kat leaned into our conversation, also intrigued on where this was going exactly.

Aunt Talia sighed and shook her head.

"Oh, never mind, I don't understand why I was so worried for you. Now, who would like to go home and have a cup of tea with some sugar cookies?"

Rachel snorted as Kat childishly waved her hand around and began to pull her luggage toward the big, red exit sign.