Title: Bid Memories Return

Spoilers: Anything up until Episode 6 is fair game.

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Summary: Set some months after the events of Shepherd. David Nolan remembers his fairytale life as Prince Charming, but no one else in Storybrook has. He goes to win back Mary Margaret who he now knows is his beloved Snow. But what happened at the toll bridge will make winning back his wife the challenge of his life.

Chapter 1

Some months after David and Mary Margaret met at the Toll Bridge

He remembered.

It hit him so hard. The memories poured in all at once, bombarding his senses which nearly brought him to his knees. But despite the enormity of what just happened, and the agonizing pain that ripped through his mind... he felt free. When he could breathe again, he composed himself, slipped on his shoes... and went to find his Snow.

One hour later

Mary Margaret was cuddled on her sofa, a mug of hot chocolate cradled in her hands. She had her favourite movie, The Sound of Music on. For whatever reason she couldn't focus on it. Actually, she hadn't been able to focus on much these days. She tried to reason with herself that it was just the dark winter days that had her feeling down most of the time. But she knew better. It wasn't the weather.

She was jolted from her thoughts with a knock on the door. She turned off the television before opening the door. Her heart stopped for a beat when she realized who was standing right in front of her. She tried her best not to look flustered.

"David... Umm... Hi, is everything alright?" Mary Margaret asked with genuine concern.

He didn't answer. He just stood there, staring at her as if in awe. It was as if he was examining her face. It made her more than a little self conscious.

"David?" Mary Margaret said trying to break him out of his daze.

"Sorry... I'm umm... Sorry. I just... I just had to see you." David shook his head, looking like he was trying to get the cobwebs out.

"It's past midnight... Are you alright?"

"Kathryn's not my wife." He blurted out.

Mary Margaret looked him up and down trying to check for any head injuries. He did look somewhat dishevelled. His motor skills seemed perfectly intact. She eliminated the possibility that he might have been drunk. The fact he didn't smell like liquor helped her with that one.

"What are you talking about? You told me the last time we met that you remembered everything and that's why you had to try to salvage your marriage."

"I know it's hard to understand. But I remember... More... Further back, I mean. Kathryn and the Mayor haven't been honest with me."

"David, I can't do this with you. You've made your choice." She said, slowly beginning to close the door.

David placed his foot gently against the door and took her hand in his. "Please Sn... Er... Mary Margaret, may I come in?"

She was mad at him. She couldn't think of any other way to describe how she felt. She was mad at him for raising her hopes so high then dashing them so cruelly. She felt horribly guilty for her thoughts, knowing he did what was right. And now, she felt mad because she knew that he knew she wouldn't be able to think straight with her hand in his. So without a word, she stepped aside, her signal for him to enter.

He closed the door behind him, following her to the dining table. She sat down first, waiting for him to do the same. She noticed that he was staring at her again. It made her really uncomfortable. She hadn't been expecting company other than Emma later on, so she didn't wear any make-up and her hair was a mess. She never considered herself a stunning beauty and him staring at her the way he was made her fidget.

"Look, David..." But she was interrupted by the door opening.

"Oh my god, you won't believe..." Emma stopped mid-sentence after seeing that she and her roommate had company.

"What are you doing here?" Emma asked, unable to fully hide the disdain in her voice. At least that was how James interpreted her tone. Of course she was upset with him he thought. She and Snow were close he remembered.

"I just wanted to see... Mary Margaret." He answered, stumbling over Snow's name.

"At this hour?" Emma asked incredulously.

"Right... I just... We had a lot to discuss." His own answer sounding lame to him.

"Uh huh... Well... Mary can I have word?" Emma said, turning her attention to her friend.

"Emma, really it's ok..." But Mary was interrupted by Emma grabbing her arm and all but dragging her upstairs.

"You won't mind will you David, we have roommate things to discuss." Emma told him knowing well that he knew that they were going to discuss him but daring him to call her a liar.

When they disappeared up the stairs, James couldn't help but wonder why Emma seemed familiar to him. He couldn't quite put his finger on it. So he wandered around the girls' apartment. He was nervous, sure. His wife was so close yet so far. She didn't remember who she was. She wouldn't believe him if he told her that she was Snow White and he was her husband. He had to be patient. He knew that as long as she didn't have her memory he would have a tough road ahead of him, especially with what happened a few months back. But she was worth it.

She was still beautiful. Her short hair suited her. It made her look younger somehow... More vulnerable. He wanted nothing more than to pull her into his arms. He wanted to tell her everything. He wanted to beg for her forgiveness that he didn't "find" her sooner. He wanted to kiss all of her hurt away until the world ended. A hurt that he hated to admit he was a huge part of, albeit unintentionally.

The girls have been upstairs for a good twenty minutes now, obviously not finished with their "roommate" issues. He kept circling the living room trying to spend his excess energy when something at the corner of his eye caught his attention. It was a half opened box. A piece of cloth sticking out. He didn't understand why, but he took it out of its box. It couldn't be, he thought. If he lived to be a hundred he couldn't forget this piece of cloth. It had 'Emma' embroidered on it. An image flashed in his mind of his wife sitting up in bed, lovingly finishing the small blanket.

"Darling, I never knew you had a talent for embroidering... So you're set on naming our baby girl Emma then?" James asked, pointing at the name stitched on the small blanket.

"I've always loved that name... Do you not like it?" Snow asked.

"I think it's a lovely name... I really don't care what you name our daughter to be honest... I just hope that she's healthy and that she looks like you." James said, leaning over to kiss his wife.

"Nuh uh... I picture her looking like you... Tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes with a mischievous grin." Snow said, shaking her head.

"Bite your tongue, woman! No daughter of mine is gonna get saddled with my looks!"

"But I like how you look... So handsome... It adds to your charm."

"I'll settle for our child looking like me if it's a boy." James said.

"Well, I'm sure we'll have many more after this one." Snow said, placing a hand on her stomach. "They can all take turns. This one will look like you, then the next can take after me and so on and so forth."

The memory hit him hard. He looked back down at the blanket in his hand. He knew without a doubt that this was the same blanket that held his daughter the last time she was in his arms. And he knew without a doubt, that the woman who spoke to him with such disdain just a few minutes ago was his little girl. She was his tall, not-so-little girl, with eyes like her mother's. If Snow had her memory back, she'd be disappointed he thought. But at the moment he felt nothing but pride. He knew she didn't like him much, and it hurt, but seeing her all protective of her mother... The one she didn't know she had, brought a smile to his face. It also brought an ache in his heart because the two most important people in his life wanted nothing to do with him.

He couldn't help himself. He put the blanket back where he found it and followed Emma and Snow upstairs. He wasn't entirely sure what he intended to do. He stopped short just outside the door of the room where his two girls were conversing. He couldn't help but listen.

"Mary, I've never seen anyone look so deep in despair than you did the night you met up with David by the toll bridge." He overheard Emma say.

"I know... I let myself get too invested emotionally. That was my own fault. I knew that he was married, but I followed my heart instead of my head. I have no one to blame but myself." Snow answered.

"You know that saying 'fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice..." Emma started.

"I know, I know, shame on me." Snow finished for her. "But trust me, Emma, I'm wiser now. I remember the feeling of him choosing Kathryn over me... And while my mind tells me it ended as it should have... I'll admit, I don't remember experiencing anything more painful."

James had to call on all his will power not to barge in, shake his wife and tell her he didn't choose Kathryn... or rather Abigail, over her. Not in their world and not in this one. He wanted to rush in there and comfort her. But morbid curiosity kept his feet pinned to the floor.

"And even if he did leave his wife, or even if his wife's not really his wife like he claims... I just can't trust him not to hurt me again... Don't worry, Emma, David and I have no future together. I'll be the first to tell you that."

He forced himself to believe that those were Mary Margaret's words and not his beloved wife's. He had to believe because to think otherwise would damn near kill him. But the fact that those words were spoken in his beloved Snow's voice, broke his heart just a little more.

To be continued?

Well folks, it's all up to you. I already have a good portion of the story mapped out. I just need to know how many of you are interested and see if it's worth my time to continue. I wrote this little piece because I needed a bit of self-therapy after my emotions were put through a blender with the Shepherd episode. Thanks for reading and if you don't mind, please review :)